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  1. ElectricIAC

    2018 Model 3 Performance for Sale in Texas

    Hello all! The time has come to take delivery of our newest arrival so we’re selling our 2018 Model 3 Performance. We’re in N. Dallas area but often in Houston where the vehicle will be sold (has to be transacted at dealer to receive trade tax credit) 2018 Model 3 Long Range Performance...
  2. homero89

    Supercharger - Melissa, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger in Melissa, TX located at the Melissa Buc-ee's address: 1550 Central Expy, Melissa, TX 75454. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022025092 1550 Central Expressway, Melissa, TX 75454 @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  3. homero89

    Supercharger - Shenandoah, TX - Metropark Drive

    Another weird Shenandoah, TX filing. Facility name says Valero, but the address on the filing is a strip mall. There are multiple Valero's within a 2 miles. The filing title matches the address. Project Name Shenandoah Metropark Project Number TABS2022023783 Facility Name Valero Gas...
  4. homero89

    Possible Supercharger - Beaumont, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger in Beaumont, TX located at 5780 Walden Rd, Beaumont, TX 77707. Nothing calls out Tesla, but RAS, design firm and tenant have appeared on other known Tesla filings. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022936 5780 Walden Rd, Beaumont, TX 77707...
  5. R

    Tesla is delivering cars to home illegally, I think....Watch out!

    My new MYLR Tesla was delivered to my home 2 days ago. No temporary tags, no registration was filed. Nothing. I cannot drive my new car because they were too lazy to file the state registration and get temporary tags. This might be nothing more than (severe) aggravation, but here is my other...
  6. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (What Would You Do?)

    Hey Tesla Folks, Mostly Looking for feedback which route I should go if I should private sale, trade in or which company is giving great offers for Teslas Instead of waiting till end of year or early next year for your reservation -- Look here Please message here or text 213-889-5694 (texts...
  7. homero89

    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Buc-ee's

    Filing for a Supercharger at the Katy Buc-ee's located at 27700 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494. Supercharger filing address is for 27867 CS Parkside Street, Katy, TX 77494 which takes me somewhere else on the map. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022290 27700 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX...
  8. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Allen, TX

    @MarcoRP has discovered a site plan for a new Supercharger in Allen, Texas. This location, like a few others in recent days, is not on the Find Us map.
  9. homero89

    Supercharger - Ennis, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger at the Ennis Buc-ee's located at 1181 Creechville Road, Ennis, TX. Completion date slated for July 2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022168 1181 Creechville Road Ennis, TX 75119 @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  10. F

    Virtual Public Meeting - Texas Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan

    Texas DoT Virtual Public Meeting The prerecorded virtual public meeting presentation will be available here on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at noon. When: Virtual Meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at noon until Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Purpose: The Texas Department of Transportation...
  11. homero89

    Supercharger - Shenandoah, TX

    @corywright @MarcoRP This one is a weird one. Filing for an electric vehicle charging station located at 10973 North Freeway, Shenandoah, TX. When I put the address only (no city) it comes up in Houston. But Shenandoah is a few miles further north. Plus the project name has not been matching...
  12. Jones1

    Autopilot in Houston Texas & Surrounding Area’s

    I haven’t seen a thread for Autopilot in The Houston Area. I have recently picked up my MYP 2022. I did notice how Autopilot applies the brake lightly. When I’m on a two way - 2 lane road. When there is a section or median of grass in between the two directional lanes. It isn’t a hard brake at...
  13. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  14. homero89

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - Hempstead Road

    Filing for a Supercharger at the new Tesla Service Center located at 19820 Hempstead Hwy, Houston, TX 77065. Completion date slated for May 2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022016813 19820 Hempstead Hwy Bldg, Houston, TX 77065 @corywright @MarcoRP Link to the service...
  15. homero89

    Supercharger - Alice, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger at the Circle K located at 700 East Front Street, Alice, TX 78332. Completion date slated end of April 28, 2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022016271 700 East Front Street, Alice, TX 78332 @corywright @MarcoRP
  16. reddy

    Supercharger - Dallas, TX - Monfort Drive (at Belt Line near Tollway)

    Looks like a new TDLR filing at 14795 Montfort Drive Dallas, TX 75254 Start Date:5/6/2022 Completion Date:5/5/2023 Estimated Cost:$250,000 Type of Work:New Construction Type of Funds:This project is privately funded, on private land for private use. Scope of Work:Electrical infrastructure for...
  17. S

    Cyber Rodeo ticket or +1?

    If anyone has an extra ticket or a +1 that they will not be using to attend the Cyber Rodeo, I am very interested in going.
  18. homero89

    Supercharger - Madisonville, TX

    Filing for another Buc-ee's Supercharger at the Madisonville, TX Buc-ee's located at 205 IH 45, Madisonville, TX 77864. Completion date slated for March 2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022012831 205 I-45, Madisonville, TX 77864 @corywright @MarcoRP @Chuq
  19. get-atty

    Supercharger - Corpus Christi, TX

    Tesla map shows new Supercharger in Corpus Christi in Q3 of 2022. Should be a good addition since there is already a gallery there and good for travel between Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Houston and Austin.
  20. Cigar Man

    Supercharger - Harlingen, TX

    This is a bit surprising, but the Tesla Find Us map just added Harlingen for Quarter 3.
  21. homero89

    Supercharger - Baytown, TX

    Filing for another Buc-ee's Supercharger at the Baytown, TX Buc-ee's located at 4080 East FWY, Baytown, TX 77521. Address on filing is 4084 E IH10, Baytown, TX 77521. Completion date slated for early 2024. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022009672 4080 East Fwy, Baytown, TX...
  22. reddy

    Supercharger - Amarillo, TX - East Interstate 40

    Another contact tells me Amarillo is getting a second supercharger, and this time it's a fabulous location. The "Toot N Totem" facility at I-40 and Lakeside. This is on the east side of town and would compliment the one on the west side of town. Neither one is super convenient to I-27, but...
  23. homero89

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    Filing for another Buc-ee's Supercharger at the Wharton, TX Buc-ee's located at 10484 US-59, Wharton, TX 77488. Completion date slated for end of next year on 1/23/2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022009203 10484 US-59, Wharton, TX 77488 @corywright @MarcoRP @Chuq
  24. ZapCarM3

    Family wants to delay model Y for Giga Texas but...

    My family wants to delay the Y until Giga Texas is up because they are allegedly going to build them with double pane rear and the 2 piece chassis there. However, I highly doubt this would be something you can select. How could you choose to get your car only if it's made in Texas? Probably not...
  25. M

    Supercharger - North San Antonio, TX

    I found a new permit for what may be a Supercharger on the north side of San Antonio, although there isn't much to go on. I'll leave this here in case more details on the build are found. https://goo.gl/maps/Fx17GPZiJZuhPoPb8
  26. MontyFloyd

    Texas for freedom of business and individual freedoms, unless they decide not to.

    Came across this article in June 2021 of Texas Monthly https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/energy-subsidies-fossil-fuels-renewables/ In it they say despite Texas politicians saying Texas is very business friendly, the reality is it is mostly lip service. The response And it is true...
  27. homero89

    Supercharger - Waller, TX

    Filing for another Buc-ee's Supercharger at the Waller Buc-ee's located at 40900 US-290, Waller, TX 77484. Completion date slated for end of next year on 12/26/2022. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022006404 40900 US-290, Waller, TX 77484 @MarcoRP @corywright @Chuq
  28. homero89

    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Filing for Supercharger at the Buc-ee's #22 located at 2760 N IH 35, New Braunfels, TX 78130. Completion date slated next year on 10/24/2022. Similar description to the Abbott, Hutto and (possibly?) Bastrop supercharger filings and Tesla as the design firm...
  29. homero89

    Supercharger - Bastrop, TX

    Possible filing for Supercharger at the Buc-ee's #28 located at 1700 State HWY 71 Bastrop, TX 78602. Completion date slated next year on 10/24/2022. Not sure if there is enough info in the filing to suggest supercharger, but it has a similar description to the Abbott and Hutto supercharger...
  30. homero89

    Sold FS: Chademo Adapter - DFW

    Selling my Chademo adapter for $375 local pick up in DFW, or can meet in Austin, Houston, OKC, Tulsa or anywhere in between DFW and those areas. Willing to ship as well.
  31. homero89

    Supercharger - Johnson City, TX

    Filing for Supercharger at the Stripes Convenience Store (or 7-Eleven, based off GMaps) located at 521 US-281, Johnson City, TX 78636. Address for supercharger is 405 US 281, Johnson City, TX 78636. Completion date is 11/22/2021 although who knows how true that is. Great for those going to...
  32. homero89

    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Filing for Supercharger at the HEB on 5000 Gattis School Road in Hutto, TX. Similar description to the Abbott Supercharger but with half the sq ft. TDLR TABS - Project Details H-E-B plus! · 5000 Gattis School Rd, Hutto, TX 78634
  33. M

    Supercharger - Del Valle, TX

    Second filing for a Supercharger at 12201 Pearce Lane in Del Valle. Still not sure what the building will be once completed. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2021022767
  34. M

    Supercharger - Bee Cave, TX (Austin)

    Another design intake has been filed for a new Supercharger at the Shops at the Galleria in Bee Cave, TX, a city under it's own jurisdiction, but stills seems to fall under the city of Austin's building and permitting. Have fun ignoring my post, Supercharger nerds.
  35. M

    Supercharger - Austin, TX - 5601 Brodie Lane

    New Design Intake for a Supercharger at Sunset Valley Village. Applicant is a Tesla representative https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12756213&t_selected_propertyrsn=735370
  36. EVS Motors

    Vendor EVS Motors Is Your Tesla Specialized Collision Repair Center in Houston, TX

    From small touch-ups to collision repair and even custom aerokit installations, we can get your car to where it needs to be. Why Choose Us for Collision Repair? Getting into an accident is stressful enough mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can make it easier. When you choose us, we’ll...
  37. K

    Bring EV Charging to Buc-ee's (Texas)

    If you're in Texas, you know that Buc-ee’s is more than just a gas station. It’s Texas’ rest stop. Between the pristine potties, the mouth-watering pecans, the wall of jerky, and all the shopping, you’re easily there for half an hour. So why not add fast chargers for electric vehicles? We can...
  38. ummgood

    Supercharger - West Lake Hills, TX

    Looks like a permit application was just submitted for Westlake Hills. https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12743903&t_selected_propertyrsn=118906
  39. AustinM3LR

    Supercharger - Cedar Park, Tx

    TLDR filing for supercharger in Cedar Park. Austin area still on fire for new charging locations. 1001 E. Whitestone Blvd. Cedar Park, https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Projects/TABS2021019536 @MarcoRP @Chuq
  40. Chuq

    Supercharger - Centerville, TX

    A surprise appearance on the Tesla feed. (Note, it hasn't appeared on their map yet). Added to supercharge.info. https://www.tesla.com/en_AU/findus/location/supercharger/centervilletxsupercharger
  41. M

    Supercharger - Austin, TX - S Lamar Blvd

    Another Design Intake for a new Supercharger in the SW part of Austin, this time at the Target at 4211 S Lamar Blvd. https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12727818&t_selected_propertyrsn=124912
  42. homero89

    WTT: Heatshield for Gen 2 NEMA 14-50, DFW TX or OK

    I have an extra Model 3 heatshield lying around, looking to trade for the Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 adapter. Located in the DFW area, but make frequent trips to Austin, OKC, and Houston so willing to meet in any of those areas. Also Tulsa although don’t frequent that area as much.
  43. Y_4_speed

    Supercharger, Frisco, TX

    This is new right? https://www.tesla.com/findus?v=2&bounds=34.12439311988109%2C-94.42690106122423%2C32.16565744278114%2C-99.22093493877578&zoom=9&filters=store%2Csupercharger&location=FriscoTXSupercharger Any idea where?
  44. T

    What is under construction at each factory?

    I am curious do we have through understanding about what is being constructed at each factory? If a thread already exists for this then please point it out to me, My understanding is as follows: Berlin General purpose facilities Paint Shop Battery production facility Stamping facility Model Y...
  45. TMC Staff

    Blog Elon Musk Makes Texas His Home

    Elon Musk is now a Texan. The Chief Executive of Tesla and SpaceX said in a Wall Street Journal interview that he has officially moved to the the Lone Star State. “For myself, yes, I have moved to Texas,” Musk told WSJ. Musk has plenty of business to oversee in Texas...
  46. D

    63Kw from 14.3 Kw Solar in TX today

    West Houston, TX. Today was my first day of production. Until yesterday, there was a problem with one of the two inverters and the whole thing did not produce. I thought the inverters were supposed to be redundant or at least independant. In any case, today, we had clouds on and off and a cold...
  47. R

    Wall Charger Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3

    Looking for a wall connector in the South Texas area,
  48. E

    Solar Roof - Texas - HOA declined

    Hi All, HOA declined our solar roof last week and I was wondering if anyone had any experience around this? Not sure if it's worth appealing or just cancelling the order. The reason given was that the roof has to be "weathered wood" asphalt even though there's a clause for solar shingles and...
  49. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    https://newzgroup.com/TXLegals/2020/91191-2020-07-12_1003.pdf In the Planning and Zoning section on the left: What: Tesla is in planning for a new supercharger station at Wolf Ranch Town Center (likely in the Target parking lot), in Georgetown. Address: 1013 W University Ave, Georgetown, TX...
  50. M

    When to apply for financing?

    Ordered model Y AWD on 7/16. Delivery estimate was 4-8 weeks at the time. When should I apply for the financing through Tesla website? I don’t want to have to reapply if delivery gets delayed and take a second hit in my credit report... Also, anybody in Texas who can share some tips for...

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