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  1. Tgreg6102

    2015 model S 85d. Battery coding !!

    Hello !! I have a 2015 85d dual motor 43k, installed a 1014114-00-D from an 85 rwd, my car is awd, my coding guy tried several redeploys and to no avail, he chocked it up to the bms board needing replaced (original bms install) or whole pack replacement from an awd car, does this seem viable ...
  2. S

    Latest Firmware Ver. Mini Tesla Display Screen for Model 3/Y

    Is there a newer version of the Mini Tesla Display Screen available than V2.0?
  3. Atlantian

    Tesla Delays Model X Deliveries (Nov 2022)

    We were scheduled to take delivery of our new MX this Saturday (500 days after original order) but just received this message from Tesla: Anyone know what the issue is?
  4. Mikecm1

    Going from 2022.20.8 to 2022.24.5 – radar removal or not?

    I know that with version 2022.20.9 radar is apparently being removed, but what if you skip 20.9 and go straight to 24.5? Has anyone done this and can confirm that radar is or isn’t disabled? I’m really looking forward to the 24.5 changes but absolutely not interested in losing radar.
  5. xpilot


    Just updated to 202216.1.1. Was hoping for FSD but alas, just an update.
  6. J

    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    My PW2s have been updated to 22.18 at some point in recent days / weeks. Last documented version is 22.9 in April Has anyone seen any changes as a result? I have a suspicion re the TOU off peak charging algorithm “trying” to be more frugal re using grid charging and therefore leaving more room...
  7. T

    Model s still on 2020 software

    I currently have a 2015 model S70D and I am still running on 2020 versions of their software. I have the autopilot 1 computer and I am running 2020.48.37.8. the car says I am fully up to date. Is there a way I can get this updated? I mostly want an updated version to support the charging stats...
  8. N

    Software updates

    We have had our model Y with FSD since March 7th 2021. While all my friends are enjoying new software features, I appear to be the only person in the country who still has firmware 2021.36.5.1. I have called, but of course I am told these updates are in batches and out of their control. I...
  9. G

    Wall charger - Solid Blue Light - Will not charge properly - Solid Blue light equals firmware update needed on the wall charger.

    I wanted to post this so that I could maybe help others with this issue. If you have a solid blue like on your gen 3 tesla wall charger this is a simple firmware update that was fixed by calling the tesla wall charging dept. 877-961-7652 have your wall charger ID number ready. You do not...
  10. David99

    2021.24.25.1 on MCU1

    Just got and installed 2021.24.25.1 on my 2015 S70D with MCU1 Download was quick but install took almost an hour. Release notes mention 'minor improvements for cold weather', 4 different languages added and keeping WiFi connection while in drive. That's it. I did notices an increase in...
  11. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  12. P

    Question about firmware version after HW3 upgrade

    Hey everyone! quick question. I had 2021.18 firmware. Today, the tesla mobile service upgraded the computer to v3. After that swap, the tesla guy said he was updating firmware. the v3 computer seemed to have an older firmware than what I did have on v2.5 because the "new" firmware was now...
  13. Tesomega

    Tesla firmware update notifications - no wifi

    Does Tesla inform of available update via mobile app when the car is not on WIFI. Context: I have turned off wifi, to let the car sleep more and save energy.
  14. W

    How can I get Tesla to stage firmware for a DIY part swap?

    Hoping that someone here can help me figure out how to go about getting a firmware deployed and staged so I can replace the charge port on my 2013 P85. I have the new charge port assembly coming from eBay this Saturday and the swap seems pretty straightforward. My only problem is getting g the...
  15. willow_hiller

    3D Modeled Energy Assets Found in Latest Firmware

    Interesting find from @verygreen on Twitter of 3D modeled and animated Tesla energy assets (generator, solar panels, powerwall, gateway): https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1359226078808670212 I don't know what these models could possibly be for. Green says: But the gateway doesn't have...
  16. E

    Issues with 2020.48.30 update

    Anybody else have issues with the 2020.48.30 update? I just (finally) received it this morning and applied it. Once done - everything looked normal, I went to the car and restarted it (press the two scroll wheels until screens go black). I have found my car is always a bit wonky after an...
  17. n.one.one

    TeslaFi Stats - Is this consolidation a clue?

    As shown in the screenshot below there seems to be a consolidation of the vast majority of Tesla's on version 2020.48.12.1. Once all of the pending installs are done it will represent 97% of the fleet that TeslaFi tracks. I've never seen that high a percentage for a particular firmware version...
  18. J

    Moderation Feedback requested: Software update threads in this section

    (Moderation feedback requested) Hello TMC Model 3 section members. As those of you who have been around here know, whenever there is a new update, there are usually a few threads that pop up in this section about it. This morning, I removed a thread that was a "master thread", because it was...
  19. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model Y Firmware Hides Upcoming New Efficiency Package

    Will it get another range boost beyond the current 326 miles (525 km)? According to the Tesla hacker Green (@greentheonly), the 2020.44.15 version of the Model Y‘s firmware includes a new, undisclosed “efficiency package.” The newest Tesla model, which entered the market earlier this year, has...
  20. DDotJ

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Looks like 2020.44 is rolling out now with a lot of features and improvements: Autopilot Set Speed Spotify Improvements Media Search Improvements Media Sources Voice Command Language Source Release Notes from u/paladinfello
  21. BManCan

    Model Y Firmware Poll

    I have seen many newer firmware updates mentioned on TeslaFi and other sites, but have been stuck at 2020.36.4.5 for now.
  22. Gwgan


    Tesla 2020.32 Software Update With 'Suspension Improvements' For Model S X Can someone please clarify the suspension height settings for Model X. Does this new software apply to pre-Raven models?
  23. B

    Model Y - Loose Coolant Valve Disabled Car

    I was driving my Model Y when all of a sudden, I got an error saying regenerative breaking temporarily reduced and then vehicle shutting down and a few other errors; I was unable to get the car into drive again. The car was towed into Tesla and their Service advisor told me it is related to...
  24. Daniellane

    Latest Firmware Release Notes

    Seems like whenever a new firmware update is released I am searching to find the latest release notes. Usually a laborious task searching through posts based on threads containing the firmware update version. Starting this thread that I’m just calling “Latest Firmware Release Notes”. Hoping...
  25. CMc1

    2020.16 rolling

    New Tesla Software Version Detected 2020.16 Model 3 in Williamsville, United States TezLabApp Spotted on TeslaScope too 2020.16 (Software Update) | Teslascope no release notes yet
  26. apples

    All Performance Model 3 Currently Being Held on 2020.8.3?

    Has anyone with a Performance Model 3 received an update beyond 2020.8.3 since Wednesday April 29th? I was previously on 2020.12.5 but had my computer replaced April 29th due to an LTE issue. Immediately was upgraded to 8.3 but it currently says software is up to date and have received no...
  27. T

    Change Satnav/Connectivity from US spec to EU spec

    I've been offered one of the earlier Model 3's, US-imported in 2018. Getting a correct US charger rather then an adapter plug seems the smallest challenge. The car seems to have the improved Autopilot. The issue it only connects through wifi/hotspot, and the satnav only accepts Canada, USA and...
  28. CMc1

    v2020.8 rolling

    Teslascope registering two vehicles with 2020.8 firmware in the last hour. 2020.8 8dd9ab622f8a (Software Update) | Teslascope TezLabApp also 45mins ago. TezLabApp on Twitter Nothing on TeslaFi yet. no release notes as of yet, most likely include the v2 track mode. V2 of Track Mode coming to M3P
  29. Adopado

    Size of Update Downloads

    I would like to have an idea of the size of the downloads when the car updates. I realise that there will be some variability but a general idea would be useful. Does anyone know? Our Wifi runs from a 4G router and we have a capped data limit. I usually monitor this but had not done so recently...
  30. Ostrichsak

    Anyone Else Have Bluetooth Issues on the Newest Model S Update?

    I should be more specific because there's been a few different Bluetooth issues introduced recently. The latest update (2019.40.2.3) on both of our MCU1 Model S has a bug now where it will cause the volume on our phones (Pixel 3 on latest firmware update version) to decrease whenever we're...
  31. Adopado

    Zappi 2 - full power charging

    In case owners are not aware there is a new firmware version released for the Zappi. It addresses one of the Tesla specific issues with charging. Though I haven't experienced this issue with the my Zappi and M3 I know that others have: "This firmware update has been developed to deal with an...
  32. Bet TSLA

    Black screen: MCU replaced (lost state, firmware version went backwards)

    On Friday night my Model 3 LR RWD (December 2017 build) screen went dark and unresponsive. This happened while it was sitting parked. Although I was able to do various things (turn on the headlights, move the seats, etc.) the display was quite dead. Scroll wheel reboot did nothing. After...
  33. matthewkrieger

    Can I determine the date on which a given firmware version was installed on my car?

    Is it possible to determine the date on which a given firmware version was installed on my car? I know that TeslaFi captures this information in various reports but of course I didn't have TeslaFi running at the time. In this specific case I'm trying to find the installation date of my current...
  34. Bet TSLA

    Firmware downgrade spotted on TeslaFi (28.3.1->15.103)

    Note line 5, a Model S 90D in Sweden, at 8:31AM today. TeslaFi claimed that it went from 2019.28.3.1 to 2019.15.103. Is this a TeslaFi error, or did it actually happen? Perhaps somebody who has a TeslaFi account can dig up more details and elucidate. I didn't think such a thing was even...
  35. DeedWest

    Active Cooling Cycles (While Charging) MYSTERY?!

    Hey everyone. I currently have two 2.5 Sports under my roof - VIN 1414 and VIN 1462. I've noticed something rather spooky recently when studying the active cooling cycles while both cars are charging. I was hoping some of you guys could weigh in. THE ISSUE - 1414's cooling cycles (while...
  36. U

    Download update while driving?

    Hi, not really a TM3 question only but since I it's an TM3 in my case I'll post in here. Is it possible for an update to download while you're driving? If I would hot-spot my phone, would it start downloading if an update was waiting for me or does the car have to be in park in order to...
  37. Penfold

    Firmware 2019.28.X

    10 x model 3’s but no details yet. Is this V10 or an updated v9??? Sorry, should have titled this differently but can’t change now.
  38. Padelford

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    I had my CHAdeMO adapter firmware updated today at the Seattle SC. I believe this enables M3 charging, as the “new” M3 adapter shown on the Tesla website looks and costs the same as mine. I’ll have to find a Model 3 owner to test. This is the second firmware update I’ve done. There aren’t...
  39. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  40. strava

    Received "Update available" but couldn't update [Service center pushed update and it installed]

    Waiting for the firmware update but there has been no update notice popping up from my Tesla app. I checked the Software screen on my Tesla screen today and found the "Update available: Please connect to Wi-Fi to download the Software Update" note. My car was connected to the Wifi in my garage...
  41. Penfold

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    Ooh what delights (or issues) will this one bring. Chatter around light recognition and advanced summon (except us in europe where the EN want to restrict everything) and no doubt other stuff :-). The iOS app just updated to 3.8.5 too but who knows if that’ll do anything.
  42. D

    Firmare 19.16.1

    For China: <!-- CN Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) - models model3 modelx - feature/das-china-noa --> <div products="models model3 modelx" countries="cn" features="drive_on_nav" > Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) Navigate on Autopilot intelligently suggests lane changes to keep you...
  43. Penfold

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    I know the Model 3 has had 2019.16 for a little while but now 2019.16.1.1 has popped up on TeslaFi on a Model S - anyone here??
  44. T

    Firmware 2019.12.1.2 - Auto Pilot and Auto Steering Unavailable

    Thought it may have just been a quick glitch, but even after rebooting, seems like I can't get Auto anything to come up...... Also, cameras don't seem to be active either as i'm not getting any road or car detection on the screen... Any thoughts?
  45. D

    Firmware 2019.12.1.2

    US, TX. Just received 2019.12.1.2. It shows more power, increased top speed, 150kw charging, battery warm up, and the new browser. No Advanced Summon.
  46. chudiddy

    Navigation frozen and autosteer limited to 45mph. 2019.12.1.1

    Received latest update on 4/29. Everything working great up until this morning. My navigation map is frozen and the red arrow is just stuck at home. Even the map in the smaller screen is stuck as well. I've tried deleting destinations and even chose a destination in my history but the map just...
  47. Missile Toad

    Tesla upgrades charging for V2+ chargers, with latest firmware

    My Model X100D received firmware 2019.12.1 d9eaf40 a day ago. Since then, I have been comparing the tesla.com/findus page to the reports in the Center Console of the X. I did attempt a charge at the Houston; TX - Northwest Freeway Supercharger. However, because of sharing a SuperCharger with...
  48. Y

    2019.12.1 update

    got the update tonight major change: Supercharging up to 150kw Atari Better internet browser Have the option to check software update instead of waiting for a push
  49. B


    Since the last update, my broswer does not work AT ALL. This happening to anyone else? I have a 75S running 2019.8.5 3aaa23d.
  50. thenaimis

    Won't gamble with firmware updates any more

    Yes, I'm one of *those people* who harbor an intense dislike of the v9 UI. Would it really be that hard for Tesla to provide the version number and release notes of the software updates before agreeing to install? Not going to bother with all the reasons to hate v9, that topic's been beat to...