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Solar Panels

  1. S

    Self Powered vs Time-Based control

    Not sure if this has been discussed but I don't understand the differences and what is best to use to insure you do not have a large true-up bill at the end of the year. I am on the PG&E plan that charges a premium for usage between 4pm and 9pm. Last year I used self powered and with the...
  2. MontyFloyd

    Solar system info, resources, web sites, personal experience.

    Making a resource post for TCM people looking at installing PV, everyone encouraged to post. I am seriously looking to install a set, want to share the research and process at same time. Web sites: Solargraf is a directory of installers, like a portal...
  3. S

    Tesla no longer selling solar products in Santa Clara city, CA

    Tesla is no longer installing solar roof and panels in Santa Clara city. I entered the address to place the order. But an error showed up that my address is not in the service area. Until late 2021, I had an order in line but had to cancel it as my home is new construction my plans got stuck in...
  4. Llama.

    What do you do with your excess solar power?

    For those of you with solar panels, what do you do with your excess solar power? Ive returned from a 190 round trip journey to the Lake District in my M3 Long Range and it’s all charged up again from solar power after a couple of days. The battery storage system is topped up too. I’ve got...
  5. UncaNed

    Considering a solar roof. What about snow removal?

    Is there a good way to clear snow? My region only gets snow a week or two on my solar panels, so it's not a huge concern, but still it drives me nuts, those solar panels sitting there useless under 2" of snow for a couple days at a time.
  6. S

    Anyone else have major issues with Tesla Energy? (Re-roofing after install)

    So, I’ll try to keep this brief, but I’m hoping someone else has been through this and has a recommendation... Facts: I’m located in CA and had Tesla install a ~4.3kw system 3.5yrs ago. I was my own advisor as I worked for the company at that time. We are now facing the reality that we need to...
  7. tropical1

    Solar Roof Florida

    We got a system design for a Solar Roof install in the Tampa, FL area. The final design is a 26.55 KW system with 4405 sq ft of roof. Total cost is 95,011.14 without any power walls (Cost breakdown below). Our dimensional shingle roof is near the end of its life so we need to replace the roof...
  8. S

    Solar Panels or Solar Roof?

    I've been struggling with this for months. I'm absolutely an over analyzer and have been driving my wife crazy by waffling back and forth on the two options below: Context: Just bought a house, roof is in bad shape, installing solar in Southern California. South face roof with a slope...
  9. S

    Adding Solar Panels to Upcoming House Purchase

    Multi part question here. I’m purchasing a home and will close in 45 days. Since we are dropping a lot of money on the down payment, is it possible to roll the cost to install solar into the mortgage? I am not sure how that would work because we would need the mortgage to start before we got...
  10. S

    Good site for understanding solar panels, inverters etc, 2020 info

    I found this site while looking for more info on SolarEdge HD Wave Inverters. Up-to-date info for 2020. Keep in mind the site is run from Australia so products listed in general might be different there than sold here but a lot of the info is generic and helpful I found. Good info on how a solar...
  11. S

    Just looking into - Do they need access inside your roof?

    Just getting started here with potentially a Tesla solar panel system and 2 Powerwalls and still in the initial stages of supply info -- not even sure our house/yard layout has room for everything with the way our current electrical and landscaping has been done. Anyway was curious if when...
  12. G

    Terrible experience selling house with SolarCity/Tesla Energy panel lease on it

    Cliff notes: If you plan to install a Solar City / Tesla Energy system on your house and EVER plan to move, find a different company. Caveat: I'm a huge Tesla fan, own 2 vehicles and (formerly) their solar array. Their service has always been terrible since day 1 but I figured the product...

    Idea: Incentive to buy Solar Panels perhaps?

    I love flooring my Model 3, but using 450 W/mi (at times) leaves me feeling guilty. Having no solar panels yet (SRP in Az victim), I'm basically pulling dirty power from the grid for my thrills. Maybe this unlimited acceleration will be gone someday should the EPA clamps down on EV efficiency...
  14. S

    Roof mounted vs ground mounted solar array

    Obviously most people go for roof mounted, I'm just wondering what the experience has been like for those of you that went ground mounted. My wife and I are considering going ground mounted so we can have a larger array than our rear roof will allow, but we're not sure if it has some unintuitive...
  15. R

    Can i use my tesla referral code before I take delivery of my car?

    I am taking delivery of my Model X in March, and have already been given a referral code. Myself and a colleague are planning on getting tesla solar panels installed, and I would like to use my referral code, as I will get $400 cash back for each solar referral. The question is, do I need to...
  16. talkingevs

    Solar/powerwalls install in NV

    I live in Las Vegas and want to get solar panels and the Powerwalls on our 3800sq ft house. We'd like to get off the grid completely but I don't think NV energy will let us. According to the online estimator, we will need 4 powerwalls for the house and EV charging. I have a few questions: 1)...
  17. H

    Tesla solar coming to Home Depot

    Tesla solar kiosks coming to Home Depot Tesla solar kiosks coming to Home Depot
  18. Jim Holder

    [NYS] Orange & Rockland - Using Solar+PowerWall 2 to Charge Model S?

    Hi All, 1) Would it be possible to set up a system at home where solar panels charge the Tesla PowerWall 2 by day and the PowerWall then charges the Model S with it’s stored energy by night? Seems like a reasonable (and potentially popular) use-case, but I don’t see anything online definitive...
  19. ABCTG

    Smart Solar Home for the rest of us...

    When the landlord/owner next door moved with his wife into his house after 20 years of renting it out; the first thing he did was put in a brand new central air conditioning unit, which probably provided much better living conditions than the existing window A/C units. As a renter myself...
  20. Patrick0101

    It does not take 4000 homes worth of energy for a Tesla Semi

    An Oxford study said that it would take the power of 4000 homes to charge a Tesla semi. I ran the numbers myself and found that solar panels on 5 or 6 rooftops would supply enough energy for a Tesla Semi's annual needs (link). The Oxford study seems to be framed to put the Megacharger's needs...
  21. 5

    Solar Panels for Flat Roof on East Coast

    We have a home with a flat roof located on the eastern-end of Long Island in NY. We also have a power wall 2 on order and would like to add solar panels. Solar City/Tesla does not install panels on flat-roofed homes located within northeastern states. Presumably because of the potential weight...
  22. L

    Solar install in FL

    I'm planning on getting solar installed on my home but my AHJ requires plans to be stamped by a PE. Does anyone know a PE in FL that would be willing (for a fee ofcourse) to review and stamp my permit package (if they agree with the design of course). I've called over 10 companies locally and...
  23. Haxster

    The Solar Semi Range Extender

    While putting solar cells on passenger EVs doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it may be more practical to put them (and maybe some storage) on the trailers that electric Semis pull. Think about it: Lots of flat surface area Typically in the sun a lot Appearance is not an issue Even when not...
  24. Californiates

    Free unlimited Supercharging with a new Model S or Model X.

    You can use my link for free unlimited Supercharging with a new Model S or Model X. Those who order before October 31, 2017 will also receive a $1,000 purchase credit. or a 5-year extended warranty on a new solar panel purchase. Unlimited Tesla Supercharging and Extended Solar Warranty
  25. Piney999

    How Big a solar system to get?

    Hello! As my family eagarly awaits our model 3, we are looking at getting a solar system for our house. We have a large south facing roof, so the question is, how big do I need to go. I know that is a complex question, but since I know next to nothing about solar, I was hoping some folks could...
  26. Dr Doom

    Help with power wall

    Hi: Need help with whether to purchase power wall with solar panels. I live in northern jersey and own my home that has backyard with southern exposure. There is no shade from nearby trees. I usually run an electricity bill from 200-300 dollars per month. We have AC, pool, one electric car to...
  27. R

    Tesla Ready homes for sale: Utah

    New Listing: just 35 minutes from Utah's Silicon Slopes, in a peaceful secluded neighborhood with a little over an acre of land for young adventurers to explore on, this house is Tesla ready, with solar panels and a 240 v outlet in the garage. 654 S 975 W Mapleton, UT 84664
  28. KBurbridge14

    Best time to charge X at home--if you have Solar?

    So, I have a very robust solar system at my home in Northern California. I know, typically, most charge their EV overnight--much like a mobile phone. However, because my solar is generating the most energy between 1-4 pm, I'm wondering when the best time to charge my Tesla. I'm home throughout...
  29. Ulmo

    One fifth of Western Australia homes have PV

    PV Magazine Mobil: Western Australia's rooftop solar now state's 'biggest power station' One fifth of Western Australia (WA) homes have solar roof tops. Another fun fact from that article: the grid utility signed two and three decade dirty power contracts (coal & gas; during these solar...
  30. weijing3333

    How to choose solar products?

    Compare with these companies: JA, Trina, Yingli, Renesola, LDk etc. Which one should I choose if I want to buy solar panels? Why?
  31. Electricfan

    Solar panel damage? Question for somebody with knowledge of panels...

    Hi, they are installing solar panels on my roof, hoping to go live in a week or two. But today was the first day any panels were on the roof. (still have 4 more to go). My question is, is this panel damaged? Most of the panels look clean, but a few have hand prints, and this one has some...
  32. EVger


    Hi, I completed my Model X reservation on 8/14/13, Reservation Sequence Number 5,002. I am hoping that the Model X will meet my need for greater electric range. I sat in a Model S in the Tesla Miami Beach store and found the headroom inadequate. I am optimistic that the X’s headroom will be...
  33. tigerade

    Solar panels being installed on White House roof (again)

    Per ABC news: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/08/solar-panels-finally-installed-on-white-house/ While installing solar panels on just one building in Washington DC doesn't do much for climate change, it's hard to ignore the cultural significance of solar panels on the roof of the...