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Jaguar I-PACE

  1. T

    Audi vs Jaguar vs Tesla - Globe and Mail

    So, having read Globe and Mail's "comparative" review, it certainly comes across as an Audi sales pitch while also stating untruths (“Some time ago, nobody was really interested in battery technology,” Noest said. “This has really changed in the last year or so. Everybody wants to talk to us...
  2. puritan

    #JaguarElectrifies review: A write-up from a Jaguar and Tesla owner.

    To start, I'd like to let everyone know that I have 2 beautiful cars. A carnelian red V6 powered 2013 Jaguar XF and an all black Tesla MX 100D. What I describe below is going to be an opinionated rant/write-up after I spent three hours hanging around, sitting in and driving the Jaguar I-Pace for...
  3. MXWing

    Starting and also ending the iPace "comparison".

    Things, the iPace will never be doing - on Earth or on Mars. Now as a far as a "race" - I am eagerly waiting for the Youtube Video "Model X P100D towing the Jaguar iPace DESTROYS another iPace in the 1/4 mile" iPace is cute and works well as someones secondary car toy but there's no equal to...
  4. Sisko - DS9

    New competition for Tesla, The Jaguar I-Pace

    You know I really like and care about Tesla and will always own one. But I have always been disappointed in their execution of their interiors. For example, I think the direct competition to the Model S is the Porsche Panamera. That car has a "first-class" interior and costs about the same...
  5. Blu Angel

    2019 Jaguar iPace speculation

    Hi Tesla Lovers, I decided to visit my Jaguar dealership in Toronto, Canada yesterday. I've been smitten by the Jaguar iPace and would consider swapping my Tesla 3 for it. I believe it straddles the market between Model 3 and Tesla Model X Here's what info I gleamed from the dealer...
  6. MXWing

    Does the Jaguar I-Pace Seat 5 and can be purchased in 2018?

    Just really curious on the two claims. The two rear Model X seats look more spacious than two of the middle I-Pace "Middle seats?"
  7. A

    Jaguar I-Pace

    The Jaguar I-Pace BEV has been discussed previously on this forum (e.g. on the Jag gets in on the "EV's don't have to look stupid" Market. thread), but I thought it would be good to start a dedicated thread to the car itself - similar to other BEVs on this sub-forum. Maybe that will also help...
  8. MXWing

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    Apparently this fool at Seeking Alpha thinks you well. He's shorting TSLA. I wonder if hes going long on TTM... http://seekingalpha.com/article/4037408-tesla-competition-set-arrive-example?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-widget NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE - but feel free to be honest if this...