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  1. MrBadger

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021. This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread. For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle...
  2. L

    If you are in Ireland, and interested in FSD option, don't buy it until AFTER delivery

    I learned today (thanks to Anton at Tesla Sandyford) that FSD added when ordering the car adds about ~1000 euros worth of VRT (vehice registration tax) to the total price of the car. On the other hand, the upgrade to FSD after delivery, is "only" 6500 euros including VAT. No VRT added. I guess...
  3. P

    How to save thousands on Tesla UK PCP finance

    When I signed up for PCP finance with Tesla (Blackhorse) in February, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the excess mileage charges have reduced to a flat unlimited 7p/mile, where it was previously 7p/mile for the first 5K excess miles and then 14p/mile for any additional excess above that...
  4. M

    Is it me or.......

    Ever since the I pace launch my ms 75d seems a bit faster. I had never experienced my front end slightly lifting under 0-60 acceleration but it did on Saturday and again yesterday. I haven't checked the timing but defiantly seems a bit quicker. Has anyone else experienced this in the last few...
  5. Fellsteruk

    Tesla "Barclays/Lloyds" PCP Finance Question....

    Hey, Just curious about how the finance works with the delivery etc.... Am I correct in my assumptions below: Design car in studio Apply for finance through site " let's assume approved" You place your order via studio, pay the £4k fee Wait for delivery confirmation Once approved for the...
  6. Subevo

    Least miles to a full charge?

    charged car to 90% on a model s 75D. Bearing in mind average temp about -3. So far done 20 miles and now at 60% lots of preheating and short journeys over several days.at this rate I will be lucky to get 60 miles. It got me wondering if anyone can get worse than me.
  7. M

    Tesla club house heathrow

    Well Tesla has announced club house meet on the 1st at heathrow at 18.30. Guess when Jag I pace has their world wide launch 1st at 6.00pm what a coincidence .
  8. Fellsteruk

    What’s it got...

    Hey Is there a pdf or something that details all the features of the base model x covering what you can do with the car controls and app? All the “extra” stuff is fairly documented but the website seems light on info for example I only just discovered that the front seats are heated as...
  9. 12Pack

    First real snow experience

    The Beast from the East has given me a first real snow and ice experience. P100D MS on Michelin Pilot SS summer tyres. Compared to a previous Range Rover, the straight line traction control is amazingly seamless. Mash in the pedal and the traction control light flashes wildly, but the car just...
  10. themetz

    21” Referral arachnids are ON !

  11. E

    Easy entry and charge port open

    I use and like easy entry profile. Particularly since it arrived in an over the air update - very smart. It’s better too, since the update that made unbuckling your seat belt the trigger to change profile, rather than pressing the park brake. However, I don’t want to move to easy entry when...
  12. Afdyce

    New Tesla Accessory

    This man has grown a Tesla logo. Also available in black for younger models.
  13. O

    Model 3 UK reservation holders

    Hi all, Been reading this forum for a while now, finally got round to signing up. Just wondering if there's (m)any other UK based Model 3 reservation holders on here? Also what the anticipation is in terms of cost (monthly cost on PCP or whatever Tesla offers)? I jumped on the bandwagon and...
  14. J

    Does anyone have shares in Tesla Inc?

    I was just wondering how many people, if any, have shares in Tesla Inc. If you do then how much?
  15. J

    Any Car Meets or Events?

    I was just wondering if there are any car meets or events near South Wales? I'm a massive Tesla fan but I'm only 21 and have no chance of getting one until the Model 3 has been out for a little while. I'd do anything to sit in one or get to feel the acceleration! I know Tesla have events...
  16. J

    How much do you think a used Tesla Model 3 would be worth in 3/4 years time?

    First of all hi:p, this is my first post. I was wondering how much everyone thinks a used Tesla Model 3 would be in like 3/4 years time. I know production of right hand drive Model 3's doesn't start until next year but I was curious as I'm a huge Tesla fan. I'm hoping for them to be around the...
  17. E

    Sat nav turn-by-turn not counting down distances?

    Driving recently I noticed on the main screen sat nav that the distance to the next turn or junction was not updating. The turn-by-turn list shows the length of each step in the journey. Usually the distance to the next event counts down towards zero as you arrive at the turn or junction but...
  18. M4guy

    Wheel spacers, who’s running them?

    I’m thinking about fitting wheel spacers on my P85D (staggered 21” turbines) as I hate the way the wheels sit in the arches. Anyone else running them on here? What sizes?
  19. Terry_B58

    Model S Trip details

    While I am waiting delivery of my MS75D, I have, like many other before me, been reading the manual from cover to cover :) When I use my car for work I need to accurately record my mileage (and claim the pennies back;)). On my present car I reset Trip A each morning, do my visits for work then...
  20. X

    Gatwick Parking for Two Weeks

    Hello. I'm looking to park at Gatwick for two weeks in my Tesla. Is this a stupid idea? Tim
  21. A

    Paintless Dent Removal

    Hi All, Do you guys/gals have any recommendations for paintless dent removal around the Reading area? Would prefer to use someone who is used to working on aluminium cars, rather than a bodyshop that will give it a go! Thanks, Alex
  22. U

    Which ship is my car on?

    Hello all. I received a call this morning from the delivery team as my car has been loaded onto a vessel at Houston and is en route to Europe. I've been looking at the Marine Traffic website and I can't find any cargo ships bound for Rotterdam. I bought the app which hasn't helped me narrow it...
  23. X

    Is a Service necessary?

    Hello, I've had my Model S for 12 months and completed about 10,000 miles. Is it worth getting a service or just a waste of time and money? Tim
  24. F

    Undecided following test drive of both S and X

    I took the plunge of going for a Test drive of both S and X. First drove a blue 90D, black premium interior. Was very impressed. I'm used to driving a hybrid SUV, so being low down took a little getting used to. Handling was great, quality of interior was better than I expected and 'luxury'...
  25. Terry_B58


    Well, what a position? After a long time lurking on here and also looking at Tesla's used vehicles, I decided to go and have a test drive. The car, 100D, was, as expected, a dream to drive and I was very impressed with the quality of build and the operation of 'Auto Pilot' was better than...
  26. WannabeOwner

    Is Tesla offering destination chargers for work places?

    That's what I heard, and unless I am mistaken its what the website seems to say. https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/charging-partners?redirect=no Made an application and got a reply that they are only for Hotels and the like. Have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  27. E

    How to cancel FM travel reports?

    Is there a way to reject traffic info bulletins that temporarily switch stations? If you have the media screen loaded on the main display, a pop up appears with a dialogue box when a traffic report is triggered so you can turn it off and go back to what you were listening to. BUT if you don't...
  28. A

    Replacement numberplate

    Hi, Do you know where I can get an aluminium number plate made up? I've found loads of places online but they all do embossed, and I just want a flat printed plate like the Tesla original. It needs to be 520mm x 110mm. Does anyone know a supplier that can make these up. I'm not sure Tesla...
  29. J

    Tesla moving used inventory onto Autotrader

    Tesla have never previously really used Autotrader or any of the other site except for a spell where they listed new cars as place holders. Over the last week they've started to move quite noticeable numbers off their web site and onto autotrader, still selling as Tesla with all the warranty...
  30. B

    Bodyshop recommendation

    Unfortunately I had the misfortune of meeting a driver in a Chelsea Tractor in a narrow street tonight. After moving over as much as I could, I pulled in the mirrors to avoid scratching them. That meant that I could not longer judge the gap at the reat of the car and we continued to edge past...
  31. S

    Deal Done, Model S 75D ordered

    Hi All, Thanks to all of you who helped me with my questions over the xmas and new year period. Had two test drives over the last 2 weeks that have resulted in my buying a 'Current Inventory' MS 75D Spec is Obsidian Black Premium Sunroof ( needed for top box) 19 inch wheels Black interior...
  32. PrGrPa

    Gap insurance for Model S?

    Considering gap insurance for my upcoming Model S 75D delivery. Any recommendations, thoughts you can share on the subject, or things I must know before exploring further? Not bought it before as having a car written off doesn't seem that likely an event. With previous cars I've had any gap...
  33. JayDixonUK

    Finally Ordered An X 75D

    Hi everyone After months of lurking, and learning much about Tesla in the UK, I have finally ordered one last Thursday. I first started seriously looking in Summer 2017, and test drove an S then. Loved the car, but wasn’t quite sure about spending that much money on a car. It’s funny how the...
  34. Subevo

    Front parking sensor dosent work after washing.

    noticed this a few times now after a jet wash the sensors don't seem to display but did fi dry area around sensors display works again.never had this with any other car I owned.i nearly Hit a wall expecting a warning on screen.
  35. R

    Gone and done it !

    Hi Guys and Girls, After hanging around here for several months, and getting Tesla envy whilst sitting on the M1 a couple of weeks ago. I have finally taken the plunge and placed my deposit on an X75. white with black premium interior. So now have the "wait", but really pleased and so looking...
  36. M

    Infotainment Screen Modifications

    Does anyone have knowledge on changing the main screens on a MODEL X?
  37. thegruf

    Michelin PSS acoustic / PS4S tyres

    so, had a chat with Michelin (Graeme - excellent support thankyou) and the PS4 Sport is indeed taking over the PSS as is obvious really. That said it was repeatedly stated that PSS is not going away in a hurry and PS4S is only available in a very limited range so far. Plus there is no...
  38. E

    Tesla part number original windshield S85 2014 RHD (Japan)

    Friends, hello everyone! Help, please, with the original part number of the windshield on the Model S 2014, the right steering wheel (RHD - right hand drive), with a heated wiper zone. My car with a rain sensor and no autopilot. On my windshield, I could not find Tesla's original part number...
  39. Subevo

    Mirrors stuck due to frost

    hi folks Slightest frosty morning and mirrors won't open .i have to give them a helping hand whist pressing the unlock button on key. I'm wondering if the mechanism for opening and closing the mirrors is being damaged by not being able to operate as they should.in my head I'm imagining plastic...
  40. E

    AP2 newbie - does it improve over time?

    I have a Model S loan car from Tesla to replace my own whilst it's having having some work done. My loaner is brand new with AP2, which my own car doesn't have and has done around 100 miles from new. I can engage AP by pulling the stalk twice and getting the audio confirmation and dashboard...
  41. A

    From the UK, Planning a Trip through France

    what card or app do people use/need to charge at non-Tesla stations?
  42. S

    Damage, insurance and approved garage

    Hi All, despite owning a series of s**t cars forever, within 6 months of getting my MX, I get shunted from behind. Damage seems farily limited to the rear bumper and a dented tailgate, and car is driveable. But my question is that Direct Line has told me to use a garage, I've checked and they...
  43. Bonehead33

    Front number plate change??

    I have just gone to put my private plates on the car. The back slides in from the side but how on earth do you get the front plate in anyone know? I've searched without success
  44. B

    Westfield SC closed for 2 weeks

    Just to let you know that the Westfield superchargers will not be available for two weeks as they resurface the carpark on level -1. I found this out this morning when I tried to get to the superchargers but couldn't. I haven't heard anything official from Tesla themselves on the topic.
  45. X

    Key holder for Model X

    Hello I've got one of these and it doesn't fit my Model S. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B075ZS2C6Y/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If anyone wants it please PM me with their postal address (UK only) and I'll post it out to you. Thanks Tim
  46. michaelgill

    Navigation maps updated 2nd Jan 17

    Hi all Had a message saying the my navigation maps had been updated today. Being in the central belt of Scotland, I noticed that the new section of the M8 seems to have been added. Has anyone else had this update? Is it possible to check the map version? Cheers.
  47. S

    Had my test drive yesterday

    Hi All, Following my post earlier this week I had my test drive yesterday. Took out a MS 100D for a 50 minute drive and then an MX for a 30 minute drive. As I thought it is the MS that is most suitable to me, while I like the X and the space, the falcon wing doors are the issue for me as they...
  48. F

    Superchargers - Scotland

    Looking at current and future supercharger locations, why no Glasgow? Stirling, Perth, Dundee are all around 40 miles of each other. Stirling is 38 miles from Edinburgh. From Stirling, the next nearest supercharger on the west coast is 54 miles away at Abington. Glasgow is completely bypassed...
  49. S

    Price drops?

    Hello. Given the recent announcements about the Roadster and Semi, which suggests some significant capacity and performance improvements with Tesla's batteries, is there any expectation of price drops on the Model S in the next 12-18 months perhaps, due to similar manufacturing cost savings...
  50. Chuq

    Supercharger - Enfield, Ireland

    It looks like the "Enfield" dot on Tesla's official map is one of the very few that was not moved to "coming in 2018" status recently, and instead went direct to "coming soon" status. This suggests it is in the final stages of construction. In addition, the dot is located at the Applegreen...