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  1. D

    Has ride comfort / stiffness improved?

    Currently own a 2019 Model 3 LR with the aero wheels. I love the car, but my family sitting in the rear seats, not so much... I didn't believe my wife at first until we switched places and I sat in the back. I got migraines, nasuea and just wanted to get out of the car. And btw, neither of us...
  2. P

    Clunking from the L front CV joint with creaking sound when going up/down driveway

    My M3 LRPerf (Stealth) currently with 9K miles on it was built in Freemont in June 2020. I took possession in mid July as original owner. When exiting my driveway the suspension has always has a little creek/groan. I've assumed that this was normal as the car was just coming out of the...
  3. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  4. s88ats

    Recommendations for suspension work on TM3

    Hi All, I am looking to get some suspension work done (H&R lowering springs- thanks @Cyclone1) however with the removal of the frunk and for added peace of mind, I would think it beneficial to get the work done by someone who has worked on a Model 3 before. I've come across some threads whereby...
  5. N

    Selling 2016 Black Model S 75D

    Hi, I have a 2016 Model S 75D dual motor awd: 1. Black exterior with premium black 21” wheels 2. Super charging for life 3. Hardware 3 upgrade 4. Mcu v1. If you want mcu2 add $1500 5. Fsd + autopilot options 6. Smart Suspension option 7. Cold weather package 8. White interior 9. 38,896 miles...
  6. houstonian

    Help Identifying Low Speed "clunk/rattle" Occuring When Steering Wheel Turned Mostly to Left/Right

    Afternoon All, Have a JAN 2017 Model S 75D with ~115k on it. Car's performed well but am having two issues I need the board's helps with as Tesla Service is striking out on figuring it out. Main issue (this thread) is a clunk/rattle sound that occurs when turning (steering wheel turned more...
  7. M

    Model 3 RWD YCW coilovers for sale

    Trading in my 2018 RWD for 2021 AWD so I removed the coilovers installed before trade in. It can’t be used for new AWD unfortunately. Had these on my car for about 4k miles or less. It is rebound adjustable for front and rear. Bought it for $1650 with shipping and assembly from YCW. Contains...
  8. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance - Black Friday Sale 2020!

    MPP Black Friday Starts Early Because 2020 Dear MPP friends, it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for! Oh sorry – not the end of the election, or the end of the pandemic – we’re talking about Black Friday! We generally have our largest sale of the year on Black Friday not just...
  9. M

    Model 3 on YCW Aeries One way adjustment Coilovers

    Model 3 has few options on coilovers and suspension technology now compared to last year with affordable price range. We have UP, MPP and Redwood with KWs and Ohlins and they maybe great but not for the wallets haha. So I decided to search for some decent suspension without breaking the bank...
  10. Gwgan

    High suspension limit 19mph

    Drove some rough roads today and tried to set the suspension from Standard to High but car would return to Standard at speeds over 18mph instead of at 35mph as advertised on the settings screen. Interestingly, when the car rose to High automatically based on previous location settings it would...
  11. N

    Tesla's Suspension Issues: Owners Discuss Defective Parts

    Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y Suspension Issues: Owners Discuss Defective Parts Interesting article even the comments!
  12. T

    New P-MX (5K miles) is very bouncy and unstable at highway speeds

    Did not find other posts with similar experience and hence starting a new thread.. have a 2019 Performance MX, with 22` wheel and has the new Raven suspension.. since purchase i did feel the ride was a little off.. I dont know whats causing it and hence dont know what to tell the service...
  13. KyleM3

    Model 3 Performance Lowered

    Anyone lowered their Model 3 P and have photos? I ask for the P specifically because I want to see the factory wheels. Debating if I want to do before years end or wait until Spring next year. Also, how’s clearance in most cases? I’m looking at H&R.
  14. Slam_EVS

    FS: Unplugged Lowering Brackets Model X

    For sale is brand new unplugged lowering brackets for model x. Never installed. I have them on my model s, but never ended up getting model x. Will be buying model y instead Located in Vancouver. BC. Can meet up or preferred shipping in Canada Asking Price: $750 OBO Thank you!
  15. MountainPass

    Vendor Hurry Up And Wait Coilover Sale!

    Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed...
  16. R

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    How long does it take a Tesla shop to replace the upper-control-arm ball joints? I am getting my TM3LR's replaced on Thursday 3 August.
  17. Gwgan


    Tesla 2020.32 Software Update With 'Suspension Improvements' For Model S X Can someone please clarify the suspension height settings for Model X. Does this new software apply to pre-Raven models?
  18. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Model Y Unplugged Performance - Street, Race and Drift!

    What upgrades do you think would help you get even more out of your new Model Y? Unplugged Performance tuning parts are extensively tested on street and track before general release. This UP Model Y Performance development car features a number of prototype parts. We had a blast exploring the...
  19. corndog

    OEM Suspension Position Sensors

    I swapped out the springs in my 2020 3LRD yesterday and noticed that it has suspension position sensors on the left hand side, front and rear. None on the right hand side. I haven't seen these mentioned anywhere yet, and I'm curious about what they would be doing. My theories are: - Monitoring...
  20. jobiggs24

    Creaking - Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. The sound is quite embarrassing.. 2013 S85. Just had drive unit...
  21. jobiggs24

    Creaking from Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. Hesitant to go back to service center because I have Openpilot...
  22. MountainPass

    Vendor NEW: MPP Model 3 Comfort Adjustable Coilovers RWD/AWD!

    Our newest suspension line introduced in April 2020! You asked, we listened. It is clear that many of our fine TMC members prioritize quality and comfort over all else, so after testing the waters with a hybrid version of the Sports kit, we have committed to a fully retuned version that will...
  23. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 AWD suspension

    Spring and shocks from 2020 Model 3 AWD. Only part missing is the top hats. Replaced these with MPP hybrid coil overs. DFW area pickup preferred $350
  24. Mash

    Inexpensive Air Lift for adjustable coilovers

    There is this kit made in Netherlands TANKLESS FRONT KIT – Stanceparts With adjustable coilovers (like KW/MPP/Ohlins/UP) It lifts front axle 50mm (1 second with a tank, 4 seconds without a tank, but I plan to use small kevlar tank instead of a huge one in the kit). If it is deflated (low...
  25. Xenoilphobe

    TESLA - MODEL S - Control arms bushing kit

    Anyone tried these yet on a 2014 P85+ or any Model S? My handling is not a great as it used to be a close to 100K miles on my car... thought this might help or is it just cheaper to buy the four control arms and save the labor on pressing these in. $800 for the four control arms or $500 plus...
  26. Triumphz28

    FS: $85 with Ship - Model S/X 2012-2020 Adjustable Lowering Links - Air Suspension Vehicles Only

    FOR SALE - Tesla Model S/X 2012-2020 Adjustable Lowering Links - Works with Any Air Suspension Tesla Vehicles (all years) $85 with free shipping included lower 48 Used for about 5k Miles - worked great and made the vehicle look amazing. Payment Accepted: Venmo or PayPal Friends and Family...
  27. beastmode13

    BeastMode13's Dual Purpose P3D Build Journey

    I have the curse of being an enthusiast that can't just leave things alone. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this. :) After starting several threads on installations and track performance related FYI, I find myself going back to those threads time and time again when I'm working...
  28. Beta V

    Suspension Keeps me in Suspense

    Somehow, my Model X seemed to think it needed to raise my suspension to "Very High" whenever it felt like it. While some might attribute this behavior to the fact that pot is legal here in Washington State, I suspect it has more to do with the snowstorm we had over a year ago. I do recall a 30"...
  29. M

    KW V3 coilovers for RWD

    Brand new open box coilovers for sale, bought it to install but life happens and decided not to install them. This is for RWD model 3, asking $2250 as new sells for $2550.
  30. R

    "Trailing Arm" replacement

    Has anyone had to work on the Roadster suspension, and needed a trailing arm? My independent mechanic showed me how the wheel shakes after being fully mounted and recommends I don't drive it before it is repaired. But we are having trouble finding the parts and tesla will take at least a few...
  31. bwherry

    Cete Automotive Active Suspension Control for Model S (smart air suspension)

    Hi guys, While I was researching wheels for my Model S (because wheels...) I found a thread with a wheel style I like installed on an Audi S8 and in the owner's post he mentioned that his car was lowered with the "Cete lowering module" - and I was all like, "WTF is the Cete lowering module?" So...
  32. M

    2019 Model S Raven Suspension Noise

    I took delivery of my Model S Raven on 6/28/19. Along with a dent in the hood, a bumper panel was not attached, a door panel that was not attached, and some of the rear seat panels were not attached – all in all, it seemed like a rush job before the end of the quarter for Tesla. I should’ve...
  33. TheTeslaStudio

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Accessories Now Available at Our Studios.

    Personalize Your New Model 3! We are currently selling and installing the following accessories for your new Model 3. All Weather Fitted Floor Mats/Liner Carbon Fiber Spoilers Eibach Lowering Springs MountainPass Performance Coilovers MountainPass Performance Toe & Camber Arms Big Brake...
  34. JChris

    2017 MX Creaking Under Mild-Hard Acceleration/Now It Failed

    MX Baseline Stats: 2017 MX with approx 25k miles. Over the past year plus I would hear an intermittent creaking noise under mild to hard acceleration ONLY from the right front suspension area. Not bad enough for me to feel like it needed attention. Yesterday, as I was mildly accelerating...
  35. T

    Model X Creaking noise while starting to move

    Just picked up a 2017 Model X overall great condition but there is an odd sound when I start to move from a stop or get close to stopping from a move listen to video. Anyone encounter this, potential fixed, I’m setting up a service appointment but curious if this is common.
  36. srkerd

    Reverse Brake LOUD!!! noise

    I was wondering if anybody has a guess to why this is happening and how to fix it. For additional info. I have UP moderates installed and aftermarket wheels. I wonder if something went wrong during installation. I believe the break pads comes off during installation. When I am going...
  37. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Weekend Sale!!!

    We The North – Here’s 10% Off, No Hard Feelings As most of you know, we’re located in Toronto, Canada. Well, last night our Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals to take home their first ever championship! Now we’re not huge basketball fans, but we don’t want...
  38. C

    Tesla Model S Suspension

    Shocked about how many model S issues there are with suspension. Seems to be all related to poor quality. My car was standing in my garage and suddenly fell down in the front. According to SC related to pot hole issue. Now looking at the Highway National Safety database, most issues there are...
  39. beastmode13

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Two of the weakest link of P3 are the brakes and suspension. Tesla walked a fine line between performance and comfort, for most of the customers, it might be perfect. However, I like my brake a lot more aggressive and suspension a lot more controlled and tight. When Mountain Pass Performance...
  40. T

    OEM model 3 suspension [Bay Area]

    Selling all OEM parts that were replaced by the MPP Sport Coil Over kit. Coming from a non PUP M3 performance. PM offers.
  41. David99

    fixing a suspension rattle in a Model S/X (

    Suspension rattles can have many sources. There are many moving parts that can wear out and cause rattles. It is hard to pinpoint the exact source sometimes because in the cabin they all sound very similar. I had some rattles for a while and spent month trying to get to the bottom of it. This...
  42. T

    Low/No speed suspension noise normal?

    I've noticed that when I turn the wheel at low or no speed, as seen/heard in this video, I get a creaking/ticking noise. Sometimes it's just one or two sounds, but usually always when I have to crank the wheel for slow turns or pulling/backing into parking spots. It's normally not as bad as the...
  43. D

    Suspension settings for shudder & tire wear?

    I have a late 2017 MX100D. With the suspension in Standard mode or higher, I have shudder with moderate to hard acceleration. I have reported it to Tesla, and they say its normal and to just use low mode. With the suspension set on low or very low, all is well. There have been a lot of...
  44. P

    fully adaptive air suspension

    The Tesla blog of 23 April includes "Fully Adaptive Suspension" I have not been able to find much detail beyond what is written there. This adaptive suspension is potentially a game changer. My air suspension is good on the highway but my passengers complain that it is too rough on typical city...
  45. I

    Suspension Heights...Depths

    The other day, I had need to raise my suspension. However, when I located the choice, I was confused! It was showing not low, medium, high but 20,000 leagues! That turned out to be high, rather than Capt Nemo and his submarine! Not good! Today, I checked again and it is now, Low, Medium...
  46. BHCLUC

    Suspension Creak

    I've searched around, and I see a number of treads about rattling suspension, but I can't seem to locate anything similar to my issue. From the audio I have heard thus far, it seems like my issue might be different. I have a Dec 2017 75D with air suspension. Since November, I have been...
  47. E

    Clunk from right rear, have vid.. ideas?

    Hey all, Hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New years. My Sig has been giving an intermittent clunk/thud from the right rear for the past month or two. It is not regularly reproducible, but most often occurs after car has been parked, once car is moving thud may occur anywhere from...
  48. BizJet

    Fair Warning: From "Air Suspension Needs Service" --> Total Failure

    When I left a Tesla Service center a couple of months ago after a complete tire swap-out for my MX 90D, I noticed an "Air Suspension Needs Service" warning. But after I made a stop on the way home, the warning disappeared. Then I saw it again several times, and it rarely stayed on for more...
  49. Carl

    Raising the suspension of a Model S (on coils, not SAS)?

    My MS, on coils, is scraping garage exits weekly or so. I told myself it was a temporary problem as I would get an M3 instead, but now I see the M3 has only 0.5 cm more ground clearance (14 cm vs. 13.5 cm) - it does have a 10 cm smaller wheelbase, but I still doubt that would do the trick. So am...
  50. PaulV

    "Klapperend" geluid bij optrekken MS - heeft iedereen dit?

    Goedemiddag allen, Inmiddels bijna een jaar lang trotse bezitter van een MS die tot op heden weinig te klagen heeft gehad. Nu is er toch een kleine irritatie die mij eigenlijk al enkele maanden aan het storen is, maar ik tot op heden in mijn hoofd heb goedgepraat; namelijk een klapperend...

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