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  1. M

    Spacers for new Model 3 Performance

    Hey everyone! Been driving a model 3 LR for two years and I've just ordered a new Model 3 Performance. I'd love to put some subtle spacers on the new car, but can anyone recommend me a good brand and fit for it? I don't mind paying the price, since I thinks spacers is the last thing you should...
  2. Visionary

    Sold FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    For sale FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    FS : Bolt On 15mm Bloxsport / Bonoss Spacers for All 4 Wheels. Active Cooling. Forged AL6061-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 310 Mpa, Gives you the perfect flush fitment (see pic). Used for only 2k miles. Like New!. $175 shipped to the 48 states.
  4. C

    Expired H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers - 17mm [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers - 10mm & 17mm. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. N

    2023 Plaid "Refresh" Lowering Links / Spacers 22" Wheels

    Can't seem to find this anywhere, so I did it myself. And I'm too stubborn to pay 3x as much for parts to do this when it's not necessary. Spacers - 25mm : Amazon.com : $95 Lowering Links : Airlinks Lowering Links for 2012-2020 Tesla Model S with Air Suspension | eBay : $60 First things...
  6. L

    Anyone have experience running spacers on the rear wheels only?

    Was considering installing spacers on only the rear wheels, considering the front is far more aligned than the back, however I wanted to see if anyone has experience with this? Is installing only on the back wheels a potential problem? Does the handling get destroyed? Anything here will help...
  7. TESTI

    FS Aspira spacers 20mm & 25mm for Model 3 & Y

    Brand new spacers from aspira never used, These will fit both Model 3 and Model Y including the performance models. Purchased from: Aspira Auto Design Wheel Spacers Price $250 CAD for both In located in Toronto, Canada but can ship anywhere
  8. D

    Bonoss (Bloxsport) Flush Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm

    Iave for a sale a almost brand new spacer set. It was only used for 3 weeks before i bought aftermarket wheels. Bonoss (Bloxsport) Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm $175 Located in central Iowa
  9. G

    Socal: 22 Model S - Lowering links, Spacers, All weather mats, game controllers

    I am in Socal. I just sold my 22 Model S Long Range. These parts were in my car for 6 months. 1. Unplugged Performance lowering links- Fantastic option, with the links the suspension was on low when "medium height" was selected on the screen. Handled great. $450 2. Adaptec Billet aluminum 20mm...
  10. pwrusr

    Bonoss (Bloxsport) Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm

    Selling a set of (2) 20mm and (2) 25mm spacers, used for approx. 500 miles. $130 picked up in Ventura or $150 shipped
  11. KyleM3

    FS: Used H&R Spacers (14mm)

    Selling my used pair of H&R TRAK+ spacers (14mm). These were installed for 10K miles and required zero modification on the front of my car. I have the 2020 satin sports wheels and an M3P. Tons of life left, zero issues. Simply went wider up front and in the rear now. Selling for $100 OBO...
  12. B

    Bonoss wheel spacer 2pc 20mm 2pc 15mm SoCal

    $160 for the set. Prefer local pickup but will ship if they do not sell locally soon. Located in the San Gabriel Valley area.
  13. chump408

    FS: (2) Pairs of Bloxsport 18mm Wheel Spacers for Model 3/Y

    Never used (2) pairs of Bloxsport Forged 18mm wheel spacers. Decided to go a different route with my wheel setup. You can find these on RPMtesla for $250 for (2) pairs on their website. Willing to let these go for $180 OBO. Prefer to sell locally in Orange County. Will consider shipping if I...
  14. S

    Unplugged Performance Lowering Brackets & Rear Camber Kits + BONOSS Hubcentric Spacers

    Hi Everyone, Just bought a used 2014 MS P85 that had lowering links installed with the 21" turbine wheels (squared set up). The left rear seems to be sagging a bit and I suspect it might be due to the adjustable lowering links. I'm the type of person to fix it right the first time so I plan on...
  15. W

    FS: Blox Spacers 15mm & 20mm

    Selling blox spacers 15mm and 20mm. They have about 10k miles on them. Switched to aftermarket wheels don't have any use for them. $120 picked up from Socal. Orange county or inland empire. Will post pics as soon as they are off the car tomorrow.
  16. J

    MYP: Spacers on 21” Ubertines

    Has anyone added spacers to the stock 21” Ubertines setup? If so, what size did you add front/rear? Pix would also be nice!
  17. U

    M3P wheel spacers 5mm/20mm

    I have a set of spacers I used with my OEM wheels before I got a custom set of forged wheels. 5mm front and 20mm rear. $100 shipped (USA) for the set.
  18. Firehuntah

    Tesla modificaties

    Het grote verzameldraadje voor alle modificaties aan je Tesla. Maakt niet uit of het een Model S, 3, X, Roadster 1.0, of in de toekomst Model Y, Roadster 2.0 of Cybertruck, is. Alle modellen zijn hier welkom. 😉 Zelfs modificaties aan je Tesla Semi! Of gaat dat net iets te ver? 😅 In ieder geval...
  19. VegarHenriksen

    6mm spacers

    Hello, The Model S has a center bore that is 64.1mm and my rims are 72.6mm. I already have hub rings that converts from 72.6 to 64.1mm, but I need to use 6mm spacers on the rear of my Model S in order for my rims to fit. What size should the "hole" in the spacers be, what type of spacers and...
  20. S

    2021 Long Range Wheel Spacers - Size, Brand, AP Impacts?

    Hey everyone, I have the 18" Aero wheel, hubs removed, on my 2021 LR. From what I've seen, Blox is the most popular brand and they look great, so unless someone has info saying I should go elsewhere, they're what I'm going to go with. I'd like to go with 20mm in the rear and 15mm in the front...
  21. KyleM3

    Ugh, Another M3P Spacers Thread

    Alright, so I’ve combed through the 10 page thread on the Performance model and spacers - what’s doable and what isn’t without shaving down the stud. I don’t want to do that, I can live without being flush vs. sacrificing stud integrity (even if minimal). I’m a spacer noob, always went the...
  22. awedio_femi

    BLOX Forged 6061T6 Hub Centric Spacers

    Picked up 2x 15mm and 2x 20mm. These folks sure know how to "pack" the product. Each spacer was quad wrapped, minimal chance for damage, very nice!! Kudos to BLOX for the nice machining job. Time to go install 'em.
  23. C

    Question about 5mm spacers on my 22in Vossen rims

    Hey everyone I have a question regarding tires for my Vossen rims with 5mm spacers. Background: Currently I have Vossen VFS2 22x9 (5x120 +30) Front and 22x10.5 (5x120 +38) Rear. For about a year I have had Nexen N5000 Plus tires, which I have been happy with, but the problem is the fronts are...
  24. Xerious

    FS: Wheel Spacers 20mm/25mm BLOX for Model 3 (SF Bay Area)

    Hello, I have a set of Blox 20MM/25MM spacers for a Tesla Model 3. They were only on the car for a few hundred miles and used with my stock 19” OEM Rims. I’m asking $125 for the set. They are the same as the ones found here...
  25. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Model 3 Wheel Spacers for OEM Wheels - Gives Flush Fitment Look *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have in stock 2 sets of wheel spacers for the Model 3. These are made for the OEM wheels and meant to bring the wheels out towards the fenders more for a flush look. Currently with the stock wheels, the fenders dramatically hang over the wheels. This will fix that awkward look...
  26. H

    2013 P85+ w/CPO warranty (Dec 2013 production)

    Need to sell my prized possession due to baby arrival 2013 P85+ blk on blk with CPO warranty good through 4/2021 or 72k miles. Spent over $6000 in mods, -SoCal vehicle -Fully loaded -December 2013 production date -CPO with full warranty through 4/2021 or another 42k miles (72k total)...
  27. P

    Wheel Spacers on Model X

    Does anyone know what's the factory range tolerance for the wheel offset? Also, have any X owners already installed wheel spacers on their cars? If so, mind to share your experience? Thank you.