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  1. B

    Clunking / Knocking sound from front passenger area - bonus: brown mystery fluid under the same area.

    Greetings helpful internet folks, I've been googling my ass off about my new-to-me 2018 M3 LR RWD at 85k, and am admittedly stumped. There is a strange clunking or knocking sound emitted from the front passenger area that increases with more acceleration, i.e. undetected under calm/casual...
  2. S

    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    Troubling seeing reports like these: Did Tesla just slow down our cars? | Tesla Can anyone confirm? I know the BMW i3 was slowed down with a software updates because too much torque was breaking engine mount bolts. Why would tesla do it, and is it even legal? That would be like the cook at...
  3. aikisteve

    Ludicrous+ acceleration vs Sport and Chill mode

    Since there was a bit of discussion lately on another forum about the Sport mode acceleration times a few weeks back, I decided to test it. Since it's winter time in Belgium (but not that cold) and I'm running on 19" winter tires and almost-dry roads, I didn't have the ideal circumstances. But...