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adaptive cruise control

  1. Frizzle Fry

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    I'm currently driving across Canada in light winter conditions and have had to fight with cruise control a lot more than I'd like. When you activate cruise control you are also engaging Autopilot even if you don't have the Full Self Driving package. And because Autopilot depends on the car's...
  2. Unlimitedpower

    Model S70 2016 Lane keeping

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a 2nd hand Model S70 2016 (facelift) and i am loving the experience though i cannot seem to make the "lane keep" function to work. i'm from EU so bear with my bad english please :D my spec's: Autopilot with comfort functions Hardware for autopilot RWD 70...
  3. Unlimitedpower

    Model S70 2016 Adaptive cruise controle with lane keeping

    Hoi allemaal ! ik heb mij recent een model S van 2016 gekocht (facelift) en zit met een vraag. Specificaties Autopilot met comfortfuncties hardware voor Autopilot Achterwielaandrijving Homelink via GPS 70 (upgrade naar 75) Ik heb een werkende adaptive cruise controle MAAR het lukt mij niet om...
  4. T

    Autopilot worse after latest Update

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that with the latest update that was pushed through my AP2.0 has become much worse and erratic than it was before. I own a 2016 Model S with AP2.0 hardware. At first the AP was absolutely unusable. Then sometime in 2017 they pushed a major update that brought...
  5. MartyL

    Do my brake lights come on?

    When I'm using adaptive cruise control or autopilot, do my brake lights come on when I'm automatically slowed down?
  6. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    I picked up a loaner from Tesla Service (Fremont) and I received an MS 75d (from enterprise apparently)— Awesome! I was expecting a ICE! :D So far so good— I hoped on the freeway and I found that the AP2 car did not have EAP enabled— not a big deal. It did have cruise control. I set curise...
  7. D

    Understand no "Auto Pilot" for older cars - but expected ACC to be retrofit.

    I understand the Auto Pilot features require a broad array of sensors and integration that were never envisioned when the Model S was originally released. Adaptive Cruise Control on the other hand was talked about a great deal even before the beta unveiling. I remember discussions at the...