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  1. MontyFloyd

    Hertz charger $277 for *gasoline* to fill-up a Model 3

    This is head scratcher. Charging $277 for gasoline fill-up a Model 3 (and $277 is at least 55 gallons worth of gas!!) Hertz Charges Tesla Model 3 Renter $277 Fee for Gas, Won’t Back Down On top of the, the renter also paid ahead for fill-up, so should not have even received that charge! (PS, a...
  2. italian bread

    Tesla Increasing Rental Fleet Sales?

    Tesla Drops Prices, Potentially Ramps Fleet Sales to Rentals This morning, a pundit tweeted they saw beaucoup de Tesla sitting idle at a Hertz location, suggesting the company may be stuffing rental channels in a bid to inflate sales. In quick succession, it then became clear that Tesla has...
  3. MontyFloyd

    Uber, Lyft Drivers Switch to Teslas as High Gas Prices Squeeze Profit (ripped from headlines)

    The beginning of the mass migration. Uber, Lyft Drivers Switch to Teslas as High Gas Prices Squeeze Profit (Bloomberg version) This raised my eyebrows. More exposure, more customers, faster migration to BEV.
  4. T

    Hertz Tesla rental at FRA

    While booking a Hertz rental car for an upcoming trip to Germany, I noticed that they have a Model 3 LR for what looks like a decent price. It has a limit of 150 km per rental day, which wouldn’t be issue for my needs. Does anyone here have experience with this? The website claims that...
  5. dudeastronaut

    Hertz Rental Experience [review of renting a model 3 from Hertz]

    I rented a Tesla Model 3 from Orlando Florida International Airport - here are my thoughts 😏 Preface According to the Hertz employees that I spoke with, Saturday December 11, 2021 was the third day that they had had them available for rent. I started the rental process just like any other by...
  6. G

    My grid outage frequency issue is resolved!

    Well it's been a trip. I'll link back to this from other posts that relate to the issue but wanted to start a clean thread with my experience. Long and short of it is if you're experiencing similar issues get the latest firmware (1.37.1 for me) and call Tesla to fix the frequency settings for...
  7. NeverFollow

    Will Tesla start its own rental car service?

    With the recent new Supercharger Fair Use Policy, excluding access to taxi, ridesharing, and owners rental programs..., will Tesla start its own rental car service? This would make perfect sense since Audi owns Silvercar, BMW owns ReachNow, Ford owns Hertz, GM owns Maven, and Mercedes owns...