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  1. M

    How to set up phone access on my wife's phone?

    Hey everyone! I've got a super basic question. Can anyone point me to a place where I can set up my wife's phone so she can access my Tesla? I'm sure it's probably super straightforward, and if there's a tutorial in the archives here, or at another website, I'd appreciate getting pointed in the...
  2. S

    Solar Data in a multiple accounts

    I am trying to get my solar data to show in both my Tesla account and my wife’s account but Tesla said this was not possible. I am concerned because I bought a vehicle in my account, but my wife has the solar in her account. So, if we share the vehicle and use the app as a key, then I won’t be...
  3. f205v

    [Advise needed] second Tesla in the family

    Hello, my wife is now convinced to sell her Jeep Renegade and buy a Model 3 LR. My question is: is it better to buy it under my existing Tesla account or is it better to set up a different account with Tesla under her name? What are the pros and cons of the 2 possibilities? TIA
  4. tanderson92

    Credit Card Errors

    Last week I knew I'd be traveling this week, and I logged in to update my credit card expiration date. Since I couldn't update the card, I deleted the current payment method and re-added the card with the new expiration date. I thought everything went well until today I received a warning after...
  5. T

    Unable to Login to Tesla.com or Reset my password

    I have always had a Tesla.com and a mysolarcity account. I am unable to login into Tesla.com because it says my account/password is not recognized. When I try to Reset my password, It says my email address is unrecognized When I try to create a new account it says my email address is already in...
  6. R

    Problem Adding Car To Account

    I've been trying to add a used Model X we purchased 2 weeks ago to my existing Tesla account, but when I click submit all I've gotten has been "Unable to process request. Please try again later." Tried different browsers, PCs, phones, etc.... and always 'please try again later.' The previous...
  7. Z

    Ownership transfer question

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased an imported US Model 3 here in Jordan and the car has the previous owner account and I can’t do a factory reset as it requires the email and password of the previous owner. Will logging in to my Tesla account and going to the ownership transfer section and providing...
  8. arnolddeleon

    More than one additional user/driver can now be added via the website

    I don't know when Tesla updated it but you can now easily add additional drivers to car via the website. Go to "Tesla Account", click "Manage" for the car you want add/remove drivers to and then you should see "Car Access" section. When you click you will get to a page like the attached image...
  9. A

    Add Additional Contact: Special characters in last name are not allowed.

    I'm trying to add my wife as an additional contact to my Tesla account but it won't let me. My last name has a hyphen in it and so does my wife's. If I spell out her name correctly I get the following messages when I try to save.: "Special characters in last name are not allowed. Special...
  10. melbrayporkpie

    Wife’s phone key

    I’m sure this has been asked multiple times, but when searching I’ve found multiple answers and they seem to be from over a year ago so wondered if the method had changed. what shall I do to set up my wife’s phone for our new model 3? Create her a new Tesla account or just log in using my account?

    Two cars on account page

    HI I have 2 cars on my account page. one that have paid the deposit on and the other was one that I had saved earlier. Is there a way of removing the unwanted one from my account. Thanks
  12. R

    Supercharging sessions (charges) not showing up on account / car

    I got my car in May 2018 and had a credit card setup on my account. From then until September 2019 any time I supercharged, it'd appear on the display and on the account and would charge me. In October, the card that was on my account was replaced with a new one (someone had charged some stuff...
  13. rubberfish

    Account page down

    Just went to Tesla.com to sign in and get this. Unavailable by rubberfish posted Aug 28, 2019 at 3:20 PM
  14. rubberfish

    Account has stopped showing my order!

    Just now logged in and it's now showing my model 3 order, despite already having paid the deposit. It was showing fine a few hours ago but now the usual 'Myname's Tesla' page is now just showing Model S and Model X order page on my account page. I'm assuming it's a bug?
  15. M

    Adding FSD after delivery (does it show on online?)

    If you have purchased the FSD package after delivery, does that option show up somewhere in your vehicle's online profile (tesla.com)? When I click on Manage, then View Details. Under Options, I see Autopilot listed but FSD is not there, even though I can use the FSD features when I drive the car.
  16. B

    Tesla account switched from USA to Australia!!

    I am in the USA and today with several signons to my Tesla account it shows as Tesla Australia instead of Tesla USA!!! Anyone else experience this? Also if I look at configuring cars it shows KM not miles and Australia configurations. Another bizarre Tesla anomaly Anyone else having this happen?.
  17. RandomX

    No "one click" option to buy FSD

    Hello, world! This is my first post here. I am a new owner,P3D+. I ordered in March and paid the 2000 for AP. I also wanted FSD but at the time didn't think I had the budget for it. Now after a few weeks of ownership I decided bite the bullet and to pull the trigger on the FSD upgrade...
  18. J

    Transfering ownership and upgrading to 75d

    Greetings, i have bought a used model s 70d from germany ( I am in Croatia). And i was wondering what is the procedure i have to follow to get my tesla account, and what do i have to do to upgrade my battery from 70 kwh to 75 kwh. Thanks in advance :)
  19. mwu

    Changing down payment

    Down payment in the loan application is selected as a percentage, but I was bone-headed and forgot that I had already put down when reserving and ordering the car, so the down payment is calculated as the amount of the car minus $3,500 times the percentage selected. As a result, the down payment...
  20. B

    Can't change my email address

    I need to change my email address to my gmail address so that I can interface to Google Home, but whenever I try to do so the Tesla Account website comes up with and yet the email address I am changing to is my own gmail address and so cannot already be in use in Tesla's database. I get the...