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ac 2 temperature setpoints

  1. V

    Climate (lack of) control

    We've had our MY for just over 2 months and have gone on several road trips already. Love the vehicle, but haven't been able to figure out the climate control. It seems like the rear passenger was rarely comfortable, often super cold. Many times, the vents were not blowing air, regardless if...
  2. DasHHat

    Late 2021 onwards MIC Model 3s Have poor/faulty air conditioning from factory

    After 4 Months of sending my Model 3 (December 2021, china factory) back to the service center for blowing on my knees and being told that "nothing was wrong" and everything being correct in the dash, it turns out that I was just the first of people noticing that the Model 3 with the new Heat...
  3. nayr14

    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    With spring arriving in the Midwest and the warmer temperatures, I've noticed that my 2018 Model 3 is experiencing issues keeping the cabin cool over a few drives in the last 3 weeks. During the past two summers I've kept the AC around 70-72F in the summer with no issues. This year I'm having...
  4. B

    Climate Control Nightmare!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  5. B

    Climate Control Pointless!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  6. E

    Is there a way just to let some natural air in without the windows?

    Hi, I am in a black tesla, and it is really cold outside, but the interior still gets really hot because it is black. Is there a way to just let the outside air come in through the filter and into the cabin, that is, just to get some fresh air in through the outside without turning on the ac...
  7. CWFLY

    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    30 years ago, most houses had a thermostat with two settings: How LOW the room temperature will go before the HEATER kicks on. How HIGH the room temperature will go before the A/C kicks on. Yes, you set a temperature range. There were two slider adjustments to limit "how warm" and "how cool"...
  8. P

    Air conditioning issues

    Hello everyone, I do have issues with the air conditioning, when I set it to automatic and a set point of 24 deg C (75), I’ll be fine for 20 – 30 minutes or more. Then I get hot air and the temperature in the car goes to 25 in the app. It’s really not comfy. I have to open the windows...
  9. K

    A/C problems —help!

    I’ve been having problems with initiating A/C in my model Y over the last several weeks. It typically just blows the fan and despite reset, toggling A/C, etc it will intermittently come on and cool. The service center checked it out and performed thermal testing and of course it was working as...
  10. Jusbechillin

    3rd A/C failure

    I’m super frustrated. I picked up my model Y in March. My air conditioning broke soon after. After the nightmare of trying to get someone at Tesla on the phone and a super rude person on their chat, I finally called the roadside assistance number and got ahold of a real person. She was super...
  11. H

    Heater not maintaining settings

    I’ve been noticing every day when I get in my car, the temperature (set to HI in the winter) is still maintained, but the directional setting for air flow is changed to the lower (towards the feet) direction instead of the towards the face setting that I prefer. Also, the toggle for A/C is on...
  12. I

    How to tell if cabin heater is on

    Alright, probably a stupid question, but is there a way to tell that the cabin heater is being used besides feeling warm air coming out of the vents? I know it is more energy efficient to use the seat heaters, but how do I know the heat from the HVAC system is off? Thanks.
  13. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  14. surfrasch

    HVAC auto setting can a/c be off?

    is it possible to leave the temp setting on auto, but turn off the a/c? I can do this in our past Audi's and Volvo's.....have a long trip later today, was thinking I could save some energy by keeping the compressor off.
  15. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  16. SDRick

    Heater On Indicator

    Is there any way to tell if the heater (or air conditioner) is actually on and using power. Often, the ambient outside air temperature is sufficient to heat or cool the cabin with fan only without using additional battery to do so. It may be a silly question but how does one tell?
  17. A

    What do you guys leave your HVAC settings at?

    Under normal conditions, do you guys always have your fans blowing? At what temperature is it considered “heating”? I usually leave my fans on at the 1 speed just to have some fresh air. Temp is usually at 63.
  18. zhu-

    200 Wh/mile to use heater?

    Since I received my Model 3 about three weeks ago, I have almost never seen anything under 300 Wh/mile. Usual range for me was easily 350-450 Wh/mile. Since it was new I didn't think much of it but eventually realized I had pretty poor range. I noticed a few guys talking about not using their...
  19. gavine

    Which Heater Setting is More Efficient?

    Let's assume it is 40F outside and cabin temp is set 70F, would it be more efficient to use recirc with AC-on or fresh air with AC-off. I realize recirc with AC off would be most efficient, but the windows get foggy so recirc basically requires AC, at least if using for any extended amount of...
  20. Minecon_CA

    No more "Auto" setting for each section of climate control in version 9?

    Is there a way to have the "Auto" setting for each section of climate control like in version 8 instead of Auto all?
  21. insaneoctane

    Don't want heater on, want vent

    Afternoon is still warm enough to require AC. Next morning I keep forgetting and after about 10 minutes of driving I realize heater is on. It is around 62 degrees out which is lower than the 72 degree setting in the car. In that scenario I don't want heater! I want vent. Keep the car cool until...
  22. D

    turn off heater?

    so is there any way to turn of the heater? i can’t find one. if the temperature selected is just a little bit warmer than the cabin, i see the red tinted air graphic, which i assume means the heater is powered up. The ac can be switched off in manual mode, but i can find no such option to...
  23. SageBrush

    Fan Only: Peculiarities of the Model 3

    I'd like to spell out a couple different uses of fan only and implementation details. I'll need help on most of it and will try to update this OP with a moderator's help when it is well flushed out. 1. The easy one is fan only while driving. This just requires that Auto and AC be greyed out in...
  24. israndy

    HVAC set to VENT

    OK, again, why do we not have a section or two of this board dedicated to issues across the entire model lines? Like "Software" or "Interior" or "Repairs", when I post to the Tesla, Inc. section of the board I feel like it should be related to hiring or stocks or PR. Anyway: Every car I have...
  25. D

    How does the temperature control work?

    This might seem like odd question, but I can't find any literature to answer it. The climate control in the Model X (and S) is pretty much automatic unless you manually set the blower controls. When it's in automatic mode, does anyone know if the compressor and heater are constantly active to...
  26. J

    Climate settings

    I confess that I did not thoroughly scour the forums for this answer, so kindly redirect me if warranted. I took delivery on 4/1/13 in Anchorage, AK (no joke), and while winter is trying to give way to spring, the arctic forces are ahead at the moment. At any rate, the temperature last week...

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