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  1. willow_hiller

    SolarReviews.com isn't a review website, it's a lead generation website (an analysis)

    I've seen some concern stemming from the poor reviews of Tesla Solar on SolarReviews.com. The average review was so low, it raised some red flags for me. As it stands right now, they rate Tesla at 1.5 stars out of 5 (and claim an average of $5.09 per watt when it's $2.01 as of writing). I'm a...
  2. J

    Just received Tesla Solar Panel proposal ( NJ )

    Hi, I just got my system design and proposal. We're in NJ and I'd like any feedback, ideas, suggestions as we're new to the whole solar thing. Size: 17.33 kW ( 15,690 kWh estimated production in first year, 90% energy offset ). I have a model S which uses about 25 kWh / day to charge for my...
  3. tsukiakari

    Buying a House with Existing SolarCity Installation - Roof Replacement question

    We've gone under contract for a house in Colorado that has an existing 10.5 kW SolarCity installation from 2015. The problem is that the roof is in such shape currently that it needs to be replaced. Normally roofs get replaced before a house is sold in this area (if they've not been recently...
  4. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    "Tesla is a drama magnet." Ain't it the truth. So why does Elon do it? Some on easy street might wonder. Why does Musk, Chief Executive, of two competitive companies divvy up his time between SpaceX and Tesla. They're like siblings. The elder for this article's purpose being SpaceX. The favored...
  5. rw99

    Checking for referral credits...

    Hi, all... How do I track MySolarCity referrals that I've made? Apologies if I'm missing an obvious link... Rich
  6. beantownrich

    Tesla Energy (Solar City) Solar Price Matching

    I was really excited for Tesla to come out and give me a quote on going solar for my new house. We explored a bunch of options but had sticker shock when the initial estimate came back at $4.30 per Watt (I live in MA). The salesman said that I should get a few quotes and they'd match the lowest...
  7. 5

    Solar for flat-roofed home in NY

    Tesla/Solar City doesn't offer solar options for flat roof homes in the northeast. They offered no advise as to which solar company could assist, and no information regarding the development of a Solar City option for modern flat-roofed homes. Just to be clear, lots of flat roofed homes and...
  8. 5

    Solar Panels for Flat Roof on East Coast

    We have a home with a flat roof located on the eastern-end of Long Island in NY. We also have a power wall 2 on order and would like to add solar panels. Solar City/Tesla does not install panels on flat-roofed homes located within northeastern states. Presumably because of the potential weight...
  9. T

    Why can't we charge our Teslas directly from PW, DC to DC?!?

    This is currently posted on the PW FAQ: Can Powerwall charge my Tesla vehicle or an EV? Yes, Powerwall can provide stored solar energy to your EV through your home electrical panel. However, there is no direct connection between Powerwall and the EV wall connector. Powerwall FAQs Color me...
  10. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Where did 2017 go? A lot has transpired and inspired. While other matters rendered us mute with frustration. It's all good. As they say what doesn't keel us over. Tesla is all lit up with awesome. Even amidst recent challenges seasoned with some unsavory news. Thursday's semi event was done up...
  11. J

    Need advice - Is the system worth it

    Hi All, I hoping you can help me decide if I should go ahead with the SolarCity contract. I am aware that I will not be saving money, but I am willing to pay some extra amount to 1) be a part of the Tesla revolution and support the company, 2) have a backup for power outages (my alternative...
  12. L

    Interested in selling Powerwall 2

    Hello, Our family finds ourselves in a difficult situation - we are moving (unexpectedly) to California and have just contracted with Solar City to install a new solar system on our home in Austin (which we are now selling). The panels and (2) Powerwalls are installed, but not yet active. While...
  13. N

    Looking forward to my install - few questions

    I signed a solar city commitment that is currently in the design phase (2 weeeks now) so I’ve been reading these forums religiously. My design is for a 5.2 KWH system (using the 325w panels) and 1 Powerwall. This is currently 110% of our monthly usage but I still feel like I should increase to...
  14. K

    Can I add Solarcity to my Tesla account?

    Hey Everyone! I've had Solar City Solar Panels on my roof for about a year or two, and I was wondering if there was a way to link that to my Tesla account? I have the solar city app, but since the two companies merged, did they allow this yet? Thanks!
  15. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Tesla announces its plans to establish a factory in Shanghai. Further strengthening China as an electric car maker. When I saw a buzz meet on YouTube questions being fielded to CEO Elon Musk included production for China. Got me excited about FINALLY American manufactured goods being exported...
  16. A

    Sustainable Energy - A Family Affair

    Have to share. Especially after conversation over dinner outdoors with a very beautiful human being. What were we discussing over wine spaghetti and meatballs? Tesla. Sustainable energy. Etc... what's really awesome is how natural it feels for me to recommend so passionately a brand I don't yet...
  17. NYEVDriver

    Upgraded Solar PV Array & TOU Net Metering

    I just upgraded the solar array for our home to assist with amount of enegy being used by the cars. The link below details the system and the affects on our bill. Let me know what you think
  18. E

    Can Elon Musk Get SolarCity’s Gigafactory Back On Track?

    Can Elon Musk Get SolarCity’s Gigafactory Back On Track?
  19. TMC Staff

    Blog SolarCity Co-Founder Rive to Start New Company

    SolarCity CEO and co-founder Lyndon Rive, who became Vice President of Tesla Energy following the acquisition, has decided to leave the company. Rive, who is also Elon Musk’s cousin, told Reuters he plans to start a new company. He will exit Tesla in June just as the company begins to roll...
  20. TheTalkingMule

    Selling a Streamlined Residential Solar PPA

    Investors(TMC posters and otherwise) universally cheered the SolarCity/Tesla shift away from packaged PPA solar leases to outright sales as a logical move toward building shareholder value. While I appreciate the clear-as-day profitability that simple installations provide, I would argue that...
  21. Ulmo

    Poll: Guess how long for http://solarcity.com/ to be merged into http://tesla.com/

    Here is a poll to guess how long it takes Tesla to redirect web site visits to "solarcity.com" to "tesla.com" for the front-facing part of the web sites, i.e., sales. Not included in this poll are some of the backend systems and non-http systems, like email, customer portals, etc., which are...
  22. thelastdeadmouse

    What happens to my SolarCity Stock?

    I have both SolarCity and Tesla stock. If I understand this correctly, my SolarCity stock will be replaced at some ratio with TSLA stock but the two things I don't know are 1. What the ratio is, I assume this is something that moved based on stock price, but now that SCTY trading has halted...
  23. S

    Tesla Motors Survey for Saint Louis University Research project

    Hey everybody, I'm writing a research paper for a marketing class at Saint Louis University and I created this survey to collect some data on Tesla. If you could take it, it would really help me out with my project. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes at the most! LINK: Tesla Questionnaire...
  24. G

    SolarCity detail installation videos by a customer. Great info!!

    There are very strong interest in this community about installing solar panels. I came across these Youtube videos that was made by a SolarCity customer which walk us through everything from start to finish in extreme details. Thought that I would post it here in case some of you want to know...
  25. freeewilly

    Anyone got invited to Tesla + SolarCity Event in Los Angeles?

    I got a RSVP to Tesla + SolarCity Event in Los Angeles on Oct 28, 2016. Am I the lucky one or a lot of people also received the same RSVP.
  26. AssortedBread

    Tesla's "solar roof" Event - Hosted at Universal Studios

    Tesla’s ‘solar roof’ event will be live-streamed from Universal Studios on Friday, more hints from the invite Thoughts about the upcoming event on Oct. 28th? Hoping for quick discharge abilities for the new Powerpack 2.0 so that you can get a days worth of miles in 10-15 minutes.
  27. fallen888

    Should I sign up with SolarCity now or wait?

    I just signed up with SolarCity for their PPL program (but have time to back out). But rumor has it that Elon will announce something related to SolarCity and Tesla at the end of this month. Should I put my order on hold until after the announcement? Does anyone know what exactly the...
  28. Clprenz

    Why I’m voting yes on the Tesla-Solarcity Merger, and you should too.

    Check out my medium post, and you can also check out my quick merger vote poll here: Medium Post Poll Here Results of poll Let me know your thoughts! :)
  29. Garlan Garner

    SolarCity restructuring/layoffs

    SolarCity (SCTY) announces restructuring ahead of Tesla (TSLA) merger: layoffs and pay cuts I wonder if all of the layed off Solar City workers can get a job with Tesla of Space X.
  30. Advicebox

    Tesla + SolarCity, a consumer's perspective

    With so much negative press on the Tesla aquisition of SolarCity I decided to write an article from our perspective. Let me know if you agree or have other thoughts. Tesla + SolarCity, a consumer’s perspective
  31. Skotty

    Will Tesla Acquisition of Solar City Expand Availability to More States?

    SolarCity only operates in a select few states. For this reason, I had little interest in SolarCity, as I'm not in one of those states. I've been looking for other solar installers. But then Tesla decides it is time to acquire SolarCity. Will this change availability? Will it allow them to...
  32. Patrick W

    Tesla's deal for SolarCity could speed sustainable energy

    DETROIT (AP) — Tesla wants to put its car and energy storage businesses under one solar-powered roof. Tesla said Monday it will buy solar panel maker SolarCity Corp. in an all-stock deal worth $2.6 billion. The deal must still be approved by the government and shareholders at both companies...
  33. T B

    Integrated solar roofs

    What if we should read the master plan literally? "Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage" Imagine this: a solar panel with batteries attached to the back of it. Thus it can "provide power" even after sunset! Between the solar panel and the batteries coolant...
  34. FVO

    Overname Solarcity

    insideevs.com/tesla-solarcity-press-conference-digest/ Na het lezen van dit artikel zou ik durven gokken dat ze (vooral/ook) gaan inzetten op gelijkstroom. Toch voor wat betreft de koppeling tussen de pv-panelen en Powerwall. DC-laden van de auto zou ook kunnen maar zal wel enkele jaartjes...
  35. SBenson

    SolarCity Bailout Analysis

    In my view, for SCTY access to (enough) capital is bigger issue than the cost of capital itself. At a high level, to do 1GW of installs it needs a capital of $3Bil or thereabouts. Even if it keeps it's install rate constant, it needs external financing of $3Bil each year. So if SCTY chooses to...
  36. ZachShahan

    Tesla Offers To Buy SolarCity

    My quick, initial reflections: Wowza, Tesla Offers To Buy SolarCity!! PR: Tesla Makes Offer to Acquire SolarCity
  37. pdxgibby

    Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX

    I think what Elon Musk and Tesla are doing to accelerate the growth of sustainable energy is admirable. I think they have accomplished more to reduce our carbon footprint in the past 12 years than any other company. SolarCity is another example of advancing technology for sustainability. All of...
  38. gavine

    Help with SolarCity Powerguide

    Can someone explain this? Why does the usage mirror the solar output? That doesn't seem right. Did they hook me up incorrectly for this? The solar feed from the inverter is connected right at my main breaker and not at my breaker box where the amp flow sensor is. The Usage number would be...
  39. N

    Impressive Anti-Elon Attack Ad

    It's impressive in the sense that someone put in a lot of effort into calling people "filthy hippies" living in San Francisco hovels. Elon Musk and his taxpayer subsidized companies - YouTube
  40. Y

    SolarCity dethrones SunPower with new most efficient rooftop panels

    SolarCity has a new panel that trumps SunPower's best panel and now reigns champ for having the most efficient panels: http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2015/10/06/should-sunpower-investors-be-concerned-as-solarcity-clinches-module-efficiency-title/ SolarCity (SCTY) Unveils Worlds...
  41. igotzzoom

    SolarCity Rep put the hard-sell on me in Home Depot!

    Hi All. I just want to preface this by saying I'm definitely in favor of solar power in principle, but there are some reps who go a little beyond the pale with it. I was in Home Depot today looking for some AC coil cleaner, hoping to improve the cooling efficiency of unit. A young man asked if I...
  42. D

    Tesla - SolarCity miscommunication?

    I saw two unrelated posts from potential buyers who want batteries with their solar cells and are confused, because of an issue as described here - Tesla's New Battery Doesn't Work That Well With Solar - Bloomberg Business Let me explain - There were two residential batteries offered by Tesla...
  43. HankLloydRight

    Help reconcile Solarcity usage to electric bill

    For this month, I finally have a 42kWh carry forward on my electric bill, meaning my demand for power was less than what my panels produced over the course of one month. But I can't quite figure out what my *total* kWh usage was for the month. Here are the numbers: Solarcity kWh production...
  44. D

    Ambri liquid metal storage for Solarcity and supercharging stations

    Link to TED talk on the technology: Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy | Talk Video | TED.com from looking around the web and their website, they are only a year away from deployment, and expect a price point of below 500$/kWh, several times cheaper than any li-ion system. It...
  45. TheAustin

    About to sign on the dotted line with SolarCity...Any advice?

    I'm a Tesla Model S owner, and I'm about to move forward on a proposal from SolarCity to have them install solar panels at my house...Any advice, suggestions, etc from fellow Tesla owners/SolarCity customers before I sign on the dotted line? Thanks :)
  46. HankLloydRight

    Help me understand a SolarCity proposal w/r/t Model S charging

    NOTE: New update to my question in Post #25 below I got a quote today from SolarCity to install solar panels on my house. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Here are some of the specifics: Estimated System Size DC 4.17 kW System Size AC 3.64 kW Estimated Annual Production 4,340 kWh I have a...
  47. Curt Renz

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Last spring a thread was initiated in this forum that was devoted solely to discussion of the stock of SolarCity (SCTY). It made sense to have one here at the Tesla Motors Club, since there is no message board for SolarCity. Meanwhile, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is the SolarCity board chairman...
  48. I

    SolarCity-Tesla $1000 Rebate Check

    I just received an email from a Solar City rep with the title above as subject and the following content: ... I wanted to reach out to you to let you know of a $1000 rebate check SolarCity and Tesla are offering. If you are still interested in solar energy and SolarCity, please call...
  49. napabill

    SolarCity solar installation

    Anyone out there have a solar system from SolarCity? Like to hear how you like it. Is there a forum elsewhere where SolarCity users hang out?
  50. FreeOfPge

    SolarCity is testing 8 kilowatt-hour battery (by Tesla)