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  1. E

    Which Model X would you get?

    This is a poll for which Model X would you get in your current circumstances, it doesn’t matter which circumstances it just matters which you would get if you had to choose.
  2. B

    Poll on Tesla Customer Satisfaction

    I'm planning to buy a Tesla soon but am a bit concerned after reading some owners having major issues. So I'm curious to poll the community on owner satisfaction and to read any responses.
  3. A

    Model Y Performance - 2023 Delivery

    For your model Y Performance orders in the UK. What are your current quoted delivery estimates?
  4. James Veitch

    Location of ventilation holes for camp mode?

    I'm gonna follow my bliss* through continental Europe. I don't know whether this will actually happen but I like the *idea* of being able to sleep in my car. I know that I'm meant to find places that will allow me to sleep but let's just say - hypothetically - for the sake of argument - by the...
  5. CapeOne

    What would you have done if the FSD subscription option had been available?

    For those who paid the full upfront price for FSD (when that was the only way to get it), how many would’ve instead gone with the subscription option instead if it had been available?
  6. T

    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Hey all, just trying to get a real sense of how I should feel after I damaged the paint on my Tesla Model 3 Performance (2021)... Saved up for 7 years just to give it scratches all over in the first blizzard :'D. Has missing paint inside the doors, underneath the frunk (hidden) etc. I love the...
  7. helvio

    It's the Tuesday before Christmas!

    Today's release will be hot! Or will it? Let's gauge the public expectations with a Xmas Poll!
  8. C

    TSLA S&P SP Prediction - Conducted Dec-12th weekend

    Creating a new thread to track the poll.TSLA S&P SP Prediction - Conducted Dec-12th weekend Related post Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the 2019-2020 Investors' Roundtable
  9. T

    Tesla Owner/Fan Election Poll

    Didn't see a poll by searching the forums, so let's start our own Presidential Election Poll for Tesla owners/fans. You have to vote to see the results Your vote is completely confidential, so you don't have to worry about voter suppression Poll runs until Nov 3 I think I know how this is...
  10. T

    Will Elon listen to our forum?

    As I'm reading about all these awesome threads we have here for the CT ranging from various legitimate questions to product feature request and improvement ideas, it got my thinking: will Elon even see and/or listen to our feedback/ideas/concerns/etc? What do you think? Will our discussions...
  11. J

    Would you upgrade your recent Model S to a new Long Range model?

    Curious how many people would consider upgrading from say a 75D or 100D with EAP 2.5 to a new LR model and what it would take for them to do that? The complimentary Ludicrous mode for those upgrading to Performance model is nice but I suspect many would rather keep features like unlimited...
  12. Keezje

    Poll: Ik wacht op een goedkopere Model 3, namelijk...

    In het draadje Model 3 reserveringen versus bestellingen geeft iets minder dan de helft van de stemmers aan: ik wacht op goedkopere modellen, dus laat mijn reservering staan. Het lijkt me interessant te weten waarop men dan wacht (en het verbaast me dat Tesla me dat nog niet heeft gevraagd)...
  13. kbecks13

    Taking Model 3 to the Track

    Alright everyone! I'm super curious to see what the distribution is for various people on this forum in terms of tracking your Model 3. What's the general feeling for taking a Model 3 to the track? Any concerns about reliability or safety? Let's discuss!
  14. ckoval7

    What do you primarily use the right scroll wheel for?

    What do you like using your right scroll wheel for? Personally I like using it for Temp/turning the climate on and off. Since V9, using the wheel to control the sunroof has also been more handy than using the center display.
  15. redscott

    POLL for those with Tinted Windows in their Model 3

    There are several threads where people mention tinted windows causing issues with the automatically dimming rear view and exterior mirrors, though not everyone seems to agree. If you got your windows tinted, please vote on the poll below so we can get an idea of how common this problem is...
  16. tmxninja


    How often do you take your Tesla in for inspections/checkups and how long does the appointment take? I take in my gas car after 3 years. Would this apply for the Tesla too?
  17. Kenriko

    Favorite Model 3 Console Wrap Material

  18. jkirkwood001

    Poll: What is most important to you in owning (or wanting to own) a Tesla?

    I'm fascinated by the Tesla equation - would their cars be as coveted if they were mediocre performers? It's not just about climate change - Tesla hit on so many angles. I'd like to know what about Tesla is most important to you owning one (or wanting to own one). (Anyone know how to conduct a...

    Weather-based Driver Profiles

  20. S

    First quarter 2018 deliveries

    Last month of the quarter, so it is guessing time. For additional bonus points, add a message with your S/X/3 breakdown! I'll start : 13 000 Model S 11 000 Model X 7 000 Model 3
  21. phaduman

    Opinion: raffle the Arachnids to raise money for non-profit?

    All, need some help on a good thought I have in mind - before I change my mind :). I am getting the arachnid wheels due to 3 referrals. I didn't have to do much - the car is that good. So what Tesla is giving me as a thank you, I want to pay it forward. I am getting trained to run a marathon...
  22. skyline

    Vendor Wireless Phone Charging - Poll by Skyline

    Hello, We are in development of a Skyline wireless phone charging solution for the Tesla Model S/X and need your help! Please help us by answering the following poll question as we tidy up the final design. The poll will be active for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, to keep things fun we'll work on a...
  23. ValueAnalyst

    When Will Tesla Sustainably Produce 5,000 Model 3's Per Week?

    In which quarter do you expect Tesla to finally reach a sustainable (as opposed to "burst rate," which we now know means not sustainable for three months) weekly Model 3 production rate?
  24. P

    Opinion Poll: Model S color combo

    What is your favorite color combo (exterior/interior) on a Models S?
  25. G

    Pricing And true Market Value Opinion Needed

    I am very interested in buying this car. Model S 85 - Dec. 2014 - low miles With the way Tesla is manuplating the used car market with these outrageous CPO prices he has drastically elavated his price. Based on the info what is your opinion on market value of this car?
  26. EVO11

    Alcantra/leather dash vs Vegan dash

    I’m in a situation where Tesla needs to replace the dash pad on a late-year 2017 MS equipped with the Vegan dash pad. The Vegan pad is on BKO, so they offered to replace with an available Alcantra/leather pad. Anyone have any suggestions as to what pad is better from a performance perspective...
  27. TomDiego

    What is your reserve percentage set to and why?

    If you have your Powerwall 2 set to "Self-powered" what did you set your reserve percentage to and how/why did you choose that value? Since your installation, have you increased or decreased the percentage?
  28. McHoffa

    POLL: for those that have the car, how long from configure to delivery?

    Just wanted to get an idea from those of you that have the car already how long it was from the day you configured and placed the order to the day you took delivery. I've browsed the spreadsheet, but it's kind of a mess and obviously not updated by everyone
  29. Yinn

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Starting a new thread as some posts started cluttering some other ones. What we know: It's slated for 2018, but may change. Speculated Locations: New Whole Foods Shopping Center off of 287 Bridgewater Mall off of 287 WaWa off of 287 Bridgewater Promenade off 287 Barnes & Noble off of 287/202...
  30. legend502

    Feedback Requested on CPO 2014 P85 w/ AP

    Wanted to gain some feedback on the following CPO; Original price $110K see build below; CPO asking $64K; car has approx ~21k Miles You don't see many of these vehicles (P85 w/ AP) so bit more difficult to comp out.
  31. S

    XPel Ultimate Damage - fix or replace?

    I have Xpel Ultimate w/Cermaic Pro coating on my X. Someone opened their door and damaged the Xpel (1 yr ago) but saved the car from damage. Xpel is almost 2 yrs old. While at the hand detailing place, they got water inside the hole of the wrap and it filled up like a ballon. My question...
  32. Chris350

    Non- Owners Invitees: Are you configuring or deferring?

    All you new non-owner invitees..... Are you going for the gold now and configuring your Model 3 or are you going to defer and wait?
  33. omar

    Just configured! How long now?

    serioisly can’t wait! Non owner and was 5th in line in the Bay Area. My question to current model 3 owners... how long after you configured did you actually take delivery of your car? I think my estimate was 3-6 weeks but I take any delivery estimate from Tesla with a grain of salt. Your thoughts!?
  34. cizUK

    POLL - Do you have access to the Configurator?

    What percentage of the USA have got their invites? Is it nationwide or just a select few?
  35. M

    Non-Owner Reservationists: Order now or Wait?

    To get a feel for the conversion ratio of those called up for ordering, please pick one. You can change your answer later if you change your mind.
  36. barjohn

    Tesla Being Bureaucratic is Not Becoming!

    [Moderator note (bmah): Edited to remove names, email addresses, and contact information of various parties. I have substituted them with the notation "(redacted)"] Having worked as an innovator and manager in the Department of the Navy, I am very familiar with how bureaucracies create...
  37. Q

    Showroom vs New Inventory

    Which one would you choose? Does having your future car with 1,000s of miles and price adjustment vs a brand new one with 50 miles make a difference?
  38. insaneoctane

    What's the ultimate demand for the Tesla Model 3?

    So Tesla had something like 500K reservations for this car. Lots of fans and previous owners and employees, sure. But, this is also with no conventional advertising. Once the backlog gets cleared out, and people start to really see this car, what yearly demand for this car will there be...
  39. GetYourWheels

    Vendor Wheel Showdown! Vertini RF1.1 vs TSW Chrono

    Wheel Showdown of two similar styles from two different companies! What would you pick? Vertini RF1.1 Construction: Cast Rotary Forged Sizes: 19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 20X8.5 | 20X9 | 20X10 | 20X10.5 | 20X11 | 21X9 | 21X10.5 Finishes: Brushed Titanium | Brushed Silver | Gloss Black | Gloss Black Tinted...
  40. Daniellane

    Sun Roof or All Glass Roof?

    This is a straight forward question. Which do you prefer? Curious how choice might effect resale value... I have 2 days to Change my order. I’m a bit conflicted. Current Model S has Sun Roof. Ordered an S with All Glass Roof Yesterday. I think I will miss XM more than Roof rack option. Feel free...
  41. Glamisduner

    ICE for 5-7 months?

    My daily commute is 80 or more miles. 40 each way. I was planning to borrow a car for a couple months while waiting for my Model 3. I just surrendered my car due to it being a lemon. it was a 2012 ford focus but my reservation has been pushed way back to July-Sept, and then it got pushed back...
  42. buttershrimp

    Model Y: Predictions

    Hear ye hear ye. All ye with short attention spans cast your projections here!
  43. S

    How many forum members have their car? And how many have had the car taken to the Service Center?

    I know there are a lot of VIN trackers and member trackers out there, but I was wondering if we could get a Service Center Tracker going or added on? I am curious at the % of Model 3s needing to go back to the service centers for repairs or bad craftsmanship. While I don't think this will...
  44. 2012MS85

    My 2012 Model S 85kWh is for sale @ $44k (w/ many extras)

    Selling my 2012 TESLA Model S with 85 kWh battery (MS85) for $44k. For the benefit of potential buyers who are not TESLA owners, I’m providing the following market research and detailed background info on my TESLA so you may make an informed evaluation (against luxury sedans with an Internal...
  45. Daniellane

    S or X? (Hypothetical)

    So let’s assume you are a couple with no kids and you’re other car is a Model 3. Also assume you won it tax free in a raffle and you had your choice of either. Don’t factor tax advantages of a heavier vehicle in the case of the X. Here are my observations. Please add your own. Comparing a...
  46. EinSV

    Flash Poll for US Owners: Can you configure your Model 3?

    Inquiring minds want to know, have all US S/X/Roadster owners who reserved a Model 3 received their Model 3 configuration invites? If not, how many are left? US S/X/Roadster owners please vote using the buttons above. Since some owners who can configure have not received emails please do...
  47. TheSiemNL

    Wel of geen deurgrepen

    De Tesla S is een erg mooie auto. Er zit wel erg veel Chroom op en ik twijfel over de deurgrepen. Die zou ik graag in dezelfde kleur hebben als de rest van de carrosserie. Wat is jullie mening? Kan ik de deurgrepen op de juiste kleur laten wrappen of zijn die niet in alle kleuren beschikbaar?
  48. B

    DR750S-2CH Group Buy Interest

    Hello everyone! Would like to gauge interest in anyone willing to do a group buy for the BlackVue DR750S-2CH. I am aware that the BlackVue DR900S 4K is on the horizon of being released, but if the retail price of the 750 is $400, I assume their 4K camera will be $500 or, at best, $450 and...
  49. NOCO24U

    Model 3 high pitch whine post charging

    Hi My Model 3 (VIN 4XXX) makes a high pitched whine after it finishes charging. I was not able to notice this sound while driving. I made a video with the sound and a SpectraView graph. Does anyone else's do this? Is this normal? (my car also makes the morse-code beeping that i started a thread...
  50. dhanson865

    There are 6 major configurations of the Model 3, poll question about some getting $7,500 tax credit

    In another thread US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker I posted about the 6 possible major configurations of the Model 3 and which I thought would have access to the $7,500 tax credit. I'm posting here to see how the poll agrees or disagrees with my view and record...