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  1. 4

    Sleep and Headlights

    So I just had an update to my Model 3 and after the update, I just noticed that the headlights are no longer lowering when the car goes to sleep. Wondering if anyone else was seeing this change?
  2. N

    2022 Model 3 LR making clicking noises all night

    I’ve noticed in the past when I open up my Tesla app on my phone, my M3LR makes a somewhat loud thud or clicking sound once (when the vehicle is waking up). Last night I noticed (the car is parked right outside my bedroom) that my Tesla was making that same noise every few minutes all night...
  3. kayrish

    Multiple issues with my 2018 Model 3

    I received my Model 3 in June 2018, as one of the early deliveries in Canada. The car has been bullet proof, only issues I had back with those early cars was a noisy brake clip and axle nut that needed lube. I had to leave my car parked for a prolonged time (~ 4 months but it was moved to be...
  4. C

    Model S 2017 75D wont sleep properly 1hr sleep, 15min awake repeat...

    Hi, I would be very interested if anyone has any suggestions as to what is going on with my vehicle. My Model S 2017 75D is stuck in an endless cycle of sleeping for 1 hr then waking for 15mins causing unnecessary drain of the batteries. Maybe relevant info: - Car is out of warranty - Issue...
  5. KenFTL

    M3 Road Trip parking places for sleep

    I plan on driving to NYC from South Florida later this month. In addition, I plan on spending 6-7 days touring across Virgina. I plan on sleeping most nights in the M3. I have purchased the TESMAT along with the sheets and the privacy screen. I also have TravelJohn disposables (for overnight...
  6. R

    Model Y Dreamcase - Double Mattress Sleeping Solution

    Hi - Has anyone purchased a Dreamcase mattress setup for a Model Y yet? I've seen reviews on YouTube for the Dreamcase used on a Model 3 but none yet for the MY. It looks like it's now available on the website for MY but has pictures of it inside an M3 only. Looking at the description/specs...
  7. n.one.one

    Phantom drain & sleep - Solved in 2020.12.11.1

    It appears that a huge phantom drain and sleep problem was solved for me when I updated my 2020 MX to 2020.12.11.1 (from 2020.12.6). Previous to the update I was losing on average 3.3 kWh and 12.6 miles per 24 hours. That loss was totally phantom drain and it would not sleep. Since the update...
  8. C

    Node-Red Sleep Charging Flow for Octopus or Time of Use Electricity

    Hello all! I am trying to integrate my Modbus charger, Octopus Energy and Tesla API to charge at best time. I've only been using Node-Red for a month and not a developer so surprised how far I'm getting! I have the charger integrated. able to get best charging times from Octopus API and using...
  9. DucaTinus

    M3: Strange sleeping behavior when parked at home

    Hi Some of us European model 3 owners see some strange sleeping behaviors that we con not explain.. When parking on route on or favorite and taged locations the cars goes to sleep after 12m-15m When parked at home it takes the car always 2:05h -2:07h to get to sleep. Meanwile it spoils energy...
  10. R1Fast

    2019.24.4 suddenly won't sleep

    Anyone else having this problem? I've been on 2019.24.4 for a week or so, and just noticed today (though it could have been happening since the update) that my car won't sleep at home, even after 3+ hours plugged in on my garage wall charger. - Cabin overheat is off - Sentry is off -...
  11. GolanB

    Frequent Charge, Idle, Sleep Cycles

    I've noted recently, that overnight I frequently go through charge -> idle -> charge -> sleep loops. Has anyone been able to determine the reason for this? Previously, I'd go through a single charge -> idle -> sleep cycle per night. [EDIT] Moderators, I accidentally dropped this in the...
  12. D

    Teslafi sleep

    Did anyone have a problem to detect the drive after sleep in teslafi? My short drives are never or rarely detected if the car was in sleep mode before the drive
  13. X

    Sleep detection

    When using Auto Pilot there is a lot less to do as a driver. If you are sleepy, it easy to fall asleep. I would like to have a wideo camera that watches to drivers face. There are researchers that have studied how to detect sleeping from video images. When detected, I would like to get an alarm...