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  1. V

    Is my 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance totaled?

    Hi I had Tesla Model Y Performance, which I received on June 5th,2023 and was in an accident August 16th, 2023. I was wondering if my Tesla will be considered a total loss. My driver side curtain airbags all deployed and the driver seat airbags also deployed during the accident. The car shut off...
  2. C

    Is my car totaled?

    I got my model Y not long ago and we just hit a deer, I need to know ASAP if it is totaled
  3. D

    Tesla Certified body shop can't resolve regen vibration/noise

    My car was hit from the side at the rear wheel. It's been in a Tesla Certified body shop for over 3 months for repair. The body shop kept discovering more hidden damages over the course of the repair so there's about 7 supplemental parts orders so far. When I first got the car back I noticed...
  4. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  5. Dmagyar

    Rear ended while stopped at light

    Wife got hit in our model three while waiting for light to go green Friday the 15th (February). Mid april just for the repair shop appointment to see the car. It's hopefully just superficial damage to the rear bumper, but still gripes me, only 2700 +- miles on the odometer...Could have been...
  6. G

    Reverse my car into the garage wall - Can I fix this?

    I was reversing my X into the garage today just like the end of every trip for the last 2 months. However, I stopped a little short of the wall today, about 30 inches from the wall and since my garage door won't close unless I am less than 24 inches away from the wall, I tapped on the...
  7. J

    Our diminished value case is headed to trial

    I have seen that there are a lot of posts regarding diminished value claims, so I thought I would start my own and provide information that others can use for their own claims. Our 2013 Model S 85 was parked inside our garage. A food delivery person slammed into our garage at a high rate of...
  8. Ormond

    Minor Accident.

    I just recently had a minor accident in a parking lot. I've been to the Tesla authorized body shop in my region. I'll need a new front bumper cover and some chrome pieces. The total estimate is about $3,600. I'm told the bumper arrives "raw," and has to be primed and painted. The fenders are...
  9. Haxster

    100 KW Saltwater Misadventure

    So here's a scary scenario: On your way to an unplanned plop in the ocean, your Tesla's battery pack is ruptured when you go over the guard rail. The rail that's supposed to keep you and your car between the highway and the water...but doesn't. So now there's like 400 V and 100 KW of energy...
  10. fasteddie7

    Soon to be new owner ?: Experiences with leaving car unattended

    Hi Everyone! I live in a happy little community but I have a little concern with places I travel. I spend a lot of time in parking lots of malls and big cities. Are there any best practices for leaving the car unattended for hours at a time in parking lots or am I over thinking it and not...