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Model 3 Long Range

  1. D

    Car Damages

    Hey everyone, I had recently picked up my 2023 M3 LR and was driving on the highway when randomly, I heard a scraping sound. The sound seems to have come from the underside of the car, so I parked the car and checked the underside of the car for any damages. Turns out one of the plastic...
  2. M

    Model 3 delivery: My Existing inventory Car sold as new, but I don't think it is new

    Hey everyone - hoping someone can shed some light on this extremely fishy circumstance that happened as I took delivery on my M3 today; I saw a local availability of a new M3 LR pop up in inventory last weekend. I quickly ordered it to secure the VIN. I picked it up today, but noticed a couple...
  3. L

    2022 M3LR Rear Ended (2 Days old)

    My 2 day old Model 3 LR was rear ended on the freeway :-( My initial estimate to repair is $25,376.79. At this point I don't even want it repaired but have to go with whatever the insurance decides. Any advise from people in similar situations?
  4. L

    2022 Tesla Model 3 LR For Sale - Midnight Metallic Silver w/ Matte PPF, White Interior, Acceleration Boost, Homelink

    I am selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range (took delivery in March) with standard autopilot, AMD processor, acceleration boost, HomeLink, white interior, complete Suntek matte paint protection, 2-year interior ceramic coating, tint, and Tesla floor mats (plus other brand frunk and trunk...
  5. N

    Thoughts on upgrading from a M3LR w/ AB to a MYP

    Hi All, I've owned the Model 3 Long Range since Feb of this year. I've made various changes to it, both acceleration boost and cosmetics, and while I have mostly enjoyed it, I feel let down by the practical side of things. This was before the Model Y made its way to the UK leaving the Model 3...
  6. J

    Model 3 Long Range $50,990 Reservation

    I'm not sure if it is possible to sell/transfer my reservation. I placed this order in November 2021. I'll sell this reservation for $54,940. Thanks. 40. I'm in Washington DC. Thanks.
  7. W

    Selling Model 3 Long Range reservation. Delivery March 21-23

    I'm selling a reservation of 2022 Tesla model 3 Long range AWD. The estimate delivery date is Mar 18- Mar 24. Not sure how to transfer the reservation, let me know if you're interested. I don't know how much i can delay the delivery now. I ordered this a couple months ago so the price is a bit...
  8. K

    SpaceX employee selling First Production Model 3 Long Range RWD, VIN #567 Black/Black, 35k Miles

    Looking to sell my First Production 2017 Model 3 Long Range RWD, Black/Black. Enhanced autopilot. 35k miles(8.7k/yr), good condition. Make me an offer. When I say first production, I mean it as car is VIN #567. This is your chance to own history with one of the first 600 Model 3's ever built...
  9. K

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    As mentioned in the title, I am wondering if there is any increased value now or long term to Tesla fans for a model from the first 600x units produced in initial production. At the time I was a SpaceX employee and received priority for my reservation, picking up my 2017 Model 3, VIN 567, in...
  10. R

    Model 3 Reservation for sale

    Delivery 27th Feb coming soon Tesla Long Range awd model 3 in Long Island New York. Reservation for sale to the highest bidder. Black interior, white exterior, 19 inch wheels , long range battery 2022.
  11. M

    Weird buzzing noise when above 40mph

    When I drive over 40mph, my new (purchased in Dec 2021) M3LR, make a weird bussing noise. I have deduced the following: - It is not wind noise. It is almost like a very rapid ticking/bussing noise. - It does not coincide with the HVAC system. The sound still happens even when the air...
  12. R

    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    Just placed an order for Standard Range Plus. But with the recent price increase of SR+, Long Range costs only 6K more, instead of 8K. Should I cancel it and order LR instead?
  13. P

    Model 3 LR vs Performance for 1-2 track days a year

    Hi everyone, I'm currently considering the M3 LR since I'd definitely get wheel/tire damage with the 20" wheels where I live (Boston). I'm thinking of the 18" aero wheels, and perhaps switching the wheel covers for the orbital covers! There's also a $2,500 rebate for EVs under 50k in...
  14. mikey_bs

    Value Model 3 Performance vs Long Range

    I couldn't find much information on this specific topic so I apologize if this is repeated. I am curious as to which trim holds more value percentage wise between a 2021 refreshed Performance Model 3 and a Long range Model 3. Realistically, I would probably only keep the model 3 for three years...
  15. JTesmod3

    Is this normal battery degradation for this 2 year old long range model 3?

    It's a 2018 model 3 long range with 19s. I suck at math, please help me out to check if this is normal Battery is charged to 90% and has 253 miles. Car has 36,599 miles
  16. F

    Model 3 Battery Degradation 3% after 1 year 4 month use

    Car specs: Model 3 LR RWD with 42,000km/26,000 miles after 1 year 4 months. Situation: I've been driving and charging the vehicle to 90% every night. Last couple of days I noticed that the car only charge to 87% now. 3% degradation seems high for 1 year use. Questions: 1) Are any...
  17. Qbenjamin

    2018 Model 3 (Red/19" Wheels/EAP)

    Not looking for pricing assistance, so keep it moving if you aren't interested in purchasing. As the title states, we have a Red M3LR that we're looking to sell. Vroom offer of $45K was a bit too low, especially since they had one without EAP for sale at $48.5K (already sold). We're looking...
  18. omgwtfbyobbq

    First batch of Model 3s produced will be "Long Range" versions

    The California Air Resources Board's latest and greatest Executive Order is for one "MODEL 3 LONG RANGE"! https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/cert/pcldtmdv/2017/tesla_pc_a3740018_0_z_e.pdf The speculative side of my wants to believe that early reservation holders will get "Long Range" Model...