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  1. MontyFloyd

    Japan will adopt NACS.

    WILL Japan adopt NACS? CHAdeMO was developed in 2010 by the CHAdeMO Association, a charging system design from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). TEPCO had been participating on numerous EV infrastructure trial projects between 2006 and 2009 in collaboration with Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji...
  2. G

    ABRP wrong pricing for japan Superchargers

    Hi all, can someone confirm the current supercharger kWh price in yen for me? Doesn’t really matter which charger - trying to get a price calculation bug in ABRP fixed and the dev wants to know rates. We’re visiting Japan from Australia (driving an ICE so can’t check in vehicle) and the prices...
  3. O

    Premium Connectivity in Japan

    I'm in the waiting process for my Tesla to arrive on my delivery day and am starting to wonder about premium services... While I've seen many write-ups about utilizing apps in the car either directly through the app in the car, or connecting bluetooth in the US... I haven't seen many people...
  4. P

    Tesla owners in Okinawa

    Hello all, I moved to Okinawa a few years ago (SOFA status contractor), and it looks like I won't be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I've been spotting more Teslas lately (Naha, Chatan, even Okinawa City, though none were Y plates) I've always wanted one, but with that comes a few...
  5. jfrisko

    Volk Racing TE37 Gallery for Model 3

    TE37 wheels are my all time favorites. I've seen a couple of pictures throughout this forum but never in one thread. I hope by creating this thread it'd condense all Model 3 owners with TE's to post in one thread. ====================== (moderator edit) Request from @Lindenwood: Mods, can you...
  6. A

    FSD HW3 retrofit in Japan

    I've bought Tesla MS with FSD package a year ago (HW2.5). I know in the U.S. and Canada Tesla started retrofitting FSD with the new HW3 computer. Any info when they gonna start doing it in Japan?
  7. A

    HomeLink Automatic Garage Opener in Japan

    Does anyone use HomeLink in Japan? I have a primitive remote garage opener now. I'd like to upgrade it to HomeLink so I can take advantage of my Tesla HomeLink integration. Is it possible in Japan?
  8. TMC Staff

    Tesla Shows Off Model 3 In Japan For First Time Ever

    Tesla brings the Model 3 to Japan in preparation for its Asian invasion. In Japan, Tesla Model 3 will go on sale (first deliveries) in the second half of 2019 (some think it will be late 2019). A few days ago, the Californian company presented the Model 3 for the first time in Japan...
  9. A

    Auto Lane Change on Japan highways

    I tried AutoPilot on Tomei and Kan-etsu. Autopilot works great. In fact well beyond my expectations. But the thin gray line for adjacent lines did not appear. Hence auto line change did not work. Autopilot setting for the auto line changes is enabled. Version 2018.32.4
  10. A

    I'd like to meet a Tesla owner in Amsterdam!

    Dear dutch TESLA'S owner, I living in JAPAN near of Mt.Fuji, a world heritage site. I owned 2014 Model S and belong to the Owner's Club in Japan. We have also carried out activities to disseminate personally Tesla. Recently, opportunities to see TESLA have increased in Japan, and enthusiastic...
  11. A


    この度メンバー登録しました、アラン・ナカムラです。 住まいは、日本で世界遺産の富士山の麓、河口湖畔です。 2014年12月にテスラ・モデルS(レッド)のオーナーになりました。 2018年12月で10万kmの走行を実現しました。 テスラを購入した動機は、イーロンマスクCEOやテスラの使命に感動を覚えたからです。 楽しいテスラライフを続けると同時に、イーロンマスクCEOやテスラの使命を広げる目的で、テスラとともに普及、啓蒙活動を行なっています。 主な活動場所は、自治体が開催するEV展示&試乗会、地元富士山の麓の充電場所、学校などの団体などです。...
  12. R

    Japan's New Energy cars, last year 238% increase, why?

    China secured nearly 50% shares in global new energy passenger vehicle market Japan's New Energy cars, last year 238% increase, why? cars, which ones?
  13. S

    Dash and rearview cams

    Hi Guys, Anybody tried to install cams in your S or X in Tokyo or other cities for that matter too? I have been reading up on the subject in the overseas, primarily US forums. While it's possible I decide to DIY it would seem logical to check on the other options too. I am thinking about A119...
  14. dgpcolorado

    As Electric Cars’ Prospects Brighten, Japan Fears Being Left Behind

    NY Times: As Electric Cars’ Prospects Brighten, Japan Fears Being Left Behind
  15. Olivierpa

    update in Japan

    Do someone receive the new update (50.2) in Japan ?
  16. N


    テスラ名古屋がオープンしてから半年ほど経とうとしています。 名古屋にスーパーチャージャーが設置されるとの情報がありますが、いまだ正確な位置情報やオープン予定日は決まっていません。 また新東名の引佐IC豊田東IC間の高速道路扱いでなく、オートパイロットが制限されるのも地図データの更新が怠っているからと話題が出ています。 愛知県中心にテスラオーナーの情報交換の場をここに設置し、相互に便利に活用されればと思います。 特にディスティネーションチャージングがレストランや宿泊施設、長時間滞在施設に今後設置が進むことも協力しあいたと思います。...
  17. lunitiks

    GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2018

    Munich Oct 10-12, 2017 Israel Oct 18, 2017 Taiwan Oct 26, 2017 DC Nov 1-2, 2017 Japan Dec 12-13, 2017 Silicon Valley March 26-29, 2018 Plz post all vids, slides/pdfs/docs you can get your hands on. I'll kick off with some good Jensen Huang action here (GTC China 2017) - best part is from 1:17:47
  18. G

    Importing U.S. Model S

    こんにちは! I am a current Model S owner and am looking to move to Japan, specifically Tokyo, in the future. I am wondering if anyone else has had the experience of moving their S. Any major issues? The best I've seen online is this post: Military member Shipping Tesla Model S to Okinawa, Japan |...
  19. JayInJapan

    Model 3

    Hello all: Now that the Model 3 is in production, I thought it might be interesting to see what Japanese owners/reservation holders think. I ordered 3/31/16 (U.S. date) and see early 2019 for delivery of any model I order. Patience for us, I see, is necessary. The car looks great. Since I...
  20. ecarfan

    How many Tesla S and X in Japan?

    Hello fellow Tesla owners in Japan! I live in California, but currently my wife and I are in Kyoto for 3 weeks and having a wonderful time in your beautiful country. Naturally I've been watching for EVs when I'm riding buses or walking the streets. So far I've only seen about 4 Nissan Leafs, 1...
  21. hiroshiy

    名古屋ストアオープン Nagoya store opening

    6/2に名古屋ストアがオープンします。その日の夜パーティーが開催されますが、私も東京から用事を作って参加予定です。 Nagoya store will open on June 2nd, and Tesla will host a party there at night (RSVP required). I'll be there so if you find me let's have a chat!
  22. T

    Tesla and Japan

    Having read the article below, I'm wondering how sales are going for Tesla in Japan? Anybody got a clue - it's just out of curiosity to see how Tesla is perceived elsewhere (i.e. is it in the same realm as the Big 3, or do people see Tesla as being different or separate from the "traditional"...
  23. A

    Charging in Tohoku

    I am thinking of replacing my getting-old Land Rover with new Tesla Model X. Although I am not sure whether it makes sense with my driving patterns. I drive mostly on weekends to go outside of Tokyo. About twice a month I drive to my house in Aizu Wakamatsu, which is 300km away. Obviously I...
  24. G

    Renting a Model S/X

    Hey all, I am going on a japan trip this December (14/12/2017 - 23/12/2017) at Hokkaido and I would like to rent a Tesla there. Is there anyone that could rent me their car or perhaps introduce me to a car rental service in japan that offers a Model S or X? (Preferably 2015 models onwards)...
  25. S

    GenII hw autopilot

    I received a letter from Tesla today seemingly saying test Autopilot on Gen2 hardware will be deploying to Japan. Anyone else?
  26. JayInJapan

    The Japan Dude Drives to Hokkaido

    Hello all: I'm a few minutes away from leaving for my longest Japanese road trip yet. Follow along at: Tesla in Japan
  27. dozodomo

    Tesla Taxis in Tokyo

    Spotted this today around Marunouchi. Have seen 2 or 3 of these now, I think from the same company MK Taxis. The passengers looked like they were having a full explanation while in it too! Might increase the knowledge of the car here and also a nice way of getting hands on with it. Anybody...
  28. dozodomo

    New Owner - preparations?

    There may be a better thread for this so apologies if in the wrong place. Hi Tesla people of Japan. I am based in Tokyo and just purchased the Model S (P90)...currently waiting to collect it from Yokohama in March........like I am sure most of you did at the start of your ownership, I spend...
  29. JayInJapan

    P85+ Two-Year Review

    Rather than write my review up in more than one place, I've written it on my blog. I'm sure the veterans know all what I've written, but if you're interested, have a look: Tesla Model S P85+: Two-Year Review
  30. takeshiken

    The rules of Supercharger will be changed from 12/1

    noticed that some supercharger spots' rules wil be changed from 12/1. Please see the attach for more info.
  31. Tam

    Autopilot in Japanese translation

    Since Chinese press complained about misleading translation of Autopilot, I got curious and take a look at Tesla in Japanese language: Google translates 自動運転 as "self-driving" The first part, 自動 it translates as "automatic" The second part, 運転 it translates as "operation." Does...
  32. hiroshiy

    モデルX、デザインスタジオ開始! Model X Design Studio available

    モデルXのデザインスタジオが利用可能になりました。いくつか構成してみましたが、私のアカウント(今年前半に予約)では6シートか7シートだと1月以降納車、5シートだと1Q以降(上旬という表現ですが、、)になりました。 20インチのほぼフルオプションP100Dだとおおよそ1890万、すべてのオプションを外した60Dだと895万円でした。倍以上の差があるんですね(笑) Model X Design Studio is now available to reservation holders! With my account (reservation made in the first...
  33. takeshiken

    Anyone will join the event on this Friday(9/2)?

    Hello everone, Since there will be a Model X event held on this Friday(9/2) at TESLA Aoyama, is anyone going to attend this event?
  34. hiroshiy

    Worlds 1st NON-24h Supercharger in Japan? (倉敷SC)

    一昨日、倉敷スーパーチャージャーがオープンしたようです。 On March 14th, we have 9th Supercharger in Japan, in Kurashiki, Okayama, which is to the west from Kobe. However... 倉敷- EDION 倉敷本店 | Tesla Motors 10:00-20:00まで営業?? According to Tesla Supercharger site, this Supercharger is located at the parking lot of EDION...
  35. F

    Hello from Tochigi

    Hello, Just picked up my 85D yesterday from Yokohama and drove her home last night. Ran the autopilot from the end of the Yamate tunnel all the way up the Tokoku to my exit. It took a bit of getting used to after driving for over 40 years, but I have to say I was totally relaxed by the time I...
  36. hiroshiy

    仙台・盛岡スーパーチャージャー Sendai, Morioka Supercharger

    仙台 Sendai ä»™å°ãƒ­ã‚¤ãƒ¤ãƒ«ãƒ‘ークホテル 盛岡 Morioka MORIOKA TSUTAYA | 岩手県盛岡市 1/16/2016オープン。
  37. dpeilow

    Any Roadster Owners in Japan here?

    Any Roadster Owners in Japan here?
  38. susteki

    ご紹介プログラム / Referral Program

    ご紹介プログラム 現在のモデルS紹介プログラムは、11月1日から2015年12月31日に実行されます。 紹介リンクを使用して、この期間中に彼らのモデルSの購入価格から150,00円取得します。 (snip) The current Model S Referral Program runs from November 1 to December 31, 2015. Anyone who orders a new Model S during this period using the referral link will get $1,000 off the purchase...
  39. JayInJapan

    7.0 Firmware

    Hello all: i just heard from the home office that it will take a few weeks for us to get the new update. I will try my best to stop thinking about it. :rolleyes:
  40. hiroshiy

    浜松スーパーチャージャー Hamamatsu Supercharger

    まだです! どこにできるんでしょう。。 浜松SAの南側にベイシアがある(5kmくらい?)けど、そこかなあ。ショッピングセンターならまだ良いか。 予測してみませんか?
  41. rmackay9

    SAE J1772 adapter - 遅いから意味無い?

    I see that besides the CHAdeMo chargers, the Toyota chargers which use J1772 can be found here and there. In Karuizawa for example, there are 5 at the Prince shopping mall. I don't have a pressing need to be able to use these chargers but the adapter is cheap (10,000 yen) and so I was...
  42. hiroshiy

    JTBおでかけカードプレミアが1年間無料に Free NCS-compatible JTB charging card for one year

    My Teslaにログインすると、JTBおでかけカードプレミアの申し込みボタンが出ます。7月から来年の6月まで、月額料金も都度の従量料金もテスラが払ってくれるそうです。 スーパーチャージャーの遅延のお詫びでしょうか。 Yes, it's free for one year, 100% on Tesla! The card is one of the NCS compatible cards, so you can use all NCS CHAdeMO and standard chargers for free. That's 5700 CHAdeMOs and...
  43. susteki

    ナビゲーション Navigation (Beta)

    Yesterday, we received the update to allow Navigation (BETA) here in Japan. I've tried this morning on the way to work and it seems to be OK. Club members here in Japan please provide your usage issues etc...
  44. JohnSnowNW

    Perhaps someone could answer a question concerning fuel cells in Japan...

    Hi all, was wondering if someone could shed some light on the overall perception of the Mirai in Japan, or FCEVs in general. Just wondering if anyone has information that I don't have access to, due to the language barrier. Everything I've read seems to point that the Govt. is pushing for...
  45. JayInJapan

    21" wheels? FYI

    I was at the Costco tire center today asking about replacement tires for my 21" wheels (I don't need new tires yet, but I'm curious about supply and prices). Besides being excited to see a Tesla, the guy taking care of me was very helpful. When he didn't see the size of rear tires (265/35/21) on...
  46. hiroshiy

    日本に8箇所のサービスセンターを追加で開設 8 additional Service Centers in Japan

    米テスラã€ï¼¥ï¼¶ç”¨æ•´å‚™æ‹ ç‚¹ï¼˜ã‚«æ‰€ã‚’新設 日本ã§å¹´å†…ã« - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ) これしか見つけられませんでしたが、共同がイーロンマスクにインタビューしたとのことです。今年後半に8箇所追加。 予測してみると、、(あてずっぽだけど) 札幌 仙台 新潟 東京 名古屋 大阪 広島 福岡 かなぁ。
  47. Toby O

    Model S sightings in Japan / 日本で見たモデルS

    Today I had my first truly random Model S sighting in Japan (yeaaay, I have been waiting for this day :love:), and so I thought we could need a Model S sightings-thread for Japan, just like they have for some other regions/countries. I'm not sure how many Japanese people (or non-Japanese people...
  48. hiroshiy

    高速道路1000円 Japanese highway subsidy

    高速道路1000円が始まります。 「高速é“路利用実態調査事業ã€ã®æ¦‚è¦ï½œä¸€èˆ¬ç¤¾å›£æ³•äººæ¬¡ä¸–代自動車振興センター 4月27日より、上記CEVホームページより申し込み受付開始、先着4万台まで。 Japanese highway subsidy will start from May 2015, taking registrations from April 27th at CEV web site. (CEV = next generation...
  49. hiroshiy

    ファームウェア6.2 Firmware 6.2 (Japan)

    皆さんはアップデート来ましたか? 私はいつものように最後だと思います。。家も会社も圏外なので(笑)
  50. S


    皆様 Nice to meet you online! 大阪のShimarisuと申します。 テスト書き込みです - - - Updated - - - 途中で尻切れた書き込みになってしまいまして 失礼いたしました。 今月中旬に、Model S P85 パールホワイトが納車され、まだまだ残電量の感覚や 運転性能を勉強しているところでありますが、 このフォーラムにおいても情報交換させていただければと思います。 よろしくお願いいたします Shimarisu http://www.naniwa-base.com/

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