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  1. MontyFloyd

    Anti-Tesla FUD advertisement, about FSD (on NBC)

    Was watching Meet The Press (NBC Sunday morning), when I saw a commercial showing Model 3's smashing into dummies of children at least 3 times and saying FSD was a killer and demand US Government to stop Tesla. Finished with a telephone number (could not get in time) Announcer (old man) did...
  2. NoGasNoBrakes

    Elon Musk: "Maybe We Should Advertise"

    This afternoon, Sawyer Merritt shared a snippet of Tesla Owners SV's recent interview with Elon Musk on Twitter, where Elon stated that: "There's an argument for maybe we should advertise. The tradition media won't run hit-pieces about automotive because automotive is one of the biggest, if not...
  3. A

    Program Audio Cutoff Early By Advertising Audio on TuneIn Channels?

    All: For about a year, I've noticed that the audio on cable news shows such as those on MSNBC and CNN are consistently cut off a few seconds early by advertising when using the Tune In versions of these? Typically, it's enough to cut off the final sentence of the speaker or program host before...
  4. Marvin03

    First UK Tesla ads spotted in wild

    Sorry if posted before 😛
  5. MichaelP90DL

    Mercedes Sells Only 500 EQCs. In Germany. With Heavy Advertising.

    Headline goof. 55 units sold. Sorry about that. From Teslarati. Once-deemed ‘Tesla killer’ Mercedes EQC flops with 55 units sold in Germany to date Just...wow.
  6. Brando

    How Advertising can help? BMW example

    We shall see how BMW ads increase or maintain sales. My bias - good luck with that.

    Here's what my Tesla Ad would look like.

    It's not the movie (yet), but I thought I'd try a slight spin on a common Tesla message. We've heard how the total cost of ownership is similar to a Camry, but here I try to point out that your money is going back into the car and not out to big dirty oil. Imagine this on a billboard in NYC...
  8. A

    Need Your Help! Getting Word Out On New Marketing/sales Program

    I have a new sales/marketing program I want to pitch to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a Twitter user so I have no following. It would be awesome if you could view the...
  9. David29

    Ad for "Inbox Helper" is deceptive and tricky

    I got a message earlier today that the site could not be reached, so I closed the web page and came back a few hours later. When I clicked on my saved link, it took me to the blog page instead of the forums. There was a big block across the top of the page that said "LOG IN" in red letters, so...
  10. Sprandt23

    Tesla Semi in print advertisement

    For some reason we get this Logistics magazine at my office, and when I flipped the current one open....
  11. S


    A friend created this. Hopefully this is a good forum to share it: Watch “Tesla - Fireflies” on Vimeo: Tesla - Fireflies on Vimeo