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New England

  1. R

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Lease Takeover (RI/New England/Boston area)

    Hi all! Lurked here quite a bit and decided to join to post a lease transfer. My living situation has changed and I will no longer be needing my Model 3. Rhode Island/Boston area 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (with Ryzen) Red 18” Aero Wheels ~2400 miles, 10k per year allowed Lease...
  2. N

    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Long Range, but I'm a little concerned about cold weather. I spend 4 nights/wk at home where I would have a charger installed, so I'm not concerned there. The other 3 nights I spend up in Northern New England at my ski place. The condo building I'm in...
  3. mociaf9

    Supercharger - East Greenwich, RI - 1149 Division St.

    https://warwickonline.com/stories/regular-meeting-agenda,170269 What: Tesla in planning process to build an 8-stall, V3 supercharger at what will be a future Neon Marketplace gas station (Neon mentioned in this article) to be built on the former site of the 1149 Restaurant in East Greenwich...
  4. W

    Certified Tesla Mechanics in CT or MA?

    G'day 👋🏼 A couple of questions for y'all. I'm interested in purchasing new tires for my 2019 SR+ TM3. Living in rural Connecticut, we get the best of both seasons so snow and ice are some concerns. Unfortunately, staying with All-Seasons for this set, but the tires I've found so far are these...
  5. PapaSlabes

    Model 3 18" Space Grey TST Flow Forged Wheel and Winter Tire Set for sale (Boston Area)

    Heading South, so I need to sell my winter wheel/tire set. Bought in Winter 2019 and have had very modest use (especially given the lockdown). Used on my Performance Model 3, but these are compatible with all Model 3 variants. Got the 18" to better cope with Winter potholes in New England. These...
  6. R

    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Set of four OEM 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream wheels and four newer OEM TO Goodyear Tesla tires. Gen 2 TPMS (not bluetooth) and matching center caps. NO curb rash, only a couple of small remarks from driving. Tires only have about 5k miles on them - new in late 19. These were ceramic coated...
  7. R

    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    For Sale - Tesla Wall Charger - Black signed by Elon (laser etch) with 24 foot cable - Generation 2. New in box, never installed. Hoped to upgrade speed from current unit but don't have enough electrical headroom to bother so making room for spring cleaning. Located south of Boston. Not willing...
  8. JaeTheDev

    Rhode Island TM3 Owners?

    Hey all. Just seeing how many here are from RI with Model 3's. I searched the forum but didnt yield much. Say if your in the Ocean State!
  9. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Great Barrington, MA

    https://www.townofgb.org/sites/g/files/vyhlif636/f/agendas/pb_agenda_reposted_2.27.20.pdf What: Tesla is planning for an 8-stall V3 supercharger in the lot of the Big Y market on US-7 in Great Barrington. Address: 700 Main St Rt 7, Great Barrington, MA 01230 GPS (guess): 42.180663...
  10. venezing

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    I reached out to a Tesla Advisor and asked if there was any Model Y demo cars that were being used for test drives, and come to find out, the Tesla store in Rhode Island have 2 [Performance and AWD]! We're test driving the All Wheel Drive model. Its all contact-less, they clean/sanitize the...
  11. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hamden, CT - Dixwell Avenue

    Tesla's plans for a Hamden, CT supercharger got a mention in the city's Energy Use and Climate Change Commission's meeting on 2019-12-09 [pdf]. Though no address or specific location was given, we do know they are looking at a "shopping center". My guess is that it will be at the Stop&Shop...
  12. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Ashland, NH

    http://ashlandnh.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/pb_03042020minutes_amended.pdf What: New 8-stall supercharger planned for installation at the Dunkin' Donuts in Ashland, NH. Address: 158 Main St, Ashland, NH 03217 GPS: 43.698101, -71.640119 @Chuq @MarcoRP
  13. Gwgan

    Maine RECs, new RFP

    Maine has increased the timetable of required renewable resources and now has a new RFP which even mentions storage: MPUC: 2020 Request for Proposals for the Sale of Energy or Renewable Energy Credits from Qualifying Renewable Resources Still no solar carve-out so it is a limited market. There...
  14. Gwgan

    Maine EV rebate

    $2.5M from VW settlement can now be spent on EV purchases in Maine. $2000 for the private buyer, more for special groups. Only 240 mile range Model 3 qualifies among the Teslas. (wish they included dual-motor but RWD is fine for most). A form must be filed within 30 days of purchase to get the...
  15. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Skowhegan, ME

    Town of Skowhegan, Regular Selectmen's Meeting, 2018-10-09[pdf] Skowhegan EDC Regular/Planning Meeting, 2019-05-01[pdf] Re: Electric Car Charging Stations What: New 8 stall supercharger to be installed at Hannaford Supermarket. Already has Planning Board approval, but no news on building...
  16. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hyannis, MA

    I found Issued permits for a 12 stall, 150 kW supercharger at the Stop & Shop in Hyannis/Barnstable, just a bit northwest of the Cape Cod Mall and the Barnstable Airport. It's pretty much on MA-132 (Iyannough Rd), right in between US-6 and MA-28. The chargers will be going in on the section of...
  17. tes-s

    Supercharger - North Stamford, CT

    Another under construction - spotted by a member of the CT Tesla Club! 1115 High Ridge Rd. Meter installed but not powered.
  18. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Lisbon, CT

    Tesla to install new superchargers at Lisbon Landing shopping mall, right off 395 in Lisbon, CT. Supposedly, a building permit has already been issued, but if so they've had it for a while now (maybe since the beginning of fall) and I don't think there's been any activity on it yet. Address...
  19. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Bethel, ME

    https://www.bethelmaine.org/DocumentCenter/View/1160/Planning-Board-92618-Minutes [PDF] On 2018-09-26, the Bethel Planning Board approved the site plan for the installation of a Tesla Supercharging station at the Irving Oil Gas Station/Circle K/Subway on US-2 in Bethel/Mayville. No information...
  20. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Beverly, MA

    New 10 stall Supercharger to be built in Beverly, MA at the North Beverly Plaza (Dodge St. exit off Yankee Division Hwy. [~20mi. NNE of Boston Common]). Unfortunately, Beverly's online permitting service totally sucks to use, so I'm just attaching a screencap of the electrical permit for the...
  21. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Mashpee, MA

    Great find, @FURY! Mashpee's building department uses online permitting but you have to sign up to get access (I didn't bother). So, I couldn't find the building permit for this, but I did find something to definitively identify it as a Supercharger. The Town of Mashpee's Zoning Board of...
  22. Chuq

    Supercharger - Waterbury CT

    I just saw this one appear on supercharge.info and noticed it didn't have a thread. No more details but given it is marked as "under construction", anyone nearby should be able to confirm! Close up of the specific area:
  23. Gwgan

    Touch a Tesla in Beverly, MA 8/21

    Just passing this along https://www.revisionenergy.com/events/touch-a-tesla-beverly-ma/
  24. JSergeant

    Supercharger - Meriden, CT

    In case this hasn't already been posted: City Planner Bob Seale said the station is only a possibility at this time. “(I’ve had) discussions with (Tesla) and potentially putting it on a private property,” Seale said. He said Tesla has been looking at one location in particular, but did not...
  25. Gwgan

    Downeast Supercharging

    Anyone have access to the Calais Advertiser? There was an article last month about a Supercharger which shows up in Baring on the coming soon map. Tesla to Expand Charging Stations in Baileyville Area | The Calais Advertiser
  26. Xenius

    Looking for someone to offer a test ride.

    Hey guys, looking for someone in the VT area to offer a test ride to someone who was posting on a facebook group. He's looking at a CPO Model S. He specifically wants to be able to test with his dog in it. The catch is his dog likes to lay on the floor. My guess is there's plenty of room if...
  27. PapaSlabes

    Recommendations for Detailing Shops in the Greater Boston Area

    I was washing my current, aging car yesterday and noticed the many small bits of black all over the front that don't want to come off even with a concerted effort, and it made me think I should be more seriously considering some sort of protective wrap or sealant for my Model 3. Seems like it's...
  28. Toppatop55

    LTB MS75D or MS85D New England area

    Im new here and I must say this is the best place for all things Tesla. With that said, Im looking for a 2015-2016 Model S in any configuration as long as it is a D. My price range is up to 60K. If located in the New England area, I can complete purchase within one week. Thanks
  29. Toppatop55

    looking for Tesla M75D or M85D new England area

    Im new here and I must say this is the best place for all things Tesla. With that said, Im looking for a 2015-2016 Model S in any configuration as long as it is a D. my price range is up to 60K. If located i the New England area, I can complete purchase within one week. Thanks
  30. V

    CT Model 3 loans

    For those looking for good rates, you can get a 0.99% loan through a state EV program. Special Offer for Electric Vehicle (EV) Buyers! | Connecticut Green Bank Edit: Max $30,000 loan
  31. nvx1977

    On the fence re: RWD vs AWD? New video

    Winter tires mounted on RWD Model 3. The owner lives in Massachusetts.
  32. JPUConn

    Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 98W SoundComfort (like new ~500 miles gentle used)

    Set of 4 like new Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 98W SoundComfort tires. As seen in pics these include the sound absorbing foam inside the tires. All tread is right around 9/32 (like new) Date codes on tires from 21 and 23rd week of 2017 (see pics). These came off a 2017 Model S. No...
  33. Driver Dave

    Anyone have National Grid R-4 Off Peak Charging with Teslas?

    So I have two Tesla's charging and between that and a number of computers, I'm qualifying for R-4 Time of Use metering: National Grid - Time of Use Which I thought was good, but then after trying for weeks to find someone there who knew what R-4 time of use metering at National Grid was, I'm...
  34. V

    Tesla in CT round 4

    After Four Years Of Trying, Tesla Hopes To Win Approval To Sell Cars In Connecticut The president of the auto dealers association said allowing direct sales would open up CT to a flood of vehicles from China and India. What kind of crap is that?
  35. T

    Telsa Wall Chargers at Natick Mall

    Hi, Well, this was a surprise. In addition to the Superchargers being installed at Shopper's World, Tesla is installing 12 Tesla Wall Chargers in the Natick Mall parking garage that's under Nordstrom's. I *think* it's Lot D....? It's the same parking garage that has the auto detailing company...
  36. H

    Model 3 showing in MA - pay it forward

    Hi all, My family and I were fortunate enough to have met someone from this forum at end of Dec to show us their new Model 3. Definitely put my wife at ease to seeing it in person for our decision. Was a very helpful visit. For that reason, I wanted to pay forward the kindness shown to us by...
  37. woof

    Advanced Driving skills course and Track event

    New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon New Hampshire April 7 (Advanced Driving Skills) A great way to learn safe driving skills. In the parking lot. April 14 (High Performance Driving on track) On the track. Requires a helmet. BMW Car Club--White Mountain Chapter (open to all...
  38. James@AutoNuvo

    Vendor Tesla Model X- Blackout Package

    This Tesla Model X was in for our signature Tesla Blackout Package, which consists of wrapping all exterior chrome trim in satin or matte black Avery Supreme Wrapping Film. This service gives the vehicle a stealthy appearance and packages nicely with the optional OEM satin black wheels. Each...
  39. M

    Energy impact- Heated Seets and wiper discussion

    I think all New England EV owners are aware of what cabin-heating does to range. We are all guilty of freezing our children in the backseat, and driving with too much frost on the windshield to squeeze 20 more miles out of the charge. So I ask, Model S owners without sub zero upgrade in VT, NH...
  40. N

    Boston Store - Model 3 is here!

    It's here! Waiting till 10 to get inside! This is the Prudential store!
  41. A

    Model 3 Coming to Boylston St Showroom (Boston)

    According to Electrek "Today, Tesla confirmed that its ...... its Boylston Street showroom in Boston will both have a Model 3 display car starting tomorrow (Friday, January 19)." Tesla Model 3 is coming to the East Coast with new display cars
  42. allenkoehler

    Slower than advertised Supercharging?

    I've had my new Model S 75D for about three weeks now and I love it. We've taken it from where we live in Northeast PA to Long Island, NYC, Boston and Ohio so far. We discovered on our road trips that we would only max out on our supercharging stops between 90-94 kW, never any higher, often in...
  43. Driver Dave

    Hybrid taking up charger at Loon

    Saw a Volvo SUV Hybrid plug in taking up a charger all day at Loon Mountain. Looked up that it’s electric range is... 25 miles. Wow! (Sacarasm) Isn’t this kind of a ridiculous basically a gas car taking up a charger all day to charge its 25 mile battery? Luckily I was able to plug into one of...
  44. 3

    MA DPU striking TOU/TVR, adding commercial Demand Charges Not much in the 345 pages reads like you'd think MA rolls. We're a deregulated state, known for efforts in renewables and efficiencies. Solar perks are declining just about everywhere, but to see demand...
  45. Bimbels

    Tesla expanding to Rhode Island

    According to this NPR article, Tesla will soon have a presence in RI! Such great news. :) "Tesla has received the state and municipal licensing to open a store in Warwick -- the first in Rhode Island for the forward-looking company known for its premium electric sedans and SUVs. A formal...
  46. C

    For sale: Tesla winter wheels & tire set for Model S - in Boston

    For sale: Original Tesla winter tire & wheel package for my model S. I'm moving the car across the country where it doesn't snow, so I don't need these wheels/tires anymore. They are 19", original from Tesla. Fully mounted and balanced. Each has cloth totes over them for protection. Tires...
  47. mikevbf

    2018 New England Super Chargers

    Looks like we have a bunch of new Super Chargers to look forward to and a few that did not quite finish in 2017. Tesla is planning a nice ring of SPs around Boston including one soon to be completed in Framingham as well as some on the Cape; one in Providence, RI; a bunch along coastal, CT...
  48. mikevbf

    New England Model 3 Configuration Invites

    It's started. Some people (not me) have got their invites. Who is getting them? Did you wait in line on the first day or reserve online at the earliest moment? Are you going to defer to get AWD or cheaper version? What is your estimate to delivery or later config. Curious minds want to know :)
  49. Bokonon

    Model 3 Road Trip Stops - January 2nd, 2018

    As some of you may know, a fellow named You You Xue is driving his Model 3 across the country, and he is scheduled to stop in several New England locations tomorrow (January 2nd). This is a great chance to see the Model 3 up close if you haven't already (and most of us here in New England have...
  50. Warbird

    Detailers near Waltham MA

    Can anyone suggest a detailer near Waltham MA? Specifically I'm looking for an indoor car wash. Thanks!