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    Testing for Input lag (both touchscreen and pedal) in a Tesla Model 3 Performance

    This post below is a heavily condensed version of the article here, which features more graphics, information and background. I wanted to test for input lag in its various forms on my Model 3 performance and scrutinized not just the hardware angle (pedal lag & gear stick), but also Tesla's...
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    Measuring "pedal lag" in the Model 3?

    I want to precisely measure the time between pressing the acceleration pedal and when the car starts to move even a millimetre. So far, from tests I've done, I'm measuring around 120 milliseconds, but I want another way to back this up to make it a bit more conclusive. I don't think the Model 3...
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    Roadster and Model 3 owners - what do you think of the difference in throttle response lag?

    Not talking about acceleration or torque here, but rather pedal response. In the past, I've heard at least a couple of people say that their Roadster felt a bit more responsive with the accelerator pedal than their Model S or 3. Do any owners of both these cars agree? To be clear, I'm...
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    LTE slowness

    This has been going on for so long now, could we file a class action lawsuit...it is surely not getting the acuity level it warrants.