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  1. J

    Deleted destinations reappear instantly

    2023 Model 3. Version 23.6.9 I press and hold and click the x to remove the address. It reappears after a few minutes or if I navigate away and come back. How does one file a bug report or make Tesla aware? There seems to be no fix. If I were to reset the car, assuming I have to program all...
  2. W

    Trouble sleeping at “private” destination chargers?

    I have been really enjoying camping in the MY recently with the TesCamp. The only thing that makes it better is finding a destination charger along my long roadtrips. Work pays stipend for lodging and transportation, no receipt or reporting. So, when I find a hotel’s destination charger not...
  3. 182RG

    Press Wine Bar - Virginia Beach - New Destination Chargers

    PRESS WINE BAR VB Excellent wine bar around the corner from our beach house. Walked by last weekend (without my phone) and noticed 4 new Tesla destination chargers installed and powered on. I’ll post pictures when back down. Ribbon cutting is 2/10/2018, at 4 PM. Great food, wine, and...