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  1. M

    Tips how to keep my battery healthy using mostly fast charger all the time?

    i just bought a brand new model 3 base model, wanted to ask you guys for some tips how to keep my battery healthy using mostly fast charger all the time?
  2. E

    My experience on my 2023 MY RWD (Australia, Giga Shanghai)

    Hi Everyone, Sharing my experience a few weeks in after the delivery of MY RWD with EAP . This is more for those who are lurking to get one like I was sometimes ago. I feel that a lot of concerns I had in the past was over exaggerated, due to an overwhelming information out there. So here I am...
  3. WhiteOnWhiteMY

    Slideboard Loading, Need Tips for Handicap Passenger

    Hey everyone! My girlfriend’s mom and dad are visiting us in a couple of days. Her dad recently became handicapped (hopefully not much longer, but will be for this trip). He uses a slide board from a wheelchair. Has anyone had a similar situation? If so, we’d love some tips! I believe it will...
  4. M

    Wisdom of Tesla Ownership Tips and Learning?

    I am new to the Tesla family and previously was an experienced BMW owner and knew exactly how to buy and when to sell my BMWs to minimize the initial depreciation hit and when to sell before the maintenance cost would kill You. I am curious about your thoughts on what you have learned over the...
  5. J

    Tipping for PPF/Ceramic installer?

    Hi all, Having PPF and ceramic along with window tint installed this week. What’s the etiquette on tipping? The guy owns his shop and is the one doing the work if that makes a difference. I found some stuff online that a car detail deserves a tip but couldn’t find something for a high value...
  6. Zilla

    Model 3 Tips and Tricks

    Had my SR+ for a week now and did not know most of these tips and tricks - my favourite being Number 8! Source: Andy Slye youtube video Hard/Soft Reboot: Sometimes something will freeze up on the touchscreen, you can soft reboot the touchscreen by pressing & holding both scroll buttons (can...
  7. Exiteer

    Het nieuwe berijderstopic

    Om de oude garde niet langer voor de voeten te lopen, ze moeten wel even slikken, hierbij een thread voor nieuwe berijders. Hierin kunnen we alles kwijt over de Tesla waarin we rijden. Off topic gaan kan bijna niet (off road wel). @Tozz en @MarcelS, wij als de enige echte Drie Musketiers, de...
  8. Jetson

    One Month Review and What to look for:

    Our Model 3 is one month old. Now it is headed to service. Here's the review: