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  1. R

    Shanghai model y camera

    I placed a deposit for a model y produced in Shanghai. I have been informed that the production till at least the end of June will not have the 5mp, and even after June they (Tesla Japan) cannot confirm. And regarding the blade battery similarly, no idea. Anyone able to shed some light?
  2. Jasian22

    What is this pullable thing I found in the Model 3 boot?

    Was checking out the boot and noticed this pullable lever in the left side of the boot. Checked the manual /forums and there's no references to this object.
  3. N

    2022 Model 3 - A/C Vents effectiveness?

    Trying to gauge feedback from owners of model3 whether they have found the a/c vents to be effective? Saw an ongoing discussion in an FB group that the drivers side vents on 2022 Shanghai build models arent that effective as they blow air on to the knees than the upper section of the car...
  4. T

    What is under construction at each factory?

    I am curious do we have through understanding about what is being constructed at each factory? If a thread already exists for this then please point it out to me, My understanding is as follows: Berlin General purpose facilities Paint Shop Battery production facility Stamping facility Model Y...
  5. j0hn

    Gigafactory 3 developments

    Hi ! Saw some discussion about the upcoming GF 3 in shanghai in the market action thread. Did some additional digging but i do not wan't to clog that thread with this info. Also i think it would be nice to have a single thread so it is easier to see what the latest developments are without...
  6. D

    Anyone else going to the Auto Shanghai (April 21-28)?

    I plan to go to "Auto Shanghai 2017" and I was wondering if any else on TMC is planning on going. If you are, please post here or send me a PM, it be nice to meet up. I'll be coming from Beijing, and will be with a friend that is a native Chinese speaker. Her interest is also in EV, but for...
  7. D

    Auto Shanghai (April 21-28) - What to check out

    I plan on going to the Auto Shanghai (show alternates annually with Beijing). I am interested in checking out Chinese and imported EV cars, as well as OEM suppliers to EV makers at the show, and I'd like to know what TMC would think what is worth checking out. I don't have a nice list of the...
  8. P

    Shanghai Auto Show

    A lot of traffic around the stand yesterday, good interest in the cars and a lot of talk about them with the locals. The Telsa showroom can't be missed on the way to the show! Detroit Electric (strange name for a firm from the UK) was right across with two cars present and again good traffic and...
  9. Phil K

    Shanghai tech firm gives Tesla cars to employees as year-end bonus

    Shanghai tech firm gives Tesla cars to employees as year-end bonus|Companies|Business|WantChinaTimes.com
  10. T

    Shanghai last sunday

    Matt black with red Rims? China is going crazy with Tesla
  11. DITB

    Shanghai, Pudong

    I was just advised by a friend that a Tesla Motors store is under way in Shanghai, Pudong: Not strictly Hong Kong relevant, though it's close enough I think.
  12. jcstp

    Shanghai to Paris in electric car