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  1. J

    Deleted destinations reappear instantly

    2023 Model 3. Version 23.6.9 I press and hold and click the x to remove the address. It reappears after a few minutes or if I navigate away and come back. How does one file a bug report or make Tesla aware? There seems to be no fix. If I were to reset the car, assuming I have to program all...
  2. gnuarm

    Can't Order of the Web Site!

    I have bought accessories off the Tesla web site for my model X with no problem. But it seems when you want to buy an upgrade for the car they make it a bit tougher... actually nearly impossible. I wanted to buy the full self driving upgrade for my model X at the reduced price. I tried to...
  3. Z

    Navigating to addresses of contacts

    Hi, I finally took delivery of my Model S last week and so far everything is working great, but there's one thing I didn't figure out how to do yet: I read somewhere if you go to a contact in the phone app, you should see the contact's address and be able to navigate to it. I have many contacts...