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  1. A

    Salt Lake City to St. George no stops

    Has anyone done the salt lake to st George stretch if I-15 without stopping in a 2022 Model S LR? Is it possible?
  2. N

    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Long Range, but I'm a little concerned about cold weather. I spend 4 nights/wk at home where I would have a charger installed, so I'm not concerned there. The other 3 nights I spend up in Northern New England at my ski place. The condo building I'm in...
  3. G

    M3 LR Real World Range

    I am interested to get a few responses from owners on here as to the real world typical range of a M3 LR. I completely understand that like ICE vehicles, it varies depending on acceleration and so on. Part of the reason I ask this is I live in Lincolnshire, and sometimes travel to Torbay...
  4. T

    Improving the Model 3 Aerodynamics (for range)?

    The Model 3 is already an incredibly aerodynamic car, but I wonder what improvements might be possible? Unplugged Performance claims a 21% reduction with their mods (front and rear spoilers, lowering), but I'm highly skeptical (eps since it has been available for a few years and I don't see any...
  5. M

    Really poor range from 2017 model x 90D? should i return to dealer

    I have just bought a 2017 tesla model x 90D but im having concerns with the range and high wh/mi im getting. At 100%=232miles but i am getting 587 wh/mi on average which is ridiculously high and so i end up consuming 30miles of range for a 15mile journey , i have 20inch wheels and drive at...
  6. P

    Plaid Range Mode ?

    I’m curious if anyone has experience with Range Mode on a Plaid vehicle? is there a significant effect on actual range?
  7. M

    2021 Model Y long range real world range

    I have been driving Model Y in Alberta, Canada for last 2 months. I mostly drive on highways ranging from 110 to 120kmph speed on cruise control. I have been getting the range around 400km per full battery charging equivalent. On colder days like today (-13 c) even less. Tesla says it’s because...
  8. I

    Best year model 3 long range

    So i’m looking to get into a model 3 long range, I’m specifically gunning for the ≈350 mile range version. I know the 2021 has the better range, but what about 2020? 2019? and how can i determine which battery a car has without going there in person and checking the range? and the premium...
  9. W

    My range increased!!

    My range increased from 335 miles to 370 miles! It’s great but I don’t know how or why! About a week ago I noticed as I was charging at home, it allowed me to charge up to 369 miles! Ever since I’m able to charge to this higher amount like it a permanent increase in range. The Tesla tech...
  10. R

    New Model Y. Range questions

    My wife and I just received our model Y that we ordered back in April. The car is awesome to drive I'm hoping someone can help and answer a question. Yesterday we took it on a trip from NC to VA. When we left the car have "312 miles" and when we arrived it has "82" left. The trip was 148 actual...
  11. J

    Mercedes EQS reviews published - longest range and most luxurious ride of all EVs?

    I hope that the thread title isn't seen as a deliberate provocation. It isn't meant to be. It simply intends to point out the main objectives Mercedes has concentrated on. Last night Mercedes lifted an embargo on the publication of reviews of the production version and the reviews are all over...
  12. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  13. I

    First Desert Road Trip

    I am taking my first out-of-town trip since getting my 2021 Standard Range Plus in April, so of course I have range anxiety! It’s a just a short 140 mile trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona and according to ABRP, I should be able to do it without stopping to charge at all. However, I’m...
  14. R

    Battery Range for Perf Model Y with 19” Wheels

    Hi, I have a 2021 Performance Model Y and replaced factory 21” Wheels with 19” Wheels from T-sportsline. I changed the wheel size settings in the car to 19” Gemini and rebooted. It still shows max range is approx 300 miles at 100% charge on the battery meter. Should that now have updated to...
  15. N

    How to display rated range at 100% without charging to 100%?

    Is there an easy way, without charging to 100%, to display the 100% rated or ideal range? I'm asking because I don't want to ask dealers to charge to 100%, and some dealers don't know the UI menus at all. Is it just a matter of changing to % display, then calculating the range at 100%? I saw...
  16. S

    Range Model 3 [can I make a 250 mile trip with no stops?]

    hello - I'm a (new) Model 3 (long range) owner. We have a road trip of 250 miles coming up. Will it do it without a charge (fully loaded, 4 people in the car)? Any advice / help much appreciated
  17. F

    Should Maximum Charge Be Changed Over Time

    I have a 2015 Model S. When I first purchased the car, a 100% charge would lead to about 270 miles of charge. Typically, I would charge it to 90% except prior to long trips so it would stop charging at about 240 miles or so (about 90% of 270). It has been 6 years and if I charge it to the...
  18. K

    Preconditioning & wh/mi & Range estimate on App & charging speeds

    Hello everyone, New to Tesla here! Just got my Model Y (Long range) and went on a long road trip 300 miles or so down and back a couple days later. When traveling down to my destination i had to stop at a supercharger that tesla recommended(Thousand oaks), about 5 minutes before arriving on the...
  19. Dugknight

    Increased Range

    I know at some point, Tesla announced a range increase for the Model Ys. Did this include existing Ys or only new Ys that were released after the announcement? I never saw any increase in my Performance w/PUP. I have never seen over 279 when charging 100%. Thanks. Reference: Tesla Model Y Gets...
  20. R

    Cold Weather Efficiency Impacts

    Hi, I'm considering an upgrade to a Model Y AWD from my current Model 3 RWD LR. Now with the cold weather, what are people seeing as the range hit on average? For my Model 3 I usually get 150 wh/KM in the Summer and 200ish wh/KM in the Winter (0C and below). (Approximately 240 wh/Mile Summer...
  21. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  22. Jimt29

    Another Range Post

    Well, after 5 months I charged the Model Y to 100% on 11/1/2020. Display was 315. Today the battery was depleted to 8%. Total mileage is 201. The last 100 miles I drove extremely conservative. I live in Rhode Island which has a lot of hills.
  23. COS Blue

    EPA Range for 2021 LR+

    Curious if anyone has any info about this. My LR+ was manufactured in October and on the Monroney sticker it shows the range of 409 miles. Tesla's website still shows 402 miles and so does fueleconomy.gov, although they don't show the 2021 model year yet. I know that from a practical...
  24. AlanSubie4Life

    Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released

    So the preliminary document from the EPA for 2021 Model 3 AWD & Performance is released: https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51235&flag=1 Covers 18" AWD and 20" Performance in detail. Note: it describes the details of the heat pump similar to the Model Y. Summary (AWD)...
  25. Ranger29

    Plugging in every day

    I've had my MX for over a month now and absolutely love it! I'm finding all kinds of reasons to just hop in the car to run an errand...where I would have accumulated errands to make one trip in my ICE car. :) Unless I'm driving on a longer trip, I can run for several days without plugging in to...
  26. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...
  27. Melsaid

    New UK Model S range updated(and long range plus) - delivery November 2020?

    Tesla website seem to have been updated it's range and price. Now have a long range plus model. Long range plus rated at 405 miles and performance rated at 396. Any one knows what's been updated? Will it roll to all MS 2020 or is it a physical change? When I spoke to the dealer today, he...
  28. G

    BMS Drift - does it really matter?

    So I have seen numerous posts about range decreasing and the wonky BMS, but no one has actually addressed the problem with that. Of course, that's assuming you don't have a faulty battery. I feel like in those cases you'd be able to tell pretty easily. Does having a BMS that's drifted cause...
  29. R

    294 miles on 100% charge - LR AWD

    I've had my Model Y for almost 3 months. I've taken a few trips and charged it to 100% a couple of times. It will only show 294 miles when charged to 100%. Does it sound like there is a problem, or is the display just not super accurate? I was hoping it would show 315 or 316, even though I...
  30. SomeJoe7777

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Like many others, I have been concerned with loss of 100% indicated battery range on one of my Model 3s. My P3D (build date 9/13/2018, delivery date 10/8/2018) had gotten down to 270.3 miles at 100% charge on January 20, 2020, at about 30,700 miles, which is a loss of 40.8 miles since the car...
  31. Freewheeler

    Range increase without Uberturbines?

    Do we know if the range of a PUP goes up if we put non-PUP wheels & tires on or is there some other factor causing the drop in range with the full package? Would like to know before I commit to a new set of wheels and tires to replace my Ubers.
  32. CertLive

    Range degradation for 2020.28.6

    First time in ages since I have done a 90% charge then switched to miles for a peek. Out of the original 240 my SR+ is rated for at 90% I have 209 miles of WLTP range @ 21c ambient temp. This would seem to represent just under a 3% range loss for 5690 miles at 9 months old. My thoughts on this...
  33. S

    Model Y Performance -- 291?

    Sorry if this has been covered in another thread, I couldn't find it. Model Y Performance (w/PUP, as that is the only version now sold) is now EPA rated @ 291 miles per Tesla's website. Does this (or will this) apply to our MYP w/ PUPs that were purchased earlier? Everything I've seen...
  34. RubinRA

    Wh/mi rate at startup -- calculation or consumption?

    When I begin driving my Model 3, the display shows very high power use in Wh/mi -- typically in the range of 500 or so. Once I've been driving for a few minutes, it settles down to a more acceptable rate, under 300 (and under 250 if I'm not at freeway speeds). My question: is that initial figure...
  35. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Tips - 3 ways to improve your Tesla's efficiency!

    For a while, we’ve been fighting with efficiency loss on our Model 3, and one observation I made was that the rear rotors were quite hot after a drive even when only using regen. So we replaced the calipers and brake pads, and even changed a wheel bearing to attempt to identify and fix the...
  36. PhilRogers

    Still baffled by range issue

    I love my car (SR+) and I have read the manual. Please don't flame me. I have posted elsewhere, but I am still concerned by range. One bit of background. I got it in April, and actually it already had 600 miles on it when I got it. (It was a demonstrator at the dealer and yes, there was a...
  37. A

    This can't be right, bad battery or normal?

    I took my first small day trip yesterday with my new MY. When I left my house, it said I could go 274 miles. I was traveling 98 miles away. I figured roughly 200 miles round trip would give me 74 miles fluff and that I'd be ok. I've heard that I'll never get 315 mi but guys, it wasn't even...
  38. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model S Gets Official EPA Range And Efficiency Numbers: 402 Miles

    With EPA energy consumption of 117 MPGe – 288 Wh/mi (179 Wh/km), Model S is more efficient than ever. As we already know, Tesla is the first manufacturer to introduce a series-produced all-electric car with an EPA range of more than 400 miles: the 2020 Model S Long Range Plus can go up to 402...
  39. B

    Max range for EU (NL & BE) MS LR 2020 raven

    I recently got my 2020 Model s long range and I have a doubt over the displayed range when the display settings for the car is in Distance (kms) rather than in Energy %. If I move the slider all the way to the right it shows a range of 580 kms. However as per the advertised WLTP range on...
  40. B

    Full charge now 230 miles, Model 3, SR+

    My model 3 SR+ is not even a year old. Full charge now only goes upto 230 miles vs the advertised 240mi range. Primarily used superchargers when traveling from CA to TX once, about 30-35 stops on the round trip. Rest of the time, it's mostly charged to 80 or 90% at home with a Juicenet...
  41. J

    the reason I didn't buy a Taycan Turbo S but opted for a 911 in the end

    I'm writing this post, mostly because I've been struggling with this alot and maybe, just maybe I'm not the only one ;) Currently I'm driving a Tesla Model S 100D. I 've done about 70.000km. One of the reasons I wanted to buy a Taycan is because the Model S has had many issues. The most...
  42. TMC Staff

    Tesla Approved To Produce Long Range Model 3 In China

    Production and sales of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range at the Gigafactory 3 got the green light. According to the latest news from China, Tesla has received government approval to sell the Long Range version of the Model 3 produced at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. The info comes from the...
  43. M

    A Better Route Planner (ABRP) and Newbie Range Anxiety

    I thought I would share this with the group, with so many newbies like me on here, who may safer some initial range anxiety. I've had my M3 LR for a couple of weeks, but today was the first range test for me. Not a massive journey but about 160 miles round trip. After reading a lot I wasn't...
  44. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range Test Proves 350-Mile Range Is Possible

    According to Consumer Reports, the Model 3 exceeds its EPA-estimated range by plenty. According to the EPA’s estimate, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a range of 310 miles (2020 Model 3 is actually now rated at 330 miles). However, as we previously shared, CEO Elon Musk referenced range during...
  45. T

    90% charged - in app range estimate

    Curious what the spread is on the range estimates (the on provided in the app) when 90% charged :-) This is for M3 AWD long range ONLY. Kindly be courteous and not polute thread and poll with estimates from other versions. If your car is in miles then simply convert to kilometers.
  46. rgedad

    Trailering a Boat - Florida to DFW

    So - the good news - I just bought a 15' Boston Whaler SuperSport bay boat (See Photo). The interesting news is I picked it up in Fort Lauderdale, FL area to trailered it back home to Fort Worth, Tx - 1343 miles total (See attached ABRP chart for trip down to pick-up). First time long distance...
  47. O

    Tesla trip planner - no M3 SR+?

    Looking at this link Go Anywhere | Tesla I see no option for M3 SR+ in the left panel. Is this user error? Or is it just not there?
  48. C

    Seriously Considering Going Back to ICE

    I've owned a 2017 X90D since May of 2019. I bought it on 35k miles, it's now on about 41k. There is lots about the car I love. Free unlimited supercharging and being able to charge the car at home for next to no money is fantastic. I think I'm probably saving between £3-5k a year on running...
  49. O

    Thoughts on Anticipating Range

    Been driving my new M3 for about a month and enjoying it very much. I do have a suggestion/question though. Why does range display only in Miles or Percent? I don't find either of these particularly useful. Miles are inaccurate because, well, I indulge in rapid acceleration ;) (NOT...
  50. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model Y Recent CARB Cerifitation Suggests Range & Delivery

    It’s all just a matter of time now. Tesla Model Y coming soon. Bozi Tatarevis (@hoonable) recently posted information based on a California Air Resources Board (more commonly know as CARB) release related to its certificate for the Tesla Model Y. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that...

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