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Easter Eggs

  1. Fullerene

    Best Easter Egg Ever?

    In lieu of a delivery date or Vin, this made my day! :) "When your car hits 121 miles left, open your app and hit the battery graphic." now go to vindecoder.net and check the VIN Vehicle Identification Number VIN SCEDT26T6BD005261 ;) Works on all models, not just the P88D Got to confirm...
  2. T

    Game console or keyboard or mouse for Model X

    Has anyone successful used a game console, keyboard, or mouse that would allow the rear seat passengers (kids) to control the games in Model X/S/3 using either a USB or Bluetooth device? For example, I remember playing games such as Asteroids (about 30yrs ago), using the keyboard letters and...
  3. gnuarm

    Ludicrous Mode from Easter Egg Screen

    I was showing the car to a friend the other day and to illustrate Musk's playfulness I showed him the Easter Egg screen and touched the Ludicrous Mode icon. It brought up the star field and then prompted for something like, "Bring it on" and "I want my mommy". Not wanting to turn on Ludicrous...
  4. JoshG

    Neat Model 3 "Easter Egg" found

    There's a well-known Tesla "Easter Egg" on the Model S where you can call up a hidden photo of the original Model S development team. Not sure if this has already been reported, but, on a hunch, I tried the same trick on our Model 3, and sure enough, it's there, and of course the photo is...