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  1. S

    Tesla Acronyms

    Looking round the forum there appears to be a lot of acronyms which makes life confusing for newbies. Looking on one thread I see: AWD LR Model 3 P+ SR+ 3PD I think these are all Model 3’s, but it is confusing. Are there any official identification letter? My understanding is that the Model 3...
  2. FlyF4

    My Tesla Acronyms

    I've seen people ask this question around the forum and there is a really good list of acronyms in the WIKI section for EV vehicles, but I've had trouble finding Tesla acronyms. Sooooo, here is my take. Warning, before you get your panties all bunched up, this is just a light-hearted list with...
  3. Wiki

    Wiki EV Acronyms

    As might be expected in any specialized area, we use a lot of acronyms on this forum. Below is a list of some of the more common ones. To Editors: This list is only for acronyms, not for EV or Tesla specific terms like "Supercharger", "Vampire Loss", "Frunk". Add new acronyms in alphabetical...