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  1. ChooseFreedom

    Anyone have suggestions for ride comfort improvements?

    Hey crew, There are a ton of examples of suspension "upgrades" from a performance standpoint. But I'm actually looking for options to increase ride comfort. I don't race or drag my MS. It's my daily driver, so comfort is always going to outweigh performance for me. I have a '15 MS 70D, coil...
  2. D

    2018 75D Model X with wobble 5-20mph

    I have a 2018 75D Model X that seems to have developed a wobble in the last couple weeks - coincidentally after I took it to a service center just before the original warranty expired. When coasting between about 5 to 20mph the car jiggles or wobbles from side to side if somebody was standing on...
  3. Rollingstone

    MPP SPORT COILOVERS (2 way adjustable) $1750 plus shipping.

    Selling due to car trade. Very good condition. Wide range of adjustments for variety of applications. About 5,000 miles on these with a few autocross events. Shipping in continental US range from $75-100 depending on your location. I’m in Cary, NC if any locals want to pick up.
  4. P

    Model Y Performance Tires

    Hi folks, I know there are similar threads out there about wheels/suspension setups but I'm curious about one particular thing - what tires can I put on my 21" uberturbine wheels to make the car ride better? I don't want to swap out the wheels and I don't want to change any suspension...
  5. hirtaza

    People with 20inch wheel - How is the ride quality compared to 19s

    just curious to see if anyone upgraded to aftermarket 20inch rims from 18s or 19s or even if you have the performance with 20s Hows the ride quality? Do you guys wish you had gone with the 19s or you dont mind the 20s? I just ordered 20 inch wheels and I’m curious as previously the max I’ve...
  6. dfwatt

    Suspension poll for all Model 3 owners (RWD, AWD, DMP)

    Looking to get a broad-based sampling of people's general take on their Model 3 suspension. Please note that in addition to indicating your preference for suspension modification, please also indicate your assessment of the car's stock suspension and whether or not you have purchased aftermarket...
  7. Jetson

    Model 3 VS Ford F-150 Road Test

    It is no secret the Model 3 doesn't ride well on rough city streets. But how does it compare to a Ford F-150?