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Off Peak Scheduled Charging

  1. B

    Annoyed that app/car seem to treat Friday evening as the "weekend" even though my power company does not.

    So I got my Model Y end of June. Signed up for a Time Of Use plan with my power company, and just recently it started. Not sure what the app has in the past, but I noticed that it seems to indicate it can charge during "Off-Peak" hours, either "All week" or "Weekdays". My peak price time is...
  2. P

    Gen 3 charger not charging after outage

    I purchased a Gen 3 charger and had it installed on the Controlled Load 1 circuit so that I could charge the car overnight when off-peak rates kick in about 12.30am and turn off at 7am. In Australia, electricity only runs through that circuit during these times. Unfortunately, the charger does...
  3. G

    Car charging after off-peak end time

    I posted a screenshot of my current charge settings. It's set to depart at 7:00AM and off-peak ends at 4pm. I consistently catch my car charging during on-peak hours (4pm -9pm). Just now I caught it charging at 4:07pm and I had to unplug it. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. S

    Scheduled departure with off-peak charging during weekdays on Friday

    I've configured scheduled departure (8:00) and off-peak charging (ends at 06:00) during weekdays (as electricity is cheap for the whole weekend). And I've just noticed, since it is Friday, that when I plugged it in, it started to charge immediately. It was working as expected on Monday, Tuesday...
  5. D

    Wall Connector: Scheduled Charging Issues

    Tesla Mobile Service and their call center cannot figure out why my scheduled charging starts early (10 mins after I plug it in when it should wait 3.5hrs). I figured out today that if I turn off "Mobile Access" in the Security tab in my Model Y, it works. I deleted 3rd party apps like TezLab...
  6. fishheavy99

    Off Peak Charging - How Do You Do It?

    Hi All, What is the best practise for off-peak charging? I set up a scheduled charge with a start time of 9:15pm, which makes sense, but the departure time is confusing, mine varies, I don't really want it doing anything other then making sure it doesn't charge past 9am. My off-peak times are...
  7. E

    Scheduled Off Peak Charging Model 3

    I used a Juice Box Pro 40 for home charging. It is set for 11 PM (off peak charging) and I simply plug in my Model S with scheduled charging turned off in the car. I expected the same from my Model 3 but was surprised when it did not charge overnight. Tesla sent me a work around which is to...