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  1. K

    Headlight too low and cannot be adjusted further.

    TMS 85D dec '15 My headlights are pointing too low and the adjustment screw does not allow me to adjust further. From the MCU1 screen there is choice of 3 settings: 0, 1 and 2. These do not work. Could it be a fault in a small light adjustment motor? Where can I find details about this motor...
  2. T

    Side mirror won't hold adjustment

    The driver's side mirror on my Model 3 was replaced by a Tesla authorized repair center, after it was damaged when I was side-swiped by a pickup truck. Prior to repair, adjustments made to the mirror position held fine. Since the repair, the mirror gradually sags over about a 2 week period...
  3. S

    Prices Paid Tracker

    $20k off new Teslas?!! I am creating a new Database to share which OAs / Salespeople or Showrooms find the best deals and sharing it FREE. I run Tesla Showroom Deals, I saw someone on IG trying to make $1k off people.. which is nuts, so I am going to give it out for free. I've helped over 2,000...
  4. SanDiegoM3

    How good is my Model 3 deal?

    The December 2018 car has about 1,100 miles on it and the advisor says it was for marketing so I assume show room or test drive vehicle, MAYBE a reporter type car. Specs: Long Range AWD 19" wheels FSD Pearl White Black Interior (no extra cost) $5,830 price adjustment off a price that...
  5. spectrum

    Model X Premium Upgrade Price Decrease — What it means for existing orders

    I have an X100D on order (see Tracker spreadsheet for my dates). I've asked 2 different owner advisors at Tesla and they both denied making a $2,500 adjustment on my order. I think this is unfair and I would love to see if any of you are in a similar situation — and see what you're doing about it.