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  1. L

    PPF installer recommendation

    Does anyone had PPF (paint protection film) applied on their Teslas? If so, do you have any recommended installers in Singapore that have experience doing this for Tesla Model Y? Thanks
  2. swaltner

    Samsung retail outlet in Singapore catches fire ahead of Galaxy S8 launch

    I shouldn't find humor in such things, but this headline got a chuckle out of me: Samsung retail outlet in Singapore catches fire ahead of Galaxy S8 launch
  3. RubberToe

    Singapore worlds first country to launch autonomous vehicles (8-25-16)

    Singapore today became the first country in the world to launch commercial autonomous vehicle service: All-electric self-driving cars are hitting the streets of Singapore for nuTonomy’s robotaxi project Singapore rolls out world’s first self-driving taxis As you would expect: drivers ready to...
  4. S'toon

    Tesla Model 3 to get up to $30,000 in Incentives

    Full article at: Tesla Model 3 to get up to US$22,000 rebate in Singapore, says Transport Minister
  5. V

    Reassuring your Singapore Tesla Model 3 worries

    Hello all, It seems to that there's are still people with understandable worries about the whole Model 3 reservation issue for Singapore. Especially in light of Joe's struggles with importing his Tesla Model S. As it will be strenuous for us all to keep replying to the same questions as our...
  6. J

    Hello, Everyone!

    It's nice to have the Singapore Subforum. I have been on the forum for awhile and now we have our own little space! I have started a Facebook Group called Tesla Enthusiasts SG. We have about 110 members since Saturday 2 April and 12 members who have reserved the Model 3 out of Singapore. So...
  7. lx3h

    Joe Nguyen, Singapore's Tesla Hero!

    A friend of Charged Hong Kong purchased... - Charged Hong Kong | Facebook Over in #Singapore, a friend of Charged... - Charged Hong Kong | Facebook
  8. lx3h

    Please start new Singapore, Taiwan SubForum

    as title.
  9. S'toon

    Guy Imports Model S into Singapore, Takes 1 Year for Licensing, +$15K

    Full article at: http://www.stuff.tv/sg/features/be-prepared-these-roadblocks-if-you-want-drive-tesla-in-singapore Full article at: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/electric-car-tesla-slapped-with-15000-tax-surcharge
  10. T

    Return to Singapore

    Looks like as good a time as any other to start a thread since Elon has 'name-dropped' Singapore. NEWS: 1) Tesla presumably also expanding/shipping to Singapore in 2014 (From Elon Musk) Mentioned by Elon Musk @ Elon Musk: Tesla Motors CEO, Stanford GSB 2013 Entrepreneurial Company of the...
  11. D

    Tesla withdraws from Singapore

    Singapore was a promising market but sales missed expectations by a large margin. Only 2 cars were sold for the Singaporean market and 3 others were sold, presumably for export. It is possible they were exported to Brunei, Indonesia, or the Middle East. They were hoping for 20-30 cars to be...
  12. Lloyd

    Tesla Singapore

    Saw a news blurb that Tesla pulled the plug so to speak on the Singapore store yesterday. I have been unable to confirm.
  13. dpeilow

    Tesla Motors coming to Singapore?

    Tesla Motors coming to Singapore?