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  1. S

    2022 M3P springs, shocks, upper control arms, rear camber arms, lower arm bearings

    2 months old $500 for all in SoCal
  2. tom @ eas

    Vendor SPL Racing Suspension for Tesla - Now Available!

    About SPL From full racing to high performance street applications, SPL suspension products provide adjustability and increased performance for custom alignment needs. The highest quality construction and innovative features are the reasons why our products are not only chosen by the top race...
  3. A

    Model X 2020 vs 2022 suspension

    I just picked up my 2022 Model X LR after having my 2020 MXLR lemoned. My wife immediately noticed that the suspension feels completely different in comfort mode. We loved the really soft and smooth suspension from our old X. But the new 2022 X seems to be significantly bumpier, causing wife to...
  4. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  5. N

    Strutmasters Control Arms

    My front control arm bushings are starting to go out on my 2014 MS, so I started looking around for replacements. Through Tesla, I am looking at just over $1500 in parts for all 6 pieces. I ran across a site called Strutmasters where the same parts with shipping are only $760. Has anyone here...
  6. D

    Aftermarket air suspension for Model Y, what do you recommend?

    Hi all I am considering to install an aftermarket air suspension kit for Model Y 2022. Several reasons: ride too firm, I will tow a caravan (short distances), roads in my region are bad, and why not. I am not aiming to slam the car, but rather be able to increase the height over OEM and get a...
  7. Y

    MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilovers Model Y

    I have MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for sale. Brand new, never used, open box. I'm in Los Angeles/Orange county area. Local pick-up preferred. If interested, DM me. Product info: Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model Y | MPP
  8. M

    FS: MPP Comfort adjustable coilover suspension

    Mountain Pass Performance coilover suspension kit. Brand new never used in open box. This will fit any Model Y (including RWD standard range models). More info: Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model Y Pick up only. Located in Los Angeles/Orange County area $2800
  9. LA PYD

    Model 3 Performance OEM Suspension

    oem 2019 performance model 3 oem shock and spring suspension. has roughly 2k miles on them. i went with air suspension then sold my car. has been garaged... need gone, located in san gabriel valley. asking 400 obo. pick up preferred. serious buyers only
  10. J

    Smooth and quiet ride (help)

    Hello Tesla experts. I am looking for some advice / guidance on a very specific goal and I think this is the right section to post since Im 99 percent I need an X but generally - I want the smoothest riding Tesla possible. A little back story: I currently have a 2018 Tesla model three long...
  11. V

    Unplugged Performance Worth It?

    I have a 2021 Model Y. I ordered Unplugged Performance's Luxury Coilovers in July 2021, but I still haven't received my installation due to shipping delays. I'm looking for advice to see if it's still worth waiting for it or if I should use the refund (about $3700) for other upgrades (ceramic...
  12. J

    Model S Driving problems, thoughts?

    I have a 2016 P100D and I was casually driving today and made a right hand turn at a very reasonable/non-aggressive speed 10-15mph and the car instantly felt as if it fishtailed behind me as if I flew thru the turn at 40mph. I straightened it out and now the steering wheel is off center and...
  13. M

    FS: MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilover suspension kit for Tesla Model Y

    Mountain Pass Performance adjustable coilovers built by KW for sale. Brand new never used in box. Should fit any AWD Tesla Model Y. Front strut springs for RWD standard range Model Y’s also included. For more info: Mountain Pass Performance - Model Y coilovers For pickup only in Los...
  14. M

    MPP Comfort adjustable coilovers (FOR STD RANGE RWD MODEL Y) New in box

    These are Mountain Pass Performance coilovers. New in box never used. Specially ordered for RWD Tesla Model Y Standard Range models. Local pick up only. Located in Los Angeles/Orange County area. $2,850 FIRM
  15. thtrotter

    Model X front end creaking

    I have a 2017 Model X that suddenly developed a loud creaking in the passenger side front end. The creaking seems to be related to the movement of the suspension, but I also notice it when I turn either direction. It’s not related to braking except to the extent that the suspension is...
  16. Danthebeast

    Eibach lowering springs for tesla model 3 awd long range san diego ca

    only 200 miles on them asking $250 obo, pick up only in san diego, ca
  17. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP / TeamPGR Project Plaid

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great week! We've been meaning to make a Plaid journal for a while - so while we're a bit late, it's better late than never. For those are you that are eager for the latest updates, we are usually posting to Instagram. Let's get started! A quick...
  18. tom @ eas

    Vendor ▀▄ eas | KW Variant 3 Coilovers now available for Tesla Model Y - IN STOCK

    KW V3 Adjustable Coilovers have landed for your Tesla Model Y and are now in stock at EAS! https://europeanautosource.com/kw-variant-3-v3-coilover-system-tesla.html Lowering Front Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0" Rear Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0"...
  19. F

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles No issues whatsoever, just swapped out for the Öhlins DFV Coilovers in an attempt to get a better ride....it's better but figuring out if it was worth the $$$! Oh well, too late, thus these are for sale. $500 OBO...
  20. K

    Does anybody else have this noise?

    Sorry if this is reposted, I got an error with the first post… I have a 21 MYLR with the 20” wheels, I love the car and so far 99% problem free but I am running into a little issue recently. I do apologize if this is a long winded version but when I am going over road cracks (DOT or PW fixes a...
  21. I

    Model 3 Suspension Repair in DFW

    Looking for a reputable shop in DFW that will replace the front damper assemblies on my M3. If anyone has had any luck I would greatly appreciate any insight.
  22. R

    Acceleration shudder preventie met lowering brackets model S 2015

    Wie heeft ervaring met voorkomen van 'accelleration shudder' ofwel zorgen dat de voorste aandrijfassen van Model S (in dit geval P85D van 2015) niet om de zoveel maanden of om de 50k km vervangen hoeven te worden? Ik heb onlangs deze auto gekocht en de voorste aandrijfassen hiervan zijn vrij...
  23. Tcpsoft

    MPP Model 3/Y FUCA and rear camber arms

    I’m selling my never installed Corkscrew Front Upper Control Arms and Arastradero Rear Camber Arms from Mountain Pass Performance. Rear camber arms still sealed in original plastic. Just took the front ball joints out of their paper wrapping for the picture. On the FUCA, these are the prior gen...
  24. ThiccDaddy

    H&R Lowering Springs for sale - RWD only (LA/OC)

    Getting air suspension installed tomorrow so these H&R springs will be available for sale starting Monday. These are made for the SR+ RWD. Part number #28659-2 Purchased beginning of this year. put about 10k miles on them. They're nicely settled and adds a nice sporty feel. Great overall look...
  25. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | Southern California Tesla tuning source and daily showroom

    For over 17 years, European Auto Source (EAS) has been a respected industry leader in BMW M models, and we continually strive to offer top end, rare, and unique products with the up-most level of customer service. Those that currently or have had BMWs in the past have most likely heard or even...
  26. M

    2021 Model S LR Rough Ride?

    Hey there, I just got my new Model S a few weeks ago. Really love the car but I have a question on the stiffness/roughness of the ride. I feel like I can feel a lot of the roads small imperfections through the suspension (little bit like a BMW or maybe a bit unrefined BMW). I have played around...
  27. D

    Tesla Model 3 track build from Ukraine

  28. Tezla1

    FS: Unplugged Performance Coilovers for Model 3

    Unplugged Performance Full coilovers set Installed on AWD Model 3 (works on all M3) orig price: $2,500 asking: $2,000 OBO location: SoCal / LA I am selling my car, so had to remove these coilovers to put car back to stock. originally installed: Early 2020 Barely put any miles them due...
  29. S

    Infotainment upgrade hurt acceleration and suspension

    Upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 on a 2017 Model S 90D. Good news? We have Netflix and Sentry Mode! Bad news? Acceleration is slow off a traffic light stop and the smart air suspension is now bumpy and wobbly. Before the upgrade the acceleration was fast and the smart air suspension was like riding...
  30. Motion122

    Sold UPP Sport Coilovers Brand New AWD

    Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor / Dual Motor Performance More comfortable than stock when set to soft. Meanwhile, on-track performance is so dialed in that it managed to impress our development driver Randy Pobst when turned up to firm (see video...
  31. BM3B

    Lost location based suspension height setting

    Recently I lost two location based settings. This sucks for my home that requires increasing from low to std to enter driveway without scraping. 1. suspension height - I can no longer save a setting by location. 2. FWD max open - I can no longer save full open at a location Are others seeing...
  32. F

    Looking for Recommendations in Toronto: Model Y Suspension Improvements

    I love the Model Y. So much. I can't stand the incredibly firm suspension though. We have a VIN x26xxx, and it's harsh. Has anyone in the Toronto area upgraded their suspension for a more supple ride? (Not looking for performance suspension.) If so, how was your experience, were you able to...
  33. K

    Sway Bar Links - Best $100 Spent

    Still new-to-me, late 2014 AP1 with about 107k miles now. I was experiencing clunking at low speeds (not related to turning) and did some research and figured replacing the Front Swap Bar Links would be good investment. It definitely appears to be and honestly, I think it probably should...
  34. M

    Service gone to crap... Suspension / brake problems

    Bought a used P85+ with ~25k miles just past 4 years ago and got the full 4 year bumper to bumper warranty with it. I've never loved a car so much. The few problems I had in the beginning were handled extremely well- most fixes happening in my work's parking lot. Fast forward a year and Tesla...
  35. D

    Has ride comfort / stiffness improved?

    Currently own a 2019 Model 3 LR with the aero wheels. I love the car, but my family sitting in the rear seats, not so much... I didn't believe my wife at first until we switched places and I sat in the back. I got migraines, nasuea and just wanted to get out of the car. And btw, neither of us...
  36. Parrcar5

    Clunking from the L front CV joint with creaking sound when going up/down driveway

    My M3 LRPerf (Stealth) currently with 9K miles on it was built in Freemont in June 2020. I took possession in mid July as original owner. When exiting my driveway the suspension has always has a little creek/groan. I've assumed that this was normal as the car was just coming out of the...
  37. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  38. s88ats

    Recommendations for suspension work on TM3

    Hi All, I am looking to get some suspension work done (H&R lowering springs- thanks @Cyclone1) however with the removal of the frunk and for added peace of mind, I would think it beneficial to get the work done by someone who has worked on a Model 3 before. I've come across some threads whereby...
  39. N

    Selling 2016 Black Model S 75D

    Hi, I have a 2016 Model S 75D dual motor awd: 1. Black exterior with premium black 21” wheels 2. Super charging for life 3. Hardware 3 upgrade 4. Mcu v1. If you want mcu2 add $1500 5. Fsd + autopilot options 6. Smart Suspension option 7. Cold weather package 8. White interior 9. 38,896 miles...
  40. houstonian

    Help Identifying Low Speed "clunk/rattle" Occuring When Steering Wheel Turned Mostly to Left/Right

    Afternoon All, Have a JAN 2017 Model S 75D with ~115k on it. Car's performed well but am having two issues I need the board's helps with as Tesla Service is striking out on figuring it out. Main issue (this thread) is a clunk/rattle sound that occurs when turning (steering wheel turned more...
  41. M

    Model 3 RWD YCW coilovers for sale

    Trading in my 2018 RWD for 2021 AWD so I removed the coilovers installed before trade in. It can’t be used for new AWD unfortunately. Had these on my car for about 4k miles or less. It is rebound adjustable for front and rear. Bought it for $1650 with shipping and assembly from YCW. Contains...
  42. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance - Black Friday Sale 2020!

    MPP Black Friday Starts Early Because 2020 Dear MPP friends, it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for! Oh sorry – not the end of the election, or the end of the pandemic – we’re talking about Black Friday! We generally have our largest sale of the year on Black Friday not just...
  43. M

    Model 3 on YCW Aeries One way adjustment Coilovers

    Model 3 has few options on coilovers and suspension technology now compared to last year with affordable price range. We have UP, MPP and Redwood with KWs and Ohlins and they maybe great but not for the wallets haha. So I decided to search for some decent suspension without breaking the bank...
  44. Gwgan

    High suspension limit 19mph

    Drove some rough roads today and tried to set the suspension from Standard to High but car would return to Standard at speeds over 18mph instead of at 35mph as advertised on the settings screen. Interestingly, when the car rose to High automatically based on previous location settings it would...
  45. N

    Tesla's Suspension Issues: Owners Discuss Defective Parts

    Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y Suspension Issues: Owners Discuss Defective Parts Interesting article even the comments!
  46. T

    New P-MX (5K miles) is very bouncy and unstable at highway speeds

    Did not find other posts with similar experience and hence starting a new thread.. have a 2019 Performance MX, with 22` wheel and has the new Raven suspension.. since purchase i did feel the ride was a little off.. I dont know whats causing it and hence dont know what to tell the service...
  47. KyleM3

    Model 3 Performance Lowered

    Anyone lowered their Model 3 P and have photos? I ask for the P specifically because I want to see the factory wheels. Debating if I want to do before years end or wait until Spring next year. Also, how’s clearance in most cases? I’m looking at H&R.
  48. Slam_EVS

    FS: Unplugged Lowering Brackets Model X

    For sale is brand new unplugged lowering brackets for model x. Never installed. I have them on my model s, but never ended up getting model x. Will be buying model y instead Located in Vancouver. BC. Can meet up or preferred shipping in Canada Asking Price: $750 OBO Thank you!
  49. MountainPass

    Vendor Hurry Up And Wait Coilover Sale!

    Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed...
  50. R

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    How long does it take a Tesla shop to replace the upper-control-arm ball joints? I am getting my TM3LR's replaced on Thursday 3 August.

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