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  1. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  2. 1

    Model S Refresh / AQI (Air Quality Index Question) ??

    So back in Jan / Feb On the order page of Model S/X refresh there use to be screenshots showing the Air Quality Index number on the screen. Question did Tesla is yet to turn that feature on ? Or did they just remove it I do NOT see it on the order page any more and not lot of people or even...
  3. SageBrush

    Google Docs Aficionados: A New (and Very Welcome) Feature

    Perhaps this has been around for ages and I just noticed ... A little folder icon shows up on every page that lets the owner move the page to to a preferred folder in one's Google drive. This saves the quite annoying trip to the files App to find the document and move it.