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  1. grayguy

    Adjusting amp current draw when using 6-30 to 14-50 adapter

    I purchased a 6-30 to 14-50 adapter for an Airbnb with a 6-30 30A outlet in their barn. Tesla does not sell a 6-30 adapter for the Mobile Connector, so this is a hack of sorts. It's unclear to me if I need to adjust the current draw in the car to 30A (or maybe less to be safe) to ensure my...
  2. R

    Gen 2 NEMA 14-30 Adapter for sale

    Gen 2 NEMA Adapter 14-30 for sale $35 NIB. Bought as a backup for a home install, decided on 10-30 instead. Will ship fast once payment is received. First post on forum, new Tesla owner 2021 Model 3 SR+. Thank you. -Rob
  3. J

    Ordered 14-30 adapter but not received

    Ordered 10 days ago 14-30 adapter from Tesla shop. ‘Twice FedEx shown delivery dates and twice chaned to pending. Numerous attempts to send inquires went without replies. Thinking about dispute credit card charge. How do I reach Shop Customer Service????? thanks
  4. W

    Best way to convert 30A 125/250V 10/30R

    So I have a outlet for my drier that is a 30A 125/250v and the configuration is 10/30. I would like to plug my Tesla into this. All I have is the cord that comes with the car, which is a standard cord. What’s the easiest way to plug my car into this outlet.
  5. S

    2014 Model S - 5-15 adapter

    Hello folks, I lost the 5-15(110v adapter) that came with the car charger. Could anyone pls suggest a replacement adapter? I am aware that tesla sells that for $45, but just wondering whether there is a cheap alternative. Thanks.
  6. L

    Tesla Gen 2 Charger Bundle

    The like new 5 piece bundle Tesla Charging Bundle (tested and works) includes Charge block Case 6-20 Adapter. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters 5-15 Adapter 14-50 Adapter This bundle includes 3 adapters. $320 shipped 2-day USPS to continental USA. Paypal (you pay fees), Google Pay, or Venmo accepted
  7. J

    NEMA 14-30 to Tesla - 3rd party adapters??

    Hi all, I've just ordered my Tesla Model Y (AWD LR) and it won't be here for another 6-10 weeks unless someone drops out and I'm next in the queue here (it could happen?!?!). Anyhoo - I have a NEMA 14-30 plug in my garage (240V/30A). Looking at the documentation from Tesla, it looks like I...
  8. P

    Tesla Online Shop Order Fulfillments

    Hello , this is my first entry in this forum and my very first EV! Took delivery of Model 3 couple weeks back. I wasn't aware it didn't come with Nema 14-50 anymore so ordered one ahead of time. I have been waiting 2 weeks and havent gotten it yet, although I received a tracking number for FexEx...
  9. A

    Still waiting for CHAdeMO Charging Model 3

    While I do appreciate humor and the fact that we get new software version with FARTS, what I would really love is an update that helps me on the long run. Why did we not get yet a software update for CHAdeMO charging? I reside in Montreal, Québec, Canada and we have been precursor of this...
  10. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Model 3 Wheel Spacers for OEM Wheels - Gives Flush Fitment Look *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have in stock 2 sets of wheel spacers for the Model 3. These are made for the OEM wheels and meant to bring the wheels out towards the fenders more for a flush look. Currently with the stock wheels, the fenders dramatically hang over the wheels. This will fix that awkward look...
  11. ForeverFree

    Plug Adapters (Gen 1) -- 5-20 (120V); 10-30,14-30, and 6-50 (240V)

    If your travels may take you away from Supercharging, or if you simply need home/family/friend charging connections other than the 5-15 (120V) and 14-50 (240V) adapters that came with your Model S or X, these will make you a road warrior. Like-new condition. Originally $45/each in the Tesla...
  12. Spelly88

    What charger adapters does the car come with? Which ones to buy?

    Hey all, getting ready to purchase some accessories for when the X arrives in a few weeks. I'm planning to get the HPWC and just keep the mobile connector in the car for trips. I believe that the mobile connector fits a NEMA 14-50 outlet right? Does it also come with an adapter for a 5-15 or...
  13. eladts

    TT-30, 6-30 and L6-20 UMC v2 adapters

    Tesla Model S / X / 3 Gen 2 Charging Adapters (Mod note: this was flagged as potential spam, since there was no accompanying or explanatory text. Adding some info here for reference. The link goes to EVSEAdapters.com, who look to be manufacturing — or reworking — Tesla Gen2 UMC adapter cables...
  14. S

    Model S Supercharging: USA to Europe

    My family is looking to move from the US to Germany later this year. We would like to take our Model S (April 2016 build) with us. Does anyone know if this has been done in the past? Is there an adapter to allow us to use the European supercharging network? Thanks! -Sam
  15. M

    Looking for a CHAdeMO adapter

    Doing some road trips and need CHAdeMO capability to ensure I have no recharge issues on the road, but they are backordered at Tesla with no estimated delivery timeframe. Anyone have one available?
  16. chibi_kurochan

    Want to borrow: UMC Adapter and/or chademo adapters in South Bay

    Hi guys, We're planning our first road trip on our Model S this weekend from San Jose to Lava bed, crater lake, Portland and seattle. Will be camping half of the way. Some last minute request if anyone is nice enough to lend us their UMC adapters and/or chademo adapters (just in case). This...
  17. chibi_kurochan

    WTB: NEMA 10-30 - UMC adapter for Model S

    Looking to get NEMA 10-30 UMC adapter for Model S. Please PM me if you have one available that you don't use. Thank you!
  18. R

    New owner building arsenal of emergency adapters and cables

    I've read through some of the forum posts but still have a couple of questions. I bought this 5-20 adapter from Amazon for $9.99: Amazon.com : Conntek 30129 15-Amp to 20-Amp Plug Adapter, 20-Amp Socket to 15-Amp U.S 3 Prong Plug : Generator Cord Sets And Plugs : Patio, Lawn & Garden Is it the...
  19. n2mb_racing

    Building NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter

    I thought I would make a new post with pictures I took while building my NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter. This adapter allows you to charge at 12A or 16A at 240V from a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. The NEMA 6-20 receptacle is easy to install if you have an existing 120V outlet on its own dedicated...
  20. BigTaro

    Which adapters are in your car kit?

    I am awaiting the delivery of my 90D (can't wait!), and I am starting to prepare a charging kit for when I receive my car. I wanted to know if anyone here has found the need for additional adapters besides the ones that come with the car. I plan to get the CHAdeMO adapter as a few charging...
  21. disillusioned

    Selling a Tesla 10-30 adapter

    Hey gang, I bought a 10-30 from another member here and didn't realize that the cottage has a 14-30. (Hadn't been up in awhile, thought it was 10-30. Whoops.) In any event, I now have a 10-30 I have absolutely no need for. PM me or post here if you're interested in picking it up from me. It's...
  22. GasKilla

    Anyone need a Tesla 10-30 adapter

    I'm planning on swinging by a local service center to pick up a 5-20 adapter and when I called them today they said they had 10-30s in stock. I might pick one up for myself but I'm wondering if anyone else needs one since they aren't available online and some service centers no longer have them...
  23. GasKilla

    Ordered NEMA 5-20 adapter Tesla sent a NEMA 10-30, should I keep it?

    Is a NEMA 10-30 adapter something I could actually use or is it so rare that it was discontinued?
  24. L

    Burned 220V Adapter

    Has anyone else had a 220v Adapter burn or melt? I plug in to the same 220v outlet every day at work. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a "Charge Cable Fault" on my dash. When I unplugged, the adapter was very hot and I found this: The rear of the adapter was scorched. A Tesla Ranger came out...
  25. Madartist

    Dual 120V to NEMA 14-50 adapter

    Is there a dual 120V to NEMA 14-50 adapter available? I can't seem to find one. If so, does anyone have any experience with it using the UMC? How many miles (or kW) per hour of charge do you get? This would seem to be a better choice rather than plugging into the standard 120V alone when other...
  26. S

    Can anyone help me get additional adapters from Canada?

    I want to get a few extra Woods Gas Range Adaptors (Adapters): http://www.homedepot.ca/product/gas-range-adaptor/905477 If anyone in Canada is willing to help out? Need to ship to the US. They are in every major hardware store (Home Depot, Home Hardware, etc.), but apparently only in-store; I...