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  1. A

    A/C doesn’t work after service

    I had my Tesla Model S 90D 2015 in for service about a month ago to replace the battery fuse and a broken window. After the service was done and i went to pick up my car I instantly noticed a hissing sound from the A/C unit, but didn’t think much of it to begin with since i didn’t need the A/C...
  2. J

    Can I turn off driver's side AC but keep passenger side on?

    My contact lenses get extremely dry when cold AC is blowing towards my eyes. I typically angle the driver's side vents away from my face, but I'm still catching enough air to dry my eyes out rapidly. Is there a way to turn off the driver side AC vents while leaving the passenger side on...
  3. R

    Refill refrigerant - air conditioning gas

    Hello, Is it important during refilling to connect Tesla S 2017 with Toolbox 3? I know that many people refill their A/C in normal car shops and they don't connect car. Are there any valves that should be open while refilling? Is there any valve in Battery Chiller? I would like to do service...
  4. I

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    Hey everyone. I’ve been experiencing some strange sounds emanating from my vents on the passenger side of my car. It’s definitely related the the heating/AC because the sound immediately goes away when I turn the climate control off. Below is a link to the video (disregard the dust on the dash…...
  5. C

    A/C and AUTO not working together

    Hey everyone, recently i realized my climate is always in “MANUAL” and i usually have it on AUTO A/C but whenever i try to turn on A/C with AUTO already on, it will turn the AUTO off. Then when i turn in AUTO when A/C is on, it’ll turn A/C off. So essentially i can’t use the AUTO function with...
  6. BM3B

    Cabin Overheat Protection A/C not working for 2 months

    I have observed that for the last two months my cabin overheat protection is not working properly in A/C mode. Frequently I walk up to the vehicle it is hot and the fan is not running. When I open the app to check it is 125-137 F, sometimes opening the app is enough to get the overheat system to...
  7. J

    Defog and A/C

    In the morning lately, my windows all fog up and I need to put on the defog. Usually I put it on hot for the quick blast and defog. When I turn it off, it gets a bit cold and I noticed that the a/c is turned on with both hot and cold defog. Is there a way to default back to heat when I turn...
  8. M109Rider

    Air Conditioner Vibration

    I’ve noticed lately that I have a vibration from what seems like the air conditioner. The vibration is really only felt when parked with the A/C on. It is best described as the same feeling/sound you get when a large truck passes you and causes a sound/vibration in your car. I believe I...
  9. A

    A/C comes on while in garage randomly despite car is off,Dog Mode off

    Randomly,I'll enter my garage and hear my model S making a noise similar to the sound that the A/C makes.when I check the Tesla app (climate )I see the A/C is running. this occurs randomly and can be many hours after parking. Dog mode is off and I've even turned off cabin overheat and it still...
  10. SomeJoe7777

    A/C Refrigerant Leak?

    9 month old P3D+. Started noticing that when I first start up the car and the A/C comes on, I'm getting a very distinct vinegar-like odor coming from the ventilation system. Puzzled me for several days, couldn't figure out what it might be. I know a lot of cars sometimes have a mold problem...
  11. W

    Louvre will not open. Very loud fan all the time.

    The louver on my Model 3 Performance version is not opening. As a result it sounds like I am driving around with a jet engine all the time. A/C is hot and also Bluetooth is going in and out. The car has been at the SC for 4 days now still no diagnosis. The first time this happened was about 2...
  12. zosoisnotaword

    Auto and Remote Climate Control Bug - Floor Vent Hurricane

    tl;dr: No matter the conditions, climate control starts at full speed on floor vents when started in auto mode or when started remotely from app. Excessive details: For the past two weeks (since July 18) I have had a consistent issue with my HVAC in auto mode and with remote pre-conditioning...

    Any way to keep the A/C on for short stops?

    Run into a store, deliver stuff - would be so much easier than having press the app every time (which takes forever on my android phone to wake it up). When it's 115F, just one minute with no A/C really matters. Overtemp won't fix it, 105F is still toasty, but I have yet to get that upgrade...

    A/C, cold feet - idea.

    If the hardware allows, it would be nice to blend the Dash - Face - Feet vents as a slider top to bottom (instead of 3 buttons) or slider for each better. Maybe not too common, but wearing sandals here - feet freeze and afraid they'll crack if I hit a Fire Truck (kidding of course). But I can't...
  15. Bebop

    Is this normal to hear? (A/C Related)

    I stepped out of my car while the A/C was turned on and was hearing this high pitched sound in the video. Didn't seem normal to me. But with a Tesla car you never know (maybe it is normal), which is why I wanted to ask others here.
  16. M

    A/C Compressor finally failed. But $3400??!

    For years we have been complaining that our A/C has been making way too much noise, especially the little thump that it makes when it cycles on and off, almost once a minute. So now the A/C has finally died. Tesla service wants $3400 to replace the compressor and a DC converter. I don't...
  17. jkennebeck

    Model S Camping mode, Plugged in, Hatch open, Tent filling with A/C!!!

    So you have your Model S and you bought a couple hundred dollar tent that attached nicely to the hatchback. You've pulled into your RV site at the campground, plugged the car in and set up the tent. Using any of the API apps out there (Induction, Dashboard etc) you set your car into camping...
  18. tescroft

    loud fan in "hot" weather

    My Model X makes a loud fan noise when it is exposed to direct sunlight in warm conditions (>25° C) when A/C is on. It is very loud from the outside, unusual for a car. During driving, it is not a problem for me inside the car, but the environment is exposed to a noise louder than that of a...
  19. essmd

    A/C Effectiveness in 5-seat configuration - Predictions?

    I am hoping to get feedback from 5-seat owners regarding predicted cooling and air flow to the rear cargo area when outside temps are over 100 degrees. I was one of those that was heartbroken and whiny when they eliminated the folding 2nd row seats from the original Model X presentation, so I...
  20. D

    Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

    '13 S 60kw. 52k miles (2 weeks CPO). During the fathers day heat wave, we had a horrible experience. Sunday morning the A/C was working fine. We parked outdoors for about an hour and a half during the weekend heat wave. When we were back in the car, it would only blow hot air. Ext temp...