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  1. M


    So I drove a 2021 Kona electric and a 2022 Prius and is it just me or do these cars suck. Complex, combersome, lack any cool factor, no way are these cars comparable to a Tesla…..not even close. People associate these cars as an example of electric vehicles and they are reluctant to try Tesla...
  2. scaesare

    Argonne National Labs EV Report

    Haven't seen any posts regarding the recently released "Assessment of Light-Duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles in the United States, 2010 – 2021" report released by Argonne National Labs, which was referred to by an Ars Technica article. The article commented on "just 0.54%" usage being offset...
  3. NoMoGas


    We are gauging interest in a rally to descend on Washington DC the weekend of April 22, 2022 to coincide with Earth day. The purpose of the rally is to bring attention to electric vehicles as well as politely remind the current administration who the true electric vehicle Pioneer and leader is...
  4. G

    I want to hear from you

    Hello TMC, My name is Gray and I am currently working on a school project with the University of California Riverside. WE are looking to hear the opinions of anyone who wants o give there's regarding EVs. You do not need to own one, we need both the person who owns one and wants to say...
  5. mspohr

    Chuck Schumer: A Bold Plan for Clean Cars

    Opinion | Chuck Schumer: A Bold Plan for Clean Cars That’s why I am announcing a new proposal designed to rapidly phase out gas-powered vehicles and replace them with zero-emission, or “clean,” vehicles like electric cars. The goal of the plan, which also aims to spur a transformation in...
  6. Skipdd

    Humorous Video Promoting EVs

    Arnold Schwarzenegger pushes gas guzzlers as undercover car salesperson Not a big Arnold fan, but this is hillarious.
  7. mspohr

    EU Study Finds EVs Cheaper To Own Now

    Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study The study examined the purchase, fuel and tax costs of Europe’s bestselling car, the VW golf, in its battery electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel versions. Over four years...
  8. T

    2018 is approaching - what regulation changes take effect?

    Somewhere I've read that starting in 2018 (or the 2018 model year) EVs and hybrids will need some kind of "noise accentuation" (ie. something to make noise) while driving slowly. Is this confirmed or still just an idea that hasn't been passed legislatively? Any idea of what the noise factor is...