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  1. TMC Staff

    Will Future Teslas Have Lasers For Wipers, Among Other Patented Innovations?

    This article is about the five possible unusual innovations that you may see in a production Tesla in the not too distant future. Tesla files a lot of patents, as do all manufacturers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a patent filing confirms a particular gadget will make it into production...
  2. TMC Staff

    Musk Says Giga Berlin Will Be Testbed For New Tesla Technologies

    The German Model Y will have 4680 batteries, the new body structure, and more. Elon Musk clarified a lot of previous doubts we had with a single tweet. The main one was why Fremont did not get the “world’s most advanced paint shop” before Giga Berlin if it still produces vehicles with paint...
  3. TMC Staff

    Tesla 4680 Cell: Thermal Analysis Suggests Unique Cooling System Design

    The analysis suggests that Tesla might integrate the cooling into the body. We consulted a mechanical engineer and heat transfer specialist* to get his opinion on how Tesla might design the cooling system for its new 4680 integrated battery system. The analysis suggests that Tesla might...
  4. TMC Staff

    Will The Revolutionary Tesla Windshield Wiper Debut On The Cybertruck?

    The flat windshield on the electric pickup truck may be ideal for that. We try to cover everything related to exciting patents on the EV world. Weirdly, we missed reporting about a revolutionary windshield wiper Tesla trademarked in September 2019. Like the innovative wiring harness it patented...
  5. TMC Staff

    Tesla / Maxwell: It Seems Mainstream News Coverage Has Missed The Mark

    It may not be about battery tech, but instead, an increased rate of production and capital savings. Tesla — and essentially all other automakers — are dealing with battery cell constraints. While most mainstream articles point to the Tesla / Maxwell acquisition’s worth when it comes to battery...
  6. StealthP3D

    Model 3 Winner of Best Luxury Auto Tech by Kelley Blue Book

    The Model 3 keeps winning new awards: 2019 Best Auto Tech Awards | Kelley Blue Book
  7. Brando

    Tesla and the Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve

    A review of EVTV over 10 years: EV Adoption curve with Tesla's most recent numbers http://evtv.me
  8. J

    Processing Speed of Touchscreen in Model X/S vs. Model 3

    This video is a great comparison of the processing speed of the touchscreen in Model X/S versus Model 3. When averaging the speed of different tasks on each model, the Model 3 average 4.44x faster than Model X/S. Given that Model X/S are considerably more expensive than the Model 3, the...
  9. Pandalus

    Contacting Tesla to discuss a utility-scale project=

    I am the lead of a team of researchers and entrepreneurs pushing for clean energy in Canada's Arctic. We are trying to put together a proposal to government to fund a large-scale renewable project that would largely depend on Tesla Powerpacks and other similar technology. In an effort to ensure...
  10. FlyinLow

    To go ELECTRIC or not? That is the question...

    Maybe this is the right area to park my thoughts and encourage others to post theirs... I appreciate the people that come up to me and want to convince me that driving my Tesla Model S 85 is a bad idea. Buying a car can be an emotional experience, but for those looking to do a little more fact...
  11. Plugsuvohio

    Cryptojacking Tesla Public Crowd

    disclaimer: I’m no security geek but have a friend who’s expertise and career center on this. He cautioned me this week on a serious issue. Rather than try to explain it or copy text, please review this source Lessons from the Cryptojacking Attack at Tesla
  12. SeBsZ

    Anyone willing to beta test my Android app/website TesLender.com?

    Hi everyone, I'm Sebastiaan. I've realized there are quite a few people who lend or rent out their Tesla to other people. I do the same, and am often faced with the same question whether they can use the official app to control the vehicle. I usually tell them no, because I don't want to give...
  13. X

    Phone Key on Model S

    Would it technically be possible through a software standpoint of view to add the Model 3 phone key functionality? Just a random thought that came to mind.
  14. C

    Tesla S 75D power adjustment *NEED HELP*

    Hi, i`ve got an Tesla S 75D 2017 modell and i was wondering how i can adjust and set the power to the back wheels. I`ve heard that you can adjust how much power the front and rear wheels have. I terms of horsepower or something i think. Is this a legit thing? Cant find it anywhere on the internet.
  15. C

    2013 Model S 60, 25K miles, tech, free supercharge, white, $42,000, Central CA

    I am selling my lightly used Model S because I was informed by Tesla that my Model 3 will be ready in a few weeks. There are some paint scratch off on the outside. Other than that everything is in mint condition. 2013 Model S 60KW less than 25,000 miles White Tech Package Free Supercharge...
  16. J

    LIVE Q&A with the Model 3

    Hey everyone! I am with TechnoBuffalo, if you haven't heard of us we are a Technology centered YouTube Channel that has done reviews on both the Model S and the Model X. We are currently in the process of filming our review of the Model 3 and will be doing a live Q&A on YouTube at 12 PM PST...
  17. N

    Different Charging Idea

    I have an idea about extending the range of the cars. What if we use Qi tech to charge the cars while we are waiting at stoplights or parked? Instead of hooking up and clogging up the city streets with charging stations we could just pull into a parking space and the car would charge. No...
  18. M

    $51,200 85 kWh, AP1, tech pkg, hifi sound, leather CPO 4 yr warranty

    Howdy~ I put $1000 deposit on this super low priced AP1 CPO and a few days later found a great deal on a private party sale with the rear-facing seats (my current lease was up and I need wheels asap, really wanted the RFS but settled because this was such a great deal). Anyone want to take...
  19. MLaff

    2013 Model S 85, Fully Loaded, $41k

    A very nice, well cared for Model S. New Tires, Panoramic Roof, 19" Wheels, Tan Nappa Leather, Obeche Wood Gloss, Tech Package, Sound Studio Package, Active Air Suspension, Supercharger Package (for life!), 2" Hitch Receiver (for racks). Fully loaded with the exception of rear-facing seats...
  20. N

    Model S/X Computer

    I know in 2016 tesla updated the computer with an NVIDIA processor. Does any owner know if their have upgraded the computer to a newer chipset from 2016. In the computer work a year is a long time. Thinking about getting a model S but feel the computer on model 3 is probably a newer one then...
  21. H

    Anyone regretting their purchase

    I was super excited to get my CPO 16 Model S 70D and sang praises to Tesla. However, in my 15 months of ownership and only 47,000 miles on the car I have been to the service center 8 times for three broken door handles (replaced with previous model not the new stronger ones), needing to have...
  22. coconutboy84

    Charging while renting (quick220)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to post a quick video of me rambling (sorry lol) about charging while being a renter and using a quick220 to charge faster. Its about my volt, but will apply to my upcoming model 3. Hope it helps anyone who needs it. Ill be posting lots more volt/ev/tech videos so stay...
  23. selfbp

    How does the 12v battery charge?

    If I were to install a 110v outlet through an inverter, hooked to the battery, how quickly am I gonna drain the 12v battery while the car is parked and the inverter is powering some heavy use items? The car would most likely not display is was turned to ‘on’ because I wouldn’t be sitting in the...
  24. alexyida

    Autopark refuse to complete

    I was able to initiate autopark for a parking spot between two cars, but it refused to complete. Was it because the space was a little too tight? I had to manually finish the last easy part to completely back into the space.
  25. Cfinck

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    The Tesla is the last car I will ever own, simply due to its incredible technology and comfort. I am interested in what you don't like about it though? Personally, I find it annoying that even with passive entry enabled, I am unable to tap any of the passenger handles to have only that one...
  26. Evoyager

    GM's Cruise AV - Driverless fleet in 2019

    Comments from the North American International Car Show: General Motors Co. upped the ante Friday with its Cruise AV, a self-driving electric car based on its Chevrolet Bolt that wraps mobility, autonomy and electrification in one package. “The technology end of it is the end-all,” says Rod...
  27. meomyo

    interesting article.

    The Secrets of Electric Cars and Their Motors: It's Not All About the Battery, Folks
  28. H

    Tesla Model S and Non-profit

    Hey guys! I am not 100% on the rules of this site yet, so I wanted to know if ya'll would be willing to help me. I work for a non-profit helping students all over America gain access to technology for their education. The founder of this non-profit is giving away his Tesla Model S to incentivize...
  29. Sweeps

    Left front speaker buzz/feedback

    2017 100d with premium audio. 2 seconds after opening the door the driver side front speaker, and only the drivers side, starts to buzz and I can feel the vibration from the speaker, especially with the door open. Mute, volume or source does nothing. Sound increases when the screen brightness is...
  30. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    2006-2017 49 overall launches 44 Falcon 9 13 Dragon 2018- 52 Launch Customers No one can argue SpaceX had a phenomenal year. Capping an awesome launch record. Sits at 49 overall. Falcon 9 boosting 44 of those liftoffs. 13 of which were flown with Dragon. 2018 stands to be another record...
  31. Schwachs

    Tell me why you love your dash cam?

    Hey there... Just got my Model S two weeks ago - after having driving my Toyota Highlander Hybrid for over 12 years and 164k+ miles... Let's just say as a tech nerd - I was pretty excited about all the new technology offered - especially in comparison to a car/suv that felt outdated when I...
  32. lunitiks

    The Tesla / Mobileye story

    So this is not exactly hot news... More like funeral memorial words :confused: I never really understood what happened between with Mobileye and Tesla. I mean truthfully: When and why did they actually decide to break up? Who took the initiative? Why would Mobileye want to leave Tesla, with...
  33. meomyo

    interesting article on self driving tesla vs gm.Yet cadilac is mentioned

    The Battle for Best Semi-Autonomous System: Tesla Autopilot Vs. GM SuperCruise, Head-to-Head
  34. Callahan

    Happy New Year from Los Angeles!

    Hey everyone! Long time listener, not-quite-first-time caller here! I first fell hard for Tesla a few years back, and then doubled down after reading Tim Urban's fantastic four-part series on Elon Musk. Since March 31, 2016, I've been anxiously biding my time, and splitting it between Electrek...
  35. K

    2015 Tesla Model S 85: in-warranty w/Autopilot, unlimited supercharging - $58.5K

    For Sale by original owner. Mileage: 44.4K (manufacturer's warranty good until 50K, battery and drive train have unlimited mileage warranty for 8 years from May 8, 2015 delivery date) Includes optional Tesla Service Plan Coverage (next free maintenance inspection at 50,000 miles) and eligible...
  36. ABCTG

    BYD auto store downtown Los Angeles

    I noticed a BYD auto store has opened up in downtown Los Angeles, Anyone checked it out? Thoughts? Opinions? Technology | Auto | BYD "Is not only the fruit of a sudden inspiration, but also the loneliness of exploring the unknown." BYD North America 1800 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015...
  37. GMan324

    Is Full Self Driving (FSD) critical to the success of Tesla in the auto industry?

    So, the results may be skewed by the forum this is posted in, but it seemed the most appropriate one. I like Tesla vehicles for the technology, power, and unique nature of the vehicle but I have noticed that many seem to be very interested in FSD. Personally, I like to DRIVE a vehicle, but...
  38. AutobahnEV

    12/2014 Model S 85 Black/Black - $45k OBO

    20171231_164635 by AutobahnEV posted Jan 2, 2018 at 9:31 AM20171231_164517 by AutobahnEV posted Jan 2, 2018 at 9:31 AM20171231_164658 by AutobahnEV posted Jan 2, 2018 at 9:31 AM This is a 12/2014 Tesla Model S 85kW with 53k miles Salvage title for broken suspension arms, fully repaired (will...
  39. K

    Not Available Accepting offers for 2015 Model S 85 available in Los Angeles

    For Sale by original owner. Mileage: 44.4K (manufacturer's warranty good until 50K, battery and drive train have unlimited mileage warranty for 8 years from May 8, 2015 delivery date) Includes optional Tesla Service Plan Coverage (next free maintenance inspection at 50,000 miles) and eligible...
  40. Brando

    DoT NHTSA fuel economy improvement study

    How to improve truck fuel economy. unclassified [really says that] DoT NHTSA 300 page report/study https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/812146-commercialmdhd-truckfuelefficiencytechstudy-v2.pdf OR go electric Think they'll do a study on improving EV performance? or economy...
  41. M

    autopilot en het trolley probleem

    Autonomous Cars Don't Have a 'Trolley Problem' Problem Donderdag weer in discussie terecht gekomen met een fervente petrolhead en tegenstander van autopilot / autonoom rijden... "Ik kan beter rijden als een computer" "wie gaat wat betalen bij een ongeval" etc etc. Ongetwijfeld herkenbaar voor...
  42. L

    Anyone ordered with Full Self-Driving option?

    I just finished ordering my Model S and I am the gadget type who'd order any hitech toys available on my cars. However, for the M3, I have decided to hold off on the Full Self-driving option and opt for it when and if it becomes a reality. My though is that this may take 4-5 years to become real...
  43. Evoyager

    ZF Autonomous steering wheel coming to CES 2018

    "ZF's advanced steering wheel concept represents an important step in the evolution of automated driving while helping to enhance safety and driver awareness. As we prepare for Level 3 automated functions, the hand-over of control between vehicle and driver using highly accurate feedback will be...
  44. Xtek

    Speed sensitive volume setting

    So, Elon musk said the S/X would always be at the front of technology so it's a little disappointing to see Model 3s getting features S/X don't. If you watch this video you'll see the immersive sound has low/high instead of just on/off and that it has a new option, speed sensitive volume. I'm...
  45. R

    Streaming radio constantly buffers

    Anyone else notice that in the past few months the streaming radio seems to buffer a lot more than before. Mine buffers or gets a loading error close to 80% of the time when trying to listen.
  46. ABCTG

    Carbon Capture Crypto-Currency?

    So, in order to generate Bitcoins, it takes a large amount of computer power and a large amount of energy. How about creating a environmentally friendly currency. What if there was an environmentally friendly powered device one could purchase or build that captured CO2, and as it did it...
  47. ABCTG

    WM Motors; Something shocking...

    WM motors in China says that by 2019 they will launch something that will be shocking to the core! What could it be? The Audacity Of China EV Unicorn WM Motor--On Display Soon Expects improved battery technology over the next few years to enable a car to run for 400 kilometers after a...
  48. C

    2014 White Tesla Model S 60 For Sale

    I have a 2014 White Tesla Model S 60 For Sale $46,500 with 58,897 miles The vehicle has a factory Tesla Warranty until 9/23/2019 or 68,000 miles. The car has zero dents and has never been in a wreck. I also am not a smoker and has never had anyone smoke in the car. The car is and has been garage...
  49. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    To Where'ere Our Hearts Shall Thrust Us When a man finds the vehicle. You know she's the apple of his eye. If he lets you have a peep at it? You're cool. If he permits getting up close to touch and tinker? He respects your opinion. Find yourself in the passenger seat along for a ride...
  50. 5

    Solar Panels for Flat Roof on East Coast

    We have a home with a flat roof located on the eastern-end of Long Island in NY. We also have a power wall 2 on order and would like to add solar panels. Solar City/Tesla does not install panels on flat-roofed homes located within northeastern states. Presumably because of the potential weight...

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