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UI Tweak

  1. jkennebeck

    convenience items not in Tesla's

    Recently got rear-ended in my 2015 MS. So i'm in a Jag F-Pace rental for a few while its getting fixed. I'm surprised at Tesla's "lag" in getting some really basic convenience things into their UI. The Jag automatically discovered my commute after 2 days of back and forth to work. Thought that...
  2. Rijder

    Feature request: map scale or distance indicator

    The map in the car could be improved by adding a map scale or distance indicator. The benefit for the user is, when a measure of distance is included in the map, that it improves the sense of the scale of the map shown. This is especially in unfamiliar terrain an advantage. The units used...
  3. S

    Why isn't there a section for all things software?

    I see driving Dynamics, purchasing, handling, UI but I don't see software section. I mean really?!? The only area of the car s/x/3 that gets updated every two weeks and there is no section for the. Mods? I see autopilot, UI, maps/GPS, fsd all part of this section. Is anyone listening?
  4. ForeverFree

    UI Tweaks -- Slate of Suggestions

    Model 3 is a tremendous car. For many folks, it seems the only frustration is that UI gripes seem so easily fixable, but it's hard to know if the great suggestions which TMC members offer on these forums are being read and considered by the good folks at Tesla. With that in mind, I will offer...