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  1. P

    Cameras not accessible from the app

    I have a Tesla model Y and use my car in Switzerland, where I live. The manual says the following: "To access Live Camera from the Tesla app, tap 'Security' > 'Sentry Mode' > 'View live camera." I have done that but cannot access my cameras, when outside my car, from the app. Is anyone...
  2. UncaNed

    Wheelchair/Handicapped Hand Control Placement changes for 2021-2022 and later Updated Model X & S

    As a happy 2018 Model X75D owner in a wheelchair, I told the mechanic to install the hand control on the right to avoid problems while entering and exiting the driver's seat; it worked well, so I had them do the same on my new Plaid X. But the wipers, horn, cruise control, and auto pilot are...
  3. T

    Remove "driver access"

    What will happen after I remove the driver access? 1. Will the ex-driver still be able to see the car in the app? 2. Will the ex-driver receive any notification via email
  4. P

    Set up 2nd phone without location?

    Can I set up a second phone for another individual to access and drive my car but limit some of their options like seeing the location of the vehicle at any time? Thanks.
  5. T

    Security Suggestion

    I love the valet mode that requires security code to change. I would suggest that a security option be made for the remote access off/on. That way no one could shut off the remote access button without the security code. Great for theft prevention. Am I missing anything with this idea?
  6. fasteddie7

    Spouse/partner multiple Tesla app access

    My wife and I are preparing to purchase our second Tesla. My question is for those who have multiple Tesla's: both will be in my name financially, do I create her a "my Tesla" account or do I just use mine and have her logged in on her phone? It is there a setting other than swiping back and...