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  1. F

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. Europe

    With the gen. 3 WC out in the USA for 14/15 months now...in Europe (the Netherlands for me) we still have to wait. I know my question is difficult to answer but maybe someone has a clue? When is it coming out in Europe? I have a model 3 and everything is ready for the wall connector in my new...
  2. CeSinge

    Model S charging to 16 or 32 KVA in AC?

    Hello all, I'm moving to Portugal, to an appartment building that is being finalized. I'm told by the electrician of the building that they can easily provide 16KVA in my garage box there, or 32KVA if pulling a wire (current wire is 6mm2). This is single phase 240V - 3 phase is not allowed in...
  3. W

    Peak Time Alps Road Trip - Charger queues?

    We are (hopefully) travelling to the Alps in the Easter holidays next April and I'm perfectly happy to road trip in the M3, my concern is that it's a busy day for travelling to the Alps and if there are queues for the chargers on our 4/5 charging stops, then it's going to be a very long journey...
  4. sublimejackman

    Supercharging an American Tesla in Europe

    There is a good chance that I will be moving to Germany in next year. I couldn't imagine anything better than driving my M3 all over the entire continent. How many people get that opportunity! Knowing that European made Teslas have a different plug, would it be possible to get/make an adapter...
  5. TMC Staff

    Tesla Will Sell The Made-In-China Model 3 To European Buyers

    Would that be an attempt to improve build quality for a very demanding market? Sandy Munro already said that the vehicles Tesla will produce at Giga Austin would be dramatically better than the ones in Fremont. Chinese customers also said more than once that the build quality of made-in-China...
  6. chrisgrogan2

    Finally got VIN and Delivery date !! MX Long Range to Europe

    Ordered a 2020 Model X long Range back in mid-April. Finally got a delivery date of 13th of July in Frankfurt. Super pumped, but now down to brass tax of getting money and paperwork in line.
  7. D

    Wall connector charges at 22kWh but Tesla only gets 7 kWh??

    Guys, I need your help in understanding if something is wrong with my Wall Connector at home. I recently upgraded to three-phase and so I asked my electrician to also rewire the Wall Connector to make use of the increased power. Before rewiring I was getting 7 kW. In the MCU Tesla showed 7kW and...
  8. chrisgrogan2

    MX Long Range Plus coming to Europe? Design Studio?

    I was wondering when MX long Range plus might make its way to Europe or even into the design studio. I was looking on Telsascout.com and it looked like they were reporting MTX05 (long range plus) models showing up in inventories. I wonder when Tesla will update the Design studio with name...
  9. T

    Change Satnav/Connectivity from US spec to EU spec

    I've been offered one of the earlier Model 3's, US-imported in 2018. Getting a correct US charger rather then an adapter plug seems the smallest challenge. The car seems to have the improved Autopilot. The issue it only connects through wifi/hotspot, and the satnav only accepts Canada, USA and...
  10. TMC Staff

    In March, Tesla Model 3 Was Second Best-Selling Car In Portugal

    At 15% share, plug-ins were doing relatively strong in March overall too. The passenger car market in Portugal was significantly affected by COVID-19 in March, as the overall sales went down by 57% year-over-year. Fortunately, that’s not the case (yet) for the plug-in segment. The total number...
  11. TMC Staff

    Blog Giga Berlin-Built Model Y Could Roll Out in 2021

    European customers waiting for a Tesla Model Y will need Giga Berlin to be built in a speedy manner. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Twitter that the factory will supply the Model Y for customers in Switzerland, suggesting that construction of the factory will be key to the rollout...
  12. TMC Staff

    Tesla V3 Supercharger Installations Accelerate In Europe

    Tesla is busy working to bring more V3 Supercharging stations to Europe – at least several new sites are under construction According to the latest news, Tesla is finally ramping up V3 Tesla Supercharger installations in Europe, where since December 2019, only a handful were launched in a few...
  13. J

    Headlights in France

    I'm travelling to France from England soon. In older cars there was a kit you could get on the headlights to set them up for France driving. My Mercedes just had a simple setting on the dash menu that set everything up correctly for Europe continent driving. Anybody know how the Tesla M3P...
  14. PaulJohn

    Smart Summon navigating 3 stories underground

    Hey, Thought you might enjoy this video of SS in action in an underground parking lot. Despite the (probable) lack of GPS the car has no issues navigating the lot ☺️ Due to our silly regulations what you see in the video is the max allowed distance of 20m (66 feet).
  15. T

    Can you order from Tesla Netherlands if you are not Dutch?

    Hello everyone, I am getting confusing information from Tesla Netherlands customer service whether I can really order and pickup the car if I am not Dutch. The representative I spoke with told me that: 1) I need to be a Dutch citizen 2) With a registered address in Netherlands, and 3) A Dutch...
  16. LavanyaLea

    UK to France road trip - how accurate is the ETA?

    Hi, new owner of Model 3 LR AWD here. Planning a road trip from North of England to Strasbourg taking the Eurotunnel. Both the route planner from Tesla as well as abetterrouteplanner suggested a 6-7h drive from home to the tunnel and from Calais to Strasbourg, including 10-30 minute charging...
  17. D

    Advice for Summer Tires in Europe 245/45R19

    Sorry to create yet another post on tires but I only seem to find threads about US tire models. In the old continent the offer is quite different and I don't seem to find (at least in Belgium, where I live) any trace of all the hyped models like Bridgestone Quiettracks, Primacy MXM4 and Yokohama...
  18. CMc1

    Keele Northbound now all CCS converted

    CCS boom is on. Woodall > Burtonwood and now Keele within a week! Courtesy Of eMobility on Twitter
  19. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Tesla Considers Gigafactory 4 Sites in Germany

    A German media outlet has reported that Tesla is considering locations in Lower Saxony as potential sites for Gigafactory 4. Nordwest Zeitung quotes German minister of economics Bernd Althusmann showing enthusiasm for the project and confirming that the ministry had presented “potential...
  20. SquirtCow

    I made a list of all the EV charging providers in Europe

    As Tesla owners, we are spoiled with SuC network throughout Europe in the most popular areas. Sadly, the buildout of SuC is East- and Southern Europe is taking its sweet time, and as such - we have to resort to other providers. I am heading on a 5 week drive down Europe in my Model 3 LR/AWD...
  21. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Model 3 Aces European Safety Test

    An evaluation by the European New Car Assessment Program found the Tesla Model 3 to be one of the safest vehicles on the road. Euro NCAP is an independent body that evaluates the safety of vehicles in Europe. The group issued a perfect 5-Star rating in all four safety categories: Adult Occupant...
  22. deBoerisTroef

    Model S/x (eu) Ccs Conversion

    Hi, As many will know, starting June 1st, Tesla is offering to convert existing Model X and S to be compatible with the CCS charge adapter that's available for now S/X builds. Has anyone actually gotten this conversion done already? I (NL) had an appointment planned for June 4th, but it got...
  23. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Orders Open In Europe, China

    European Tesla fans have noted that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now available for ordering. Tesla unexpectedly delivered a lot of major news this evening, mostly centered around the Tesla Model 3. The electric automaker announced that deliveries of the Standard range model will begin as...
  24. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Was Best-Selling Car In Switzerland In March 2019

    Another country, another #1 rank. In Switzerland, Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling car of any type in March with 1,094 new registrations, followed by the conventional Skoda Octavia (801) and a few other models checking in around 500. Despite the fact that deliveries started only in...
  25. TMC Staff

    Tesla Sales Almost Equal Porsche In Germany In March 2019

    About 0.7% of car sales in Germany were Teslas Thanks to volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3, in March new car registrations of Tesla in Germany increased 453% year-over-year to a new all-time record of 2,367. We don’t know the exact numbers yet (full report is coming later this month), but...
  26. TMC Staff

    Most Tesla Superchargers Now Retrofitted With CCS Plugs In Europe: Video

    Here is how Tesla retrofitted Superchargers in just 4 months Tesla gradually retrofitted its Supercharging stations in Europe with plugs for the CCS Combo 2-compatible inlet on the Tesla Model 3. We don’t have exact data, but it seems that the majority of stations were equipped with additional...
  27. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Was #1 Selling Car In Netherlands In March 2019

    Tesla Model 3 shines in the Netherlands According to official stats, in March, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car of any kind in the Netherlands with 2,195 new registrations (5.6% of all sales). We failed to spot a single model that would be above 1,000 registrations, and we believe that...
  28. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Rolls Out Dynamic Brake Lights for European Model 3

    Tesla’s 2019.8.3 software update contains an interesting new feature for European Model 3 owners called Dynamic Brake Lights that aims to help reduce accidents. According to the release notes, “If you are driving over 50 km/h (31 mph) and brake forcefully, the brake lights will now flash quickly...
  29. TMC Staff

    This Month Tesla Already Delivered Over 4,000 Model 3 In Norway

    Over 4,000 in a single month! Tesla flooded Norway with the Model 3 – we knew the new all-time record is coming, but it seems that deliveries go beyond even our wildest expectations. As of today, the counter of new registrations of Model 3 in Norway exceeded 4,100 and there are still a few days...
  30. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Tops European Sales Chart For Premium Midsize Sedan

    Tesla Model 3 is already the top-selling premium midsize sedan in Europe. Europe is now a very interesting place to watch car sales stats as the overall market decreased for the 6th consecutive month (year-over-year), while the plug-in electric car sales increased. One of the new, fresh and...
  31. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Easily Outsold All Other EVs In Europe In February 2019

    March and April could be epically big. Tesla is already the top-selling BEV brand in Western Europe (see report for February) and the latest data provided by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de) suggest that the Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling model. In the last month, about...
  32. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk Tours Operations in Europe

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk examined the company’s operations in Europe as the first Model 3 deliveries arrive. Musk tweeted Saturday that he was visiting Tilburg in the Netherlands, the Belgian port city of Zeebrugge, and both Tesla’s headquarters in Amsterdam and Oslo. Just left Zeebrugge...
  33. TMC Staff

    Number Of Identified Tesla Model 3 Orders In Europe Close To 20,000

    Almost 2/3 of the Model 3 were ordered in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany The voluntary dataset of Tesla Model 3 orders placed in Europe currently indicates over 19,300 (as of January 31, 2019), which is roughly 5,500 more than a month earlier. As not all customers were willing to add their...
  34. TMC Staff

    UPDATE: Swedish Transport Authority Won’t Shut Down Tesla Sales

    It seems Sweden isn’t on board with Tesla’s over-the-air updates. According to a recent report by Electrek, the Swedish Transport Agency is making plans to put a stop to Tesla sales for six months. Reportedly, the issue revolves around the automaker’s over-the-air updates related to its Tesla...
  35. TMC Staff

    IONITY Installs First 50 Ultra Fast Charging Stations

    Within 8 months, IONITY installed 50 stations The installations of IONITY fast charging infrastructure accelerated and the number of stations increased to 51 out of 400 planned in Europe. Interestingly, another 43 stations are at various stages of construction. The pace of installations is very...
  36. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Officially Approved For Sale In Europe

    Paperwork has been completed. Let’s begin the show now. According to the latest news, Tesla Model 3 received approval for sale in Europe, which was expected in January. The car is already listed by RDW in the Netherlands, which means a green light for the entire European Union and...
  37. TMC Staff

    Huge Shipment Of Tesla Model 3s Ready To Board Big Ship For Europe

    Thousands are already produced and soon will be sent It seems that there is no chance to hide Tesla Model 3 shipments from the cameras’ lenses. Somehow, we lost. presents several photos of a volume shipment of Model 3 (or mostly Model 3) in California. It seems that a four-digit number of Teslas...
  38. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Pricing Info & Range Rating Released For Europe

    Tesla released the Model 3 configurator for Europe, promises a 544-kilometer WLTP range. Finally, there is some great news for all the European Model 3 reservation holders and all the people in Europe interested in the Tesla Model 3. With several sources citing the same information, it seems...
  39. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Display Fleet To Arrive In Europe This Week

    Tesla invites reservation holders to see the Model 3 in Europe Finally, Tesla has begun the presentation of the Model 3 to reservation holders in Europe. According to the latest news, invitations were sent out to at least several countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy...
  40. BobbyKings

    Tesla Model 3 in Paris October 4-14 2018

    Anybody visiting? https://www.mondial-paris.com/en/visiteur/exposant/551/tesla Wonder if the European version will feature CCS....
  41. F

    After the Model 3 Roodtrip in Europe - youyou xue will not return our equipment

    Since the crash of youyou xue with Model 3 he didn´t give´s me and other Europeans our Adaper and other equipment not back! has anybody information about the remaining of the Model 3 and the equipment? my NRGKick Typ2 Cabel various CEE to nema Adapters Type2 to Tesla adapter fur DeC...
  42. jkirkwood001

    Poll: When will Tesla open up M3 orders to Europe?

    Great Q2 earnings call. The report says "...Average selling price will remain high for several quarters as we expect a richer mix in the initial wave of Model 3 deliveries to Europe and APAC." I think this is a wiser initiative than immediately jumping into more debt ramping up Model Y, Semi...
  43. M

    Referral codes

    I’m ordering a model x tomorrow and wondered if anyone would be willing to give me their free Wall charger for me using their code. Also wondering if I can only use a code that’s been used less than 5 times to get fee unlimited supercharging. Thanks!
  44. mrfra62

    Charging wall power Europe

    for every country in Europe Tesla seems to have a different charger for wall outlet (shuko). Instead of buying all these different chargers wouldn't it be much easier to buy a world adapter for wall outlets and plug in the (Dutch) shuko charger?
  45. jkirkwood001

    Want to compare est. costs of various Tesla configs? in local currency?

    There are a number of Model 3 cost calculators out there, but I wanted one that did it all in Canadian dollars, so I made my own. I got carried away :) I've posted for anyone to try out here. International Tesla Cost Estimator 2018-03-02 14_31_57-International Tesla Cost Estimator - Google...
  46. Voveri

    S60 RWD Owner

    I have just got my first Tesla a 2014 S60 RWD, i am wondering if there are any performance upgrades that any one could or would recommend. Also how do I see or find out what updates the car has had or may need? I am in Denmark EU not USA and would also like to knwo if there is an owners club in...
  47. .jg.

    e-call from April 2018, Galileo & EGNOS

    From April 2018, new cars sold in the EU are required to have e-call - a system that will automatically call the emergency services if something bad happens to the car e.g. airbags deployed or emergency button pressed. Data sent to the emergency services includes the car's current location...
  48. Voveri

    Battery upgrade uncork?

    Hi one and all and greetings from Denmark that's Europe not USA :-) I will be collecting my secondhand 2014 Tesla S 60 next Saturday and cant wait its low mail age and been very well looked after from what I can see. I have always found that to be a member of an owners club in the past to be a...
  49. HVM

    Tesla Model S outsells German luxury flagships in Europe

    "Nick Gibbs Automotive News Europe February 20, 2018 06:01 CET Germany's premium brands are under pressure to accelerate their plans for electric cars after Tesla's Model S outsold the luxury flagships of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in Europe for the first time." http://europe.autonews.com...
  50. C

    Tesla S 75D power adjustment *NEED HELP*

    Hi, i`ve got an Tesla S 75D 2017 modell and i was wondering how i can adjust and set the power to the back wheels. I`ve heard that you can adjust how much power the front and rear wheels have. I terms of horsepower or something i think. Is this a legit thing? Cant find it anywhere on the internet.

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