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  1. Cattledog

    TMC Connect 2019

    Putting this out there, perhaps it's already not in the cards if it's this late and we haven't heard. Lots of amazing effort Doug and team put into the event. Would be awesome if Tesla took this on and used it like other tech companies to reveal upcoming products, software future, etc. Would...
  2. E

    Renting a Tesla?

    My X was in a fender bender and will take 6 (!) weeks to be fixed. I was thinking of renting a Tesla (any model) until mine is fixed. Does anyone know how to do that in a way that isn't exorbitant? I would rather do this person-to-person than go through a company that charges their own fee on...
  3. T

    New Incoming Gigafactory Workers Looking for Relocation Help From Current Employees

    The employment deficit at the gigafactory is partly due to the inability of out of town workers to establish a dwelling in the Gigafactory. If you are a current employee looking for a roommate or offering a couch, or a new employee looking to for a place near the factory, this thread is for you.
  4. 100%power

    Front bottom clearance problems

    Does anyone have or know of a possible way to avoid scraping bottom or hitting bottom of front end underneath due to sensors not being able to detect some of tire cement barriers when parking, due to sensors only seeing biggest Obstacles in front of you such as another car .that are seen on...
  5. danny

    TMC Connect 2017 Photos

    Here are our 2017 photos taken by volunteer photographer Christine Bjerke: https://goo.gl/photos/88vLeWQ2izy4ohoP6 Some great examples:
  6. TMC Staff

    Blog TMC Connect: Dr. Lex Fridman’s Autopilot Research Findings From Interior Camera Recordings

    With confirmation that the Model 3 will include an interior camera that will likely be used to monitor driver behavior, it’s a good time to revisit Dr. Lex Fridman’s presentation at TMC Connect 2016. He told the TMC audience that driver-facing cameras are a “huge missing piece” for advancing...
  7. Mobius484

    Good to coast relay, looking for place to park car aug 24-26 seaside OR

    driving from Idaho to seaside aug 24, would love to park car somewhere near seaside so I can pick up car after race on 26th. I would trust a tesla owner, and buy you a beer or drinks.. thanks for considering! Ben
  8. dbullard

    Pics and videos!

    A few pics and videos from this year's TMC Connect, including the infamous rendition of"Happy Birthday" for Doug. TMC Connect 2017
  9. TMC Staff

    Blog See Results From the REFUEL All-Electric Time Trials

    Last week at the 9th annual REFUEL all-electric time trials, TMC Connect attendees had the opportunity to participate in a parade lap on the famed Mazda Raceway. The track, formerly known as Laguna Seca, is 2.2 miles long and features 11 turns including the Corkscrew, which plunges at up to...
  10. dbullard

    Anyone still around for dinner Sunday night?

    I know most folks left, but if anyone's still around and wants to get together for dinner, respond to the thread or PM me.
  11. danny

    Looking for a ride Sunday morning from Monterey to San Francisco

    If anyone is driving to or through SF on Sunday, please let me know if you don't mind taking a relative of mine :) Thanks!
  12. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Thursday?

    I hate to eat alone :)
  13. Torklift Central

    Vendor Want to make your Tesla even more versatile? Add a hitch – on sale now!

    This weekend is the annual TMC Connect Conference in Monterey, CA – a gathering of like-minded individuals that all have a mutual love for one thing: Tesla! We love to treat our Tesla owner friends during the conference – which is why we are offering a sale on all our Tesla products...
  14. brianman

    TMC Bonfire 2.0?

    At TMC Connect 2014, LoriH arranged a bonfire gathering on the beach on Saturday night. It might be fun to do this again. Please PM LoriH if you're interested so we can do a quick gauge of interest.
  15. brianman


    BrianMan and LoriH are here early. Looking forward to meeting up with TMC folk. If you get in early as well, PM either of us but Lori checks her PMs more often. ;)
  16. danny

    TMC Connect 2017 Full Schedule

    We are pleased to share with you our full speaker list and schedule for TMC Connect 2017. We have several great speakers lined up with attendees and speakers spanning six continents. Filmmaker Chris Paine, Tesla alum Zak Edson, EV advocate Chelsea Sexton, and others will be giving talks on a...
  17. danny

    Wiki Table Topics for 2017 Connect

    Here are the suggested table topics, and possible facilitator for each. Charging in apartments and condos [dbullard] Tesla Solar/Roofs/Powerwall/TOU pricing strategies [FlatSix911] Charging at work [Diana] Autopilot [Nosken] Tesla Energy/Grid [rolosrevenge] Investing [CatB] Battery/Drivetrain...
  18. TMC Staff

    Blog TMC Connect: Bruno Bowden’s Model S Distance Record Story

    [vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbILx-MYmAg&t=1732s” video_title=”1″]While Tesla’s top-of-the-line Model S 100D touts a range of 335 miles on a full charge, Bruno Bowden managed to pilot his 2013 Model S for a record 425.8 miles. In his talk at TMC Connect 2014, Bowden served...
  19. TMC Staff

    Blog ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’ Director Chris Paine to Speak at TMC Connect

    We’re excited to announce that filmmaker Chris Paine will be part of the speaker lineup at this year’s TMC Connect. Paine’s acclaimed documentaries include “Who Killed the Electric Car?” (2006) and “Revenge of the Electric Car” (2011). Paine also served as Executive Producer on “Bikes vs...
  20. doug

    REFUEL/TMC Connect 2017 Registration Open

    Hi Folks, We're still working on updating the event website, but the mechanics are in place so I wanted to go ahead and open the registration link and get out the basic info. TMC Connect 2017 will be June 23-25 in Monterey, CA to coincide with REFUEL EV Races at Laguna Seca. Early bird...
  21. Darryl

    2017 TMC Connect?

    Have there been any decision on when and where the 2017 TMC Connect will take place?
  22. N

    Practically Brand New Chademo Adapter for Sale--Price Negotiable

  23. A

    The Tesla Community

    Hi everyone! I am a Freshman in college and am doing my first paper of the Tesla discourse community! I was wondering if you all could tell me about this community. Here are a couple questions I have also... What is your main way of communicating to each other? (Are there any events/Get...
  24. H

    Model X Cargo cover or liner

    Tesla doesn't offer cargo covers. I called Tesla to verify as it must have been a mistake and they don't understand why they don't have them. I typed in cargo covers or matts and it brings up ones you have to cut yourself that look cheap. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
  25. G

    Wheel choice for Model X in the UK

    Hi, I am ordering a Model X for the UK. I like the look of 22inch wheels and was told they corner better. However, we will drive on UK country roads - poor road surfaces and winding roads. Plus we will use the X to drove 3 kids to / from school etc. Would 20inch wheels make for a more...
  26. danny

    TMC Connect 2016 Photos

    Thread Summary Here are photos from our volunteer photographer Tom Polikalas: TMC Connect 2016 - Tom Polikalas Also from our attendees: @dbullard's flickr: TMC Connect 2016 @Darryl's photos: Dropbox - TMC Conect 2016 Here are some examples from Tom Polikalas:
  27. S


    Hallo allemaal Ik vroeg me af waar ik terecht kan voor een tesla met chauffeur voor 04-09-2017 het gaat waarschijnlijk om 2 uur! Het voor onze bruiloft. Kom uit de omgeving van Breda Bedankt alvast voor jullie tips.
  28. brianman

    atlantis hot tub needs more tmc

    1 hour left at connect 2016
  29. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Saturday night?

    Always more fun to have dinner with other people... you can tell me all about how fabulous the Gigafactory was (I was reduced to watch the stuttering streaming feed from the hotel). Respond to this thread if you'd like to get together tonight - perhaps 6:00 or so? Doug
  30. gregd

    Awesome event 2016 Thanks!

    Just wanted to thank Doug, Cat, all the other volunteers, and the excellent speakers for a truly awesome event yesterday. Well done!
  31. danny

    Full Schedule Update - TMC Connect 2016

    We are pleased to share with you our full speaker list and schedule for TMC Connect 2016. We have several visionary speakers lined up. For our keynote session, Ira Ehrenpreis will speak about the current state of the energy innovation industry. George Blankenship will share stories from his days...
  32. CatB

    Who's coming to TMC Connect 2016?

    Remember the good old days when the old forum had TMC Connect badges so we could see who has been and who is going? Well, I miss that. I'm gleaning this sub-forum to get some idea of who is coming (brianman, lorih, rolo, and of course, Doug and Danny - psyched to see you all again :)), but then...
  33. gregd

    Roadster charging at TMC Connect Reno 2016?

    What sort of charging arrangements are there at the Atlantis for folks that are not staying at the hotel? I'm considering doing a single day trip (Friday) to TMC Connect in Reno. I live about 110 miles away in California, but my Roadster's ideal range is down to about 212 miles, and there's...
  34. danny

    Wiki 2016 Table Topics Thread

    As usual, during lunch at TMC Connect we have several tables that are designated for specific discussion topics. You then sit at the table (first come first served) for the topic you'd like to discuss over lunch. Please suggest what discussion topics you'd like available this year. Here's...
  35. jackbowers

    Make Time To Visit Reno's National Auto Museum

    If you can swing it, extend your visit during TMC 2016 and check out the Thomas Flyer (which went around the world in 1908 in the New York to Paris race), and the 1936 Baker Electric (including its rectifier charger). Located in downtown Reno, the National Auto Museum is one of the best in the...
  36. AllenWong

    Anyone want to share a room in a suite with me?

    I plan on getting a room at Homewood Suites for the night of July 29th. It's a one-bedroom room with a door that separates the living room with the bedroom. Comes with its own kitchen and separate TV per room. I can share the room with 1 or 2 others. Location is less than 2 miles from airport...
  37. snooprob

    East Coasters - road trippin'?

    I'm tentatively leaving Massachusetts (7/15) for a leisurely drive through some family/friends stops to be in Reno 7/27... Currently looking at stops in VA, then TN, and then no plans through NV. Anyone else going that way - or meet up along the way? :-)
  38. Cattledog

    Countdown Clock?

    OK, the countdown clock should be showing up soon, as should a location with a bit more specificity than the lower half of California and perhaps even a list of events/venues and speakers, right? Or I am just too anxious?
  39. Cattledog

    Model 3 Reservation Influence on TMC Conference

    With the reports coming in that the vast majority of people in line at stores today are ones who have not owned a Tesla before, I think TMC Connect may get a whole new influx of people interested in attending.
  40. Cattledog

    TMC Connect 2016

    Doug - Do you have another one in you? Those of us who have gone have loved it, thank you. So, to kick it off, any weekend or location in the hopper for this year? Thanks.
  41. IgorAntarov

    Video of TMC Connect 2015

    Finally we made a short video about TMC Connect 2015. There was not too much usable footage, but our video editor made his best. Enjoy :) Link: TMC Connect 2015 + Party at Tesla HQ - YouTube
  42. A

    Factory tour aug 22-25

    Hello guys, lovely atmosphere here and it feels so happy as to what one product can do. I am visiting California for the first time from india. My plan initially was to go until the factory and admire it from the outside. This forum looks like a beacon of hope to get me inside. So simply put...
  43. snooprob

    TMC Connect - Content Sharing Archive

    I couldn't find a way to attach PPTX files to the board (here) - assuming that's a technical limitation - so I've instead started an external Archive: http://1drv.ms/1fHPGbR I put up my CANbus presentation - and for anyone else who wants to post their files, feel free to private-message me...
  44. Cattledog

    Overview of TMC Connect 2015

    Since many who did not attend TMC Connect have been wondering what went on, here's a single viewpoint (mine) on the events of the weekend. TMC and Tesla asked us to keep information confidential to the group that attended, so I will try to honor that while sharing the big highlights. And...
  45. raynewman

    Thank You for thr Tim Tams

    Thank you to the kind lady who donated Tim Tams to me. Currently devouring same with a bottle of Chardonay.
  46. neptune2000

    21" Silver Turbine Wheels

    Hello to everyone that was at TMC Connect. What a great meeting it was. I am still putting together the configuration of the Tesla I want. I was going to include the 21" Silver Turbine Wheels but I heard from a few that these would not last more than 6,000 miles, which looks atrocious to me...
  47. Fahad@Robust

    First Time Exhibiter Experience at TMC Connect 2015

    I own/run a small car detailing and coating business up in North Bay called Robust Auto Detailing, California and for me this was my first time exhibiting for any event ever. I must say, it was a positive experience and all of you who came to visit my booth, I would like to thank you for sharing...
  48. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor TMC Connect Event 2015 - Exhibit Q&A And Our Brief Coverage (Blog)

    Hello you awesome people! I am Fahad from Robust Auto Detailing and after losing track of how many Tesla cars I've Opti-Coated up in the Bay Area, my company(which consists of one person ie. me but it sounds egocentric to say "I") decided to take part in the TMC connect event this year and...
  49. doug

    TMC Connect 2015 Photos

    Please post your photos in this thread. Here are some sets from our photographers: Christine Marie Photography Davis Custom Digital
  50. W


    Any keynote videos -- or any other that have been posted? Did a search and didn't turn up anything. You know, I would have paid for a LiveStream event. Just FYI for next year. No way could I get out there this year..'envy....'

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