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accident insurance repair

  1. L

    2022 M3LR Rear Ended (2 Days old)

    My 2 day old Model 3 LR was rear ended on the freeway :-( My initial estimate to repair is $25,376.79. At this point I don't even want it repaired but have to go with whatever the insurance decides. Any advise from people in similar situations?
  2. C

    Likelihood of a writeoff '17 p100d

    Hello, My new (to me) 2017 Model S P100D was involved in an accident that I've been deemed not at fault for. Been having a hard time getting my claims adjuster on the phone, have left a bunch of messages politely asking to talk. The one time I spoke to him he was polite enough, just very...
  3. chickensworth

    Front end damage… totaled?

    I T-boned a pickup that decided to pull out in front of me never looking left to see if traffic was coming… cops determined it was his fault, and I have the sentry video to prove it. Worst thing is the PPF wrap didn’t do a thing 😜 Can anyone With experience determine if this level of damage...
  4. K

    Our Model Y got rear-ended.

    Got bumped by a distracted driver yesterday and the tailgate is dented. :( Looks like the rear bumper is also dislodged and/or broke the clips as well. See photos below. Will this be an easy fix(PDR) or does it require replacing the tailgate and bumper? The other party has GEICO and will be...
  5. C

    My new 2021 Model Y just rear-ended pretty bad

    My 2021 Tesla Model Y got rear ended pretty bad by a Chevy Silverado. The trunk and bumper are completely damaged and the trunk won’t even close. The other person was at fault and I have the footage from all the cams saved as well. The other person shared their insurance for filing the claim...
  6. V

    Model Y car Accident, Need advice

    Hi All! I unfortunately got into a car accident in my MY Long Range. It broke my heart into pieces. The car was picked up mid November I have 9000 miles. I took it straight to my local shop where I've had work done on a bunch of my friends, and families cars. All came out great. I'm beginning to...
  7. michael_mke

    Repair Estimate Model 3

    Cry for me. My 6-month-old 2020 M3P with less than 4k miles was involved in a minor accident over the weekend. The bumper took the brunt of the damage but the hood is bent I think. It doesn't sit flush with the fenders anymore. The headlights are also slightly misaligned. Still in the process of...
  8. eJonny

    Tesla Insurance Experience Being the Not At Fault Driver

    I wanted to share an experience I am having with Tesla Insurance. I am an unashamed fan of Tesla and have been willing to deal with challenges to support the brand, technology, and the changes Tesla is driving in the industry to foster more competition and better products. So, being an early...
  9. B

    Tesla Model 3 accident

    I was on 101N at Gilroy. I had just merged on to the highway and was on the lane next to the rightmost lane. Within few mins and huge car came and crashed into my Tesla model 3 from the rear right side. He was driving so fast that I completely lost control and drove all the way diagonally...
  10. M3BlueGeorgia

    Quick service from Marietta SC

    About 3 weeks ago, some idiot drove into the back of my car when I was stopped at a traffic light. Fortunately he had insurance and the police ticketed him. Dropped my car off this morning at the Marietta, GA Service Center to get the rear fascia replaced, and the car inspected for hidden...
  11. O

    Small accident caused by garbage truck

    A Garbage truck on 880 ruined my Friday. Yesterday I was driving home and taking an exit to get off of freeway when all suddenly saw a tire flying towards me. As you can expect, of course, it hit my model 3 on driver side. Long story short: tire on truck tore off, the thread pilled off and hit...
  12. billionaiire

    Post-accident experience

    As we start seeing more and more Tesla on the road, unfortunately and inevitably more and more will get involved in accidents. I am trying to create a one-stop-thread where the unlucky but experienced owners can at least share their story in the format I am suggesting below. It’ll help the...
  13. Anup

    Tesla Model 3 sensor and accident

    Otherwise I love this car. Body shop says the following damage has become quite common lately. I guess people are getting too dependent on these sensors. Just ran into a high curve on the passenger side while getting out of the parking spot. Sensor on the right side gave no visual or audio...
  14. M

    My Worst Nightmare

    On June 13 my pristine 2016 MX with 18,000 mi, was rear ended on the GG Bridge. I braked for slow moving traffic, was hit by a pos pickup truck pushing me into the van in front of me. Six vehicles involved, fortunately no injuries and all were able to drive off the bridge. I got Blu back from...
  15. Ormond

    Minor Accident.

    I just recently had a minor accident in a parking lot. I've been to the Tesla authorized body shop in my region. I'll need a new front bumper cover and some chrome pieces. The total estimate is about $3,600. I'm told the bumper arrives "raw," and has to be primed and painted. The fenders are...
  16. T

    Model S accident - seeking advice

    I had an accident yesterday, and had damage that I feel is extensive on the passenger (right) side of the car. Tesla Accident by TrevTremaine posted Mar 3, 2017 at 4:07 PM It's early on in terms of getting things sorted out with insurance, but I'm getting a bit concerned about the direction...

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