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  1. B

    Creaky/squeaky suspension in 2019 Model X

    My Model X sounds like an old man! Very loud creaking/squeaking at slower speeds, over speed bumps, or any texture in the road where the suspension engages. It also makes that noise when turning the steering wheel. This started happening about two weeks ago. I assume I need to take it into...
  2. T

    Williams v. Tesla, Inc. - 151,067 vehicles -

    According to publicly available data, the total number of Tesla vehicles sold nationwide is approximately 151,067. Tesla Model S and Model X with a production date between September 17, 2013, and October 15, 2018) Tesla Class Action Over Alleged Model S and X Suspension Defect (This case has...
  3. M

    Need to change the suspension of my 22 MY in NYC/LI/Westchester, HELP?!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2022 Model Y Long Range with a 19" wheel and the ride quality of this vehicle has been horrendous. I'm coming from Volvo XC60 which drove really smoothly. While I drive I don't feel it much but my pregnant wife who sits with our kid in the back feels every bump. She's...
  4. T

    For Sale FS: OEM Tesla Model 3 Performance Front & Rear Suspension with T-Sportline Lowering Springs ****************

    For sale, Tesla Model 3 Performance Front & Rear Suspension with T-Sportline Lowering Springs I upgraded to Tein coilovers. This suspension is off my 2019 Tesla Model 3 performance. It comes with T-Sportline lowering springs. Please see pictures. I included a picture of my car lowered on this...
  5. LavanyaLea

    Squeaky rear suspension, out of warranty Tesla

    Hi, last week I noticed noise coming from my rear suspension passenger side. My car is 2019 Model 3 and sadly just out of warranty (50,200 miles!). I have had the front upper arm suspension replaced last year - they initially gave injection but when the problem recurred they replaced it under...
  6. K

    Suspension links lengths

    Anyone know the original length on the sensors? I can't find my original for the 2019 X. (I have from several cars. And don't know which car they belong to).
  7. N

    22MYP Suspension Upgrade third party or new 23 comfort suspension?

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade, the post winter potholes here in WNY are brutal. I’ve been doing a good amount of research and I’m leaning towards the 23 “comfort” suspension because it is by far the cheapest option. Some videos on YouTube seem a bit “influenced” so I...
  8. G

    Socal: 22 Model S - Lowering links, Spacers, All weather mats, game controllers

    I am in Socal. I just sold my 22 Model S Long Range. These parts were in my car for 6 months. 1. Unplugged Performance lowering links- Fantastic option, with the links the suspension was on low when "medium height" was selected on the screen. Handled great. $450 2. Adaptec Billet aluminum 20mm...
  9. N

    OEM Model 3 performance shocks / struts / springs for sale

    OEM Model 3 Performance / AWD 2022 struts / shocks / springs. Good condition, only 4000 miles on them. Local pickup in Los Angeles. $600.
  10. K

    UK - Wanting to test drive ‘comfort suspension’.

    After a depressing look at other manufacturer’s hybrid and BEV offerings I found myself (somewhat unexpectedly) in a Tesla showroom interested in a MYLR. No MYLR was available so I test drove a MYRWD - which was ‘interesting‘ - but ultimately I had to walk away because of the vision-blurring...
  11. N

    Unplugged Model S Suspension Package ($6000) Includes Rear Sway bar

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-plaid-lr-suspension-package-1/ https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/2021-tesla-model-s-plaid-lr-rear-sway-bar-3-way-adjustable/ This package provides you ultimate alignment control over the camber, caster, and toe to allow you to set up the...
  12. P

    Car shaking back and forth, head hitting headrest

    When driving on concrete highways, the car starts rocking back and forth on the joints and my head hits the headrest. It’s a really annoying and uncomfortable ride. I haven’t noticed the same problem on asphalt highways. The car also is very rough over bumps. The suspension on my model Y feels...
  13. 3peat

    Loud Suspension Thump at Low Speeds or Sharp Turns

    I am having an issue with my Tesla Model 3 where a loud "thunk", "clunk", or "thump" sound is coming from my suspension or wheel area (I think). Whenever I am at relatively low speed and making a sharp turn, or sometimes when I'm at an incline and going up a small ramp (like a parking garage) is...
  14. H

    2013 Model S - downhill speed bumps cause creaking

    Anyone else have a creaking from the front suspension when going downhill and over a speed bump? I just had all the control arms changed on the front suspension to eliminate some noises.... but going downhill and over a speed bump still has a loud creak from the driver side front. Sounds like...
  15. G

    Cracking noise around front left wheel (with video), SC says normal trim noise?

    Hi: My 2019 M3 AWD is developing a disturbing cracking sound around front left wheel / fronk / suspension area. I've been having this concern over the last half year, went to service center twice, and they said it's "normal interior trim noise as vehicle gets older". I've attached a short video...
  16. oggunderscore

    FS: Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Spring Set - Model 3 RWD

    Heya, looking to sell this extra set of springs. They have approx 5k miles put on them. I already have MPP Coilovers on my Model 3, and these came in as a bundle with the purchase from the previous owner. These Mild springs are meant for Model 3 RWD (SR, SR+, LR RWD) (2017-2023) Original...
  17. Danthebeast

    Tesla model 3 LONG RANGE/AWD full suspension set shocks and springs came off 2021

    Tesla model 3 LONG RANGE/AWD full suspension set shocks and springs came off 2021 has 3k miles on them asking $600 san diego ca area pick up only
  18. B

    Am I looking for a unicorn? Model Y with new suspension and USS?

    As per the title- I've spent a few hours looking around trying to get a model y, new or used, that has the new suspension and ultra sonic sensors. Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Or should I not worry about the loss of the USS or the new suspension and get one?
  19. N

    Squeaking Suspension Over Bumpy Roads

    We took delivery of our Performance Y in May. Last month, when going over any slightly bumpy surface at 40mph+, it developed this high pitched squeaking. Sounds like it coming from the drivers side front wheel well. Service center has no idea and won’t fix it unless reproduced at low speeds...
  20. T

    Ervaringen met aanpassing van de vering van een Model Y

    Ik heb een Model Y performance sinds September 2022 en ik ben over het algemeen erg tevreden. Zoals verwacht (en bekend) is de vering niet optimaal als het gaat om opvangen van "klappen" (drempels, gaten/putten in de weg etc.). Het is overkomelijk maar af en toe storend genoeg om er wat...
  21. RedwoodMotors

    Vendor (Open Box) Ohlins Road & Track DFV Coilovers

    OPEN BOX DEAL! Only opened the box once to show a customer how the kit looked in person, otherwise it's brand new and never installed! Email us [email protected] for special pricing on installation/alignments for this kit! Features: Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology Developed and...
  22. D

    2018 75D Model X with wobble 5-20mph

    I have a 2018 75D Model X that seems to have developed a wobble in the last couple weeks - coincidentally after I took it to a service center just before the original warranty expired. When coasting between about 5 to 20mph the car jiggles or wobbles from side to side if somebody was standing on...
  23. R

    Model S "Plus" Air suspension worth swapping to "Standard" Air suspension car?

    Hello, I currently have a 2014.5 Model S P85D with the "Plus" Air suspension package. I am aware that this package means that I have slightly stiffer shocks, 2mm thicker anti-roll bars, and stiffer bushings (P85+ Package). There really isn't a lot of information on this package online in...
  24. K

    [MS-LR '22] Suspension-y noises?

    My car is about 3000 miles in; since a while now, I noticed "suspension-y" noises coming in. I took the car in, and service claimed that it was loose "mud flaps" rubbing. So I took the mud flaps off. The noises are still there. It's closest described as a "old bed sound" when I am driving...
  25. G

    Smart Air Suspension

    For vehicles that do not have it, is the only ride height the equivalent to the lowest setting with the SAS? or do SAS vehicles get lower than the vehicles without it?
  26. M

    FS: Model 3 Performance AWD suspension shocks and springs / front and rear sway bars

    I’m selling my OEM shocks and springs (no top hats) and rear front and rear sway bars on my Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD. This will lower a long range AWD by about 0.5". $550 firm. Local pickup preferred: SoCal area. Los Angeles area.
  27. N

    2018 P75D Bent Tie rods

    I am new here so forgive me if I accidently break rules. I bought my Model S used at 46000 miles here in southern california. It was a non-tesla dealer and the car was sold As-Is with no warranty. Know a thing or two about cars so i trusted my gut and cut a deal. Love everything about the...
  28. tomcat

    New feature identification / tracking

    I recently ordered my Y in the U.K. and am aware of a couple of new features or enhancements that are coming down the line and would like to know at what point these will be introduced. Tesla seems to be as tight-lipped as Apple when it comes to announcing new features or updates and, since...
  29. Raindog1

    Energy recovery from suspension travel

    I’m looking for links and information on Tesla recovering energy from suspension travel via ultra capacitors. I once saw a brief video about this but I don’t know if Tesla actually put it into the suspension. Any info, confirmation or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  30. M

    Is my 2022 Model 3 Performance totaled?

    Slipped on water and ran into a guard rail. Does this look totaled?
  31. D

    Alternative Jack Stand Point

    Hi, DIYer here. Is it okay to place a jack stand under as I have done here? Thanks.
  32. M

    2018 model s suspension defective. 54,000 miles

    I recently went to get my 2018 Tesla Model S serviced in Burbank, CA My suspension is defective and Tesla is refusing to cover the expenses. Tesla wants to charge me $2,000 for the repair for my vehicle to be able to get aligned correctly. I asked for a good will adjustment and they only...
  33. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Development of Model S Plaid - All brake/suspension upgrades to date!

    Hey TMC Family! We wanted to make a single thread to display the products we have developed for the Model S over the last year or so, and share any updates on where we are headed next. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here as well. We will update this as we add products to the...
  34. T

    Hit fairly large trench, bottomed out

    Was showing a friend autopilot at night on a road w/out streetlights, when we ran into this massive trench in the road. Looked like 5 ft of asphalt was sectioned out across the whole lane for construction or some bullcrap, but there was no warning whatsoever 🤬. We were going about 30 mph which...
  35. C

    2020 PMY factory suspension (Atlanta)

    2020 Model Y Performance factory front/rear struts, coils with factory rear camber arms. About 10k miles on these components. I believe these will lower a long range model Y by an inch. Trying to clean parts out of garage...$200 obo, prefer local pickup. Also advertised locally...
  36. C

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Hi all. My model 3 was in a collision today which was front left of my car colliding with front right of the other drivers vehicle. This was a low speed crash at around 15mph. The front left bumper have been dented around the wheel and there are some scratches. It doesn’t seem too bad but the...
  37. A

    For Sale - MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully Adjustable Suspension Kit - 7 Left

    We are trying to move the last 7 of the MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully adjustable Suspension Kit's out of our warehouse to make room for some other things. These are brand new un-opened kits. MSRP is $1,368.41, and I am willing to give them up for $999.99 + shipping. Or, if you are in or near the Bay...
  38. R

    Model S Air Suspension Question

    I am new to Tesla and have a used 2020 Model S and have been looking at the suspension screen. I noticed that it seems to indicate that the left rear is reading 2 inches higher than the right rear. See photos. The car seems to drive and park flat. When parked, the front seems higher than the...
  39. Steezynickel

    M3/MY AWD Mountain Pass Performance Control Arms and Toe/Camber Arms

    I bought these brand new last year and my air never came in so I’m just going another route. I’m asking the price I paid + shipping if out of state. Don’t waste my time trying to trade me because I’m not interested. I’m located in Orange County, CA. MPP Arastradero Model 3/Y Rear Camber Arms...
  40. S

    2022 M3P springs, shocks, upper control arms, rear camber arms, lower arm bearings

    2 months old $500 for all in SoCal
  41. tom @ eas

    Vendor SPL Racing Suspension for Tesla - Now Available!

    About SPL From full racing to high performance street applications, SPL suspension products provide adjustability and increased performance for custom alignment needs. The highest quality construction and innovative features are the reasons why our products are not only chosen by the top race...
  42. A

    Model X 2020 vs 2022 suspension

    I just picked up my 2022 Model X LR after having my 2020 MXLR lemoned. My wife immediately noticed that the suspension feels completely different in comfort mode. We loved the really soft and smooth suspension from our old X. But the new 2022 X seems to be significantly bumpier, causing wife to...
  43. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  44. N

    Strutmasters Control Arms

    My front control arm bushings are starting to go out on my 2014 MS, so I started looking around for replacements. Through Tesla, I am looking at just over $1500 in parts for all 6 pieces. I ran across a site called Strutmasters where the same parts with shipping are only $760. Has anyone here...
  45. D

    Aftermarket air suspension for Model Y, what do you recommend?

    Hi all I am considering to install an aftermarket air suspension kit for Model Y 2022. Several reasons: ride too firm, I will tow a caravan (short distances), roads in my region are bad, and why not. I am not aiming to slam the car, but rather be able to increase the height over OEM and get a...
  46. Y

    MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilovers Model Y

    I have MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for sale. Brand new, never used, open box. I'm in Los Angeles/Orange county area. Local pick-up preferred. If interested, DM me. Product info: Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model Y | MPP
  47. M

    FS: MPP Comfort adjustable coilover suspension

    Mountain Pass Performance coilover suspension kit. Brand new never used in open box. This will fit any Model Y (including RWD standard range models). More info: Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model Y Pick up only. Located in Los Angeles/Orange County area $2800
  48. LA PYD

    Model 3 Performance OEM Suspension

    oem 2019 performance model 3 oem shock and spring suspension. has roughly 2k miles on them. i went with air suspension then sold my car. has been garaged... need gone, located in san gabriel valley. asking 400 obo. pick up preferred. serious buyers only
  49. J

    Smooth and quiet ride (help)

    Hello Tesla experts. I am looking for some advice / guidance on a very specific goal and I think this is the right section to post since Im 99 percent I need an X but generally - I want the smoothest riding Tesla possible. A little back story: I currently have a 2018 Tesla model three long...
  50. V

    Unplugged Performance Worth It?

    I have a 2021 Model Y. I ordered Unplugged Performance's Luxury Coilovers in July 2021, but I still haven't received my installation due to shipping delays. I'm looking for advice to see if it's still worth waiting for it or if I should use the refund (about $3700) for other upgrades (ceramic...

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