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  1. X

    New here. Driving Efficiency Question

    Hey all. Just bought a 2020 Model 3 SR+ with 13,000 miles on it. I've had it two weeks today and had some questions about my efficiency and battery health. I understand, of course, that I will not be getting the range advertised as I will not be driving in the very specific conditions that EPA...
  2. Z

    Charging complete at 36miles. Not getting full range.

    While the car was being driven at around 20mins left at range on the way home and a warning came up for reduced power and the vehicle may not restart. Driver pulls over and of course car doesn’t not restart. Had to pull out the 12V battery to bring home to charge due to the charging port not...
  3. D

    Melbourne to Thredbo M3 LR

    I’m planning a ski trip to Thredbo (Australia) from Melbourne via Khancoban in my M3 LR. Has anyone done this trip and if so were there any issues with charging? The Tesla app says I should be able to do it with a single supercharger session in Wodonga and 18% left at the end. There seems to be...
  4. P

    MYLR range test at 63 mph and 73 mph - ~15% loss

    Tesla Model Y, LR, less than 2,000 miles on car, picked up on 3/31/2023 Route: about 8 miles each way / round trip, about 16 miles - the same route each time Tested at two speeds: 63 mph and 73 mph Used autopilot on both runs (except for exiting / entering highway) Heated interior at 70...
  5. J

    MY efficiency at 5700 miles

    We lose a lot of efficiency living on a hill but otherwise seem to be hitting the EPA range and more. Anyone else have similar experience?
  6. D

    2,922km trip

    We recently travelled from the Northern Beaches (Sydney) to the Barossa Valley (SA) and return in our 3LR. Some of this information might be useful, particularly to new-comers. It is hardly an adventure trip and does not rival those who have gone around the continent, done Sydney-Darwin-return...
  7. Maximillan

    Sydney to Canberra in a Model Y RWD

    I've done this trip plenty of times before in a Model 3 SR+, and so I thought I would document what it's like in a Model Y RWD. The weather was is the low 20s, with some light rain coming out of Sydney. The car was driven at the speed limit to stay with traffic, and it could certainly have been...
  8. tzolov

    2023 Model Y RWD, LFP battery: Initial range at 418 instead 445 km

    I'm newbe and I've had my Tesla Model Y, RWD for about two weeks now. So far I have fully (100%) charged the car twice - once per week as suggested for the LFP battery type. In both cases at 100% charged, car shows a range estimation of 418 km which is about 6% less from the advertised 445...
  9. Maximillan

    Real world Model Y RWD efficiency

    Today on my commute to work I noticed that I was down to 23% charge, and remembered that I had topped up last Friday. Whilst sitting in traffic, I decided to check the trip meter and it helpfully pointed out that I had done 397kms since the last charge. Now almost all of these kms have been...
  10. D

    2022 Model 3 Propulsion/RWD (with LFP battery) real world range

    Hey all. Initiating this poll to figure out how the 2022 RWD (LFP battery) M3 has been doing in terms of efficiency. I understand that folks measure the efficiency differently in different places but here in France we do kwh/100 kms. So appreciate y’all for the maths that you’d be doing in order...
  11. L

    2023 Model Y LR Poor Mileage in real world

    I recently picked up my 2023 model y LR and have driven it less than 400 miles (600km) but noticed it has really horrible mileage. Two Instances: I would go 10 miles (16km) in city driving and it would eat up 6% battery making the mileage 166 miles (270km) on full charge. In another instance...
  12. J

    M3 vs MY efficiency

    I had a M3 which I've driven over 8,300 miles with about 213Wh/Mi with grandma driving, would be much lower if we didn't have to blast AC during the summer. I just got the MY and noticed that the battery usage is about 15% higher even though we do not turn on the A/C, namely the "driving"...
  13. D

    2022 model y odd charge results?

    Hello All! New to the form here so Iam sorry if this was asked before but I can’t find any related posts. I have a 2022 Model Y long rage (non performance) and it’s coming up to 1 year of ownership. Overall ia very happy but Iam just still trying to understand the sudden changes in charging...
  14. D

    2022 Model Y LR (non performance)

    Hello All! New to the form here so Iam sorry if this was asked before but I can’t find any related posts. I have a 2022 Model Y long rage (non performance) and it’s coming up to 1 year of ownership. Overall ia very happy but Iam just still trying to understand the sudden changes in charging...
  15. C

    Range loss on Midrange Model 3?

    Hello, friends. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere: I did my best to peek around first. I got a Midrange Model 3 at the tail end of 2018. I feel like I've lost a step on the range side: now getting around 190 miles on 80% around 240 on full charge. I have about 25,000 miles. Just...
  16. T

    Towing caravan Model X Long range plus

    Hi folks, We have driven with our Model X trough Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy, Austria and Germany this summer for a road trip across various camp site. We started from our home country the Netherlands and our caravan is a Dethlefds C’Go 495 (dimensions 7.30 long 2.30 width and c.1500kg incl...
  17. Z

    2017 X p100d - avg 430 kwh/mi

    Hi All! I've been struggling understanding why my kwh/mi is so high compared to my peers. Technicians say it's because of the performance motors but I'd like to know what kind of numbers other performance model owners get. Here's my story: 2017 P100D bought in 2019 from an owner in Georgia. He...
  18. S

    Effect of wider tires on range

    I'm thinking of scrapping the 20" Uberturbines and Pirelli tires from my (soon to be delivered) M3P in favor of 19"x9.5J ET34 wheels with Michelin PilotSport 4S 265/35R19 (square setup). I was able to find plenty of info about ET, J, tire sizes and so on but nothing (at least not consolidated)...
  19. B

    2021 Model S (LR) - Real world driving range

    I recently purchased a 2021 (refreshed model) model s LR, tempest wheels. the vehicle is rated at 405 miles, but i cannot get anywhere close to that range. At best i am squeezing 60% of the range ( IE. charged to 324 miles(80%), driven down to 81 miles (20%) = in theory i should of driven...
  20. A

    Displayed Range, Watts/Mile, Calculated Battery Capacity on 2021/2022 Model 3s

    I am considering trading my 2019 LR RWD Model 3 with 19” rims for a 2022 M3P or 2022 M3 AWD. I am trying to judge the real-world range and battery capacity that I would have in a new car. I’d lose radar, and homelink. I’d pick up acceleration and restart the warranty. Not sure what my real...
  21. M

    Range estimation bug in 2022.16.1.2?

    I just upgraded to 2022.16.1.2. The Energy app now claims an average consumption rate, when driving in my neighbourhood, of ~100 Wh/km (used to be ~167) and estimated range has jumped by ~60%. I assume the range overestimate will feed into navigation system “charge at destination” estimates that...
  22. M

    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    Hi Guys, so I recently received my model y long range. It’s a 7 seater with laminar wheel cover from Rimetrix. I’ve been mostly driving local with AC set to 68-70 with only 1 passenger. I dunno why my wh/mi so bad. Any idea? Speed was mostly within 30-45.
  23. T

    Supercharging projection underestimated

    I am experiencing recent supercharging projection underestimations for my 2015 MS90D. I only notice the variations miles after leaving the supercharger. Any help or feedback would be appreciated as a miscalculation such as this could leave an owner stranded. Here is additional information...
  24. Ostrichsak

    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    These new updates are awful. I can't adjust the SoC capacity unless it's actually plugged in which is stupid. I should be able to open the app at any point and slide the SoC to 80% 90% 100% or whatever. They appear to have also removed the estimate of range that previously existed. So, even if I...
  25. A

    Salt Lake City to St. George no stops

    Has anyone done the salt lake to st George stretch if I-15 without stopping in a 2022 Model S LR? Is it possible?
  26. N

    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Long Range, but I'm a little concerned about cold weather. I spend 4 nights/wk at home where I would have a charger installed, so I'm not concerned there. The other 3 nights I spend up in Northern New England at my ski place. The condo building I'm in...
  27. G

    M3 LR Real World Range

    I am interested to get a few responses from owners on here as to the real world typical range of a M3 LR. I completely understand that like ICE vehicles, it varies depending on acceleration and so on. Part of the reason I ask this is I live in Lincolnshire, and sometimes travel to Torbay...
  28. T

    Improving the Model 3 Aerodynamics (for range)?

    The Model 3 is already an incredibly aerodynamic car, but I wonder what improvements might be possible? Unplugged Performance claims a 21% reduction with their mods (front and rear spoilers, lowering), but I'm highly skeptical (eps since it has been available for a few years and I don't see any...
  29. M

    Really poor range from 2017 model x 90D? should i return to dealer

    I have just bought a 2017 tesla model x 90D but im having concerns with the range and high wh/mi im getting. At 100%=232miles but i am getting 587 wh/mi on average which is ridiculously high and so i end up consuming 30miles of range for a 15mile journey , i have 20inch wheels and drive at...
  30. P

    Plaid Range Mode ?

    I’m curious if anyone has experience with Range Mode on a Plaid vehicle? is there a significant effect on actual range?
  31. M

    2021 Model Y long range real world range

    I have been driving Model Y in Alberta, Canada for last 2 months. I mostly drive on highways ranging from 110 to 120kmph speed on cruise control. I have been getting the range around 400km per full battery charging equivalent. On colder days like today (-13 c) even less. Tesla says it’s because...
  32. I

    Best year model 3 long range

    So i’m looking to get into a model 3 long range, I’m specifically gunning for the ≈350 mile range version. I know the 2021 has the better range, but what about 2020? 2019? and how can i determine which battery a car has without going there in person and checking the range? and the premium...
  33. W

    My range increased!!

    My range increased from 335 miles to 370 miles! It’s great but I don’t know how or why! About a week ago I noticed as I was charging at home, it allowed me to charge up to 369 miles! Ever since I’m able to charge to this higher amount like it a permanent increase in range. The Tesla tech...
  34. R

    New Model Y. Range questions

    My wife and I just received our model Y that we ordered back in April. The car is awesome to drive I'm hoping someone can help and answer a question. Yesterday we took it on a trip from NC to VA. When we left the car have "312 miles" and when we arrived it has "82" left. The trip was 148 actual...
  35. J

    Mercedes EQS reviews published - longest range and most luxurious ride of all EVs?

    I hope that the thread title isn't seen as a deliberate provocation. It isn't meant to be. It simply intends to point out the main objectives Mercedes has concentrated on. Last night Mercedes lifted an embargo on the publication of reviews of the production version and the reviews are all over...
  36. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  37. I

    First Desert Road Trip

    I am taking my first out-of-town trip since getting my 2021 Standard Range Plus in April, so of course I have range anxiety! It’s a just a short 140 mile trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona and according to ABRP, I should be able to do it without stopping to charge at all. However, I’m...
  38. R

    Battery Range for Perf Model Y with 19” Wheels

    Hi, I have a 2021 Performance Model Y and replaced factory 21” Wheels with 19” Wheels from T-sportsline. I changed the wheel size settings in the car to 19” Gemini and rebooted. It still shows max range is approx 300 miles at 100% charge on the battery meter. Should that now have updated to...
  39. N

    How to display rated range at 100% without charging to 100%?

    Is there an easy way, without charging to 100%, to display the 100% rated or ideal range? I'm asking because I don't want to ask dealers to charge to 100%, and some dealers don't know the UI menus at all. Is it just a matter of changing to % display, then calculating the range at 100%? I saw...
  40. S

    Range Model 3 [can I make a 250 mile trip with no stops?]

    hello - I'm a (new) Model 3 (long range) owner. We have a road trip of 250 miles coming up. Will it do it without a charge (fully loaded, 4 people in the car)? Any advice / help much appreciated
  41. F

    Should Maximum Charge Be Changed Over Time

    I have a 2015 Model S. When I first purchased the car, a 100% charge would lead to about 270 miles of charge. Typically, I would charge it to 90% except prior to long trips so it would stop charging at about 240 miles or so (about 90% of 270). It has been 6 years and if I charge it to the...
  42. K

    Preconditioning & wh/mi & Range estimate on App & charging speeds

    Hello everyone, New to Tesla here! Just got my Model Y (Long range) and went on a long road trip 300 miles or so down and back a couple days later. When traveling down to my destination i had to stop at a supercharger that tesla recommended(Thousand oaks), about 5 minutes before arriving on the...
  43. Dugknight

    Increased Range

    I know at some point, Tesla announced a range increase for the Model Ys. Did this include existing Ys or only new Ys that were released after the announcement? I never saw any increase in my Performance w/PUP. I have never seen over 279 when charging 100%. Thanks. Reference: Tesla Model Y Gets...
  44. R

    Cold Weather Efficiency Impacts

    Hi, I'm considering an upgrade to a Model Y AWD from my current Model 3 RWD LR. Now with the cold weather, what are people seeing as the range hit on average? For my Model 3 I usually get 150 wh/KM in the Summer and 200ish wh/KM in the Winter (0C and below). (Approximately 240 wh/Mile Summer...
  45. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  46. Jimt29

    Another Range Post

    Well, after 5 months I charged the Model Y to 100% on 11/1/2020. Display was 315. Today the battery was depleted to 8%. Total mileage is 201. The last 100 miles I drove extremely conservative. I live in Rhode Island which has a lot of hills.
  47. COS Blue

    EPA Range for 2021 LR+

    Curious if anyone has any info about this. My LR+ was manufactured in October and on the Monroney sticker it shows the range of 409 miles. Tesla's website still shows 402 miles and so does fueleconomy.gov, although they don't show the 2021 model year yet. I know that from a practical...
  48. AlanSubie4Life

    Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released

    So the preliminary document from the EPA for 2021 Model 3 AWD & Performance is released: https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51235&flag=1 Covers 18" AWD and 20" Performance in detail. Note: it describes the details of the heat pump similar to the Model Y. Summary (AWD)...
  49. Ranger29

    Plugging in every day

    I've had my MX for over a month now and absolutely love it! I'm finding all kinds of reasons to just hop in the car to run an errand...where I would have accumulated errands to make one trip in my ICE car. :) Unless I'm driving on a longer trip, I can run for several days without plugging in to...
  50. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...