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  1. C

    2016 Model X 90D vs 2017 Model X 100D (Features vs Budget)

    Hello All. Thanks in advance for any replies. I am currently an owner of a 18 M3 LR RWD and while I do like the car, I am in need of something much bigger and definitely will be trading my M3 for an X. I prefer the 6 seater above all other configurations and the MY is off the list for me. I...
  2. GoHawks29

    How Long Does Wall Connector Installation Take? I'm WFH, Need a General Estimate for How Long Power Will Be Out.

    Hi Everybody, I think I'm going to go in and buy a Model 3LR, assuming I can get it in time before the tax credit potentially goes away. Anywho, I'm wondering how long a Wall Connector installation would take. It's not so much the amount of time that the overall process takes that matters for...
  3. G

    Directional Tire Spare Rotation & Purchase Query

    Hello all, I have a Model 3 RWD. I have a spare tire question. I need a full-size spare for times when I take road trips to remote areas with no cell phone coverage and having to avoid interruption due to tire availability. Spare: I have a new OEM 18 inch wheel and a universal TPMS sensor as...
  4. C

    So this happened on the way to work this morning….[accident]

    What: 2021 Model 3 Dual Motor 18k Miles Where: Westbound New York Avenue NE, Washington, DC Why: Guy in a Nissan Extera was tired of waiting for a cop to make a left turn three cars ahead, and pulled out just as I was passing by in my lane…. The good news is that he had insurance (seemingly a...
  5. A

    When Do I Give up on my 90,000km 2013 Model S?

    My Model S ran amazingly and needed minimal service for the first 8 years. It's low mileage but had been in 2 major accidents and still drove really well after these incidents. Ironically, after my warranty completely expired last year, it's been nothing but trouble. I had the suspension...
  6. P

    2015-2016 Model S buying advice

    Hi all, Applogies for asking such a common question but I'm looking to get into Tesla ownership with a budget of around £34,000. Now, from what I could gather the only cars I can afford are the 2015-2016 Model S 70(d)'s and 85(d)'s. Now, does anyone have any experience in how could I choose...
  7. mtbwalt

    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    Just soliciting advice from experienced FSD beta testers for those of us joining the program. In particular I am interested in how and when to report issues back to Tesla (I have heard about a camera button that sounds like it is a reporting mechanism); how to avoid the dreaded forced...
  8. C

    Broke off parts of my right side mirror when backing out of tight garage

    Hi folks! So I live in a house with a narrow garage and when I was backing my model 3 out a couple of nights ago my side mirror got caught on the side of the garage opener. Here's the aftermath (images attached). Any advice on what I should use to repair this? Should I just try to glue this back...
  9. MontyFloyd

    Clear Bras a good idea?

    With that expansive front on Teslas, is getting a clear bra a worthy investment? I realize those things can trap dirt at edge and yellow over time, need replacement, but repainting can be just as expensive. Thoughts? (looking on a M3, but can be for all models.)
  10. R

    Any Advice before Ordering?

    Hello Everyone, I’m about to order my Model 3 this weekend. Before I ordered I just wanted to consult you guys to see if you have any advice. I’ll tell you a little about myself. I’m 24. Living in NY. Income about 5k a month. Credit score 750ish. After my test drive they said the APR would be...
  11. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  12. S’|’orm

    Cross Country NY to LA road trip with V9 FSD

    Hey everyone! I'm currently mapping out a cross country road trip from NY to LA this June after the V9 FSD release comes out to document its usage in a cross country adventure. I have mapped out my journey below and bought the TESMAT privacy screen as well as the Exped megamat 10 duo medium to...
  13. G

    Attention Any Potential New Owners in London

    I wanted to offer my assistance to any potential new owners of Tesla's or any other EV's to help them navigate their first few steps into EV ownership. I live in SW London so happy to meet if you are local or can communicate over phone etc if you aren't. Am happy to answer any questions or...
  14. Y

    Can anybody help me out?

    Well, I own a model Y right now, and I’m thinking about refit my wheels to aftermarket wheels. The problem is that all aftermarket wheels that I prefer are really big wheels. I'm afraid that those big wheels won't fit, what if they scratch the fenders or brake calipers? So I search on the...
  15. BBQSean

    1000mi Road Trip Tire Advice

    We're planning a 1000mi road trip from PNW to Central US (Link to Route) with a Mid '18 Model X100D and Late '18 M3P about first week of October. Seeing as we're getting into Fall weather, we're trying to decide which tires to put on the M3P. The X we'll take with the all-seasons + chains in...
  16. Maryland

    Advice on buying a used Model S P90D

    Hi all. Made this account as a prospective Tesla buyer. Perhaps I'll keep using it if I become an owner someday. The situation: I am looking at a used Model S P90D, which is being sold by a non-Tesla dealership as a trade-in. The vehicle has Ludicrous mode, but I don't know what other options...
  17. A

    Nervous about suspension/Axel issues and shuddering...HELP!

    Hey, everyone. I just recently purchased a 2020 Model X LR+ on 22" rims on Tesla's website. I haven't received it yet or even been assigned a VIN, so I'm in the waiting game. However, I've come across the suspension issues in my research on the internet. Tires wearing on the inside...
  18. S

    Any advice for a potential Tesla Model S buyer?

    Hello, I am getting close to putting a deposit on a 2020 Model S, but I've seen some scary stuff on this site, ie. poor service, yellow screens etc. I am curious would you buy another? Any advise BEFORE I buy. Thanks so much for any advise, and making me feel better (or worse) after spending...
  19. T

    Is KBB price grounds for negotiating 2017 model X?

    Used 2017 Model X, over 88k miles, priced ~$59k, Includes both Autopilot 2.0 and Full SelfDriving Capability. Carfax looks good. Photos and dealer indicate car is in great shape, but I do see some internal usage wear on the seats, steering wheel, etc.. I cannot go see the car in person. KBB...
  20. C

    20 Days and counting for a model X

    Hello Everyone, First post- I am about 20 days out from a purchase. I have narrowed my focus to a model X. I am looking for some guidance on where this community would start for value. I think I am looking 2016-2018, with under 30K miles. My price range is under 82K. Where would be the best...
  21. J3ThePainless

    Interior rattles

    Hello everyone I am absiabsolu loving my new model 3 but there are a few noses that are bothering me. First when the driver seat is all the way back it makes a squeaking and popping noise when turning. I am 6'3" so I really need it to be back all the way. Second there is a rattle coming from...
  22. Cdis94

    Fixing Rock Chips in Glass Roof!

    I want to start this thread letting everyone know that if you try to get your glass roof *Or any panel for that matter* sealed and fixed up it carries the risk of the glass cracking completely and Safelite CAN NOT replace any glass since they can't order it from Tesla to stock up on. Alright so...
  23. N

    Model 3 Charging: Quick question about electrician installing HPWC

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is a silly question as I'm not an electrician, but I have an electrician coming out to 'install' my HPWC into my garage on Monday. Unfortunately, my shipping got delayed on the actual HPWC and won't arrive on time/by Monday. As of now, he is still coming out...
  24. IGotEastBay

    Just Ordered 60D...Do I Upgrade to 75D?

    Hi all, Placed an order for my first Tesla, a 60D, yesterday just before the options change. After placing the order, I noticed that the base price was dropped for the 75D and the power lift gate was added as standard. It was a bummer because I got the premium upgrades package primarily for the...
  25. G

    Need purchase advice

    I have finally got into the financial position to be able to consider a tesla. Could use some advice/opinion. I am looking at a new 60D with 2nd generation AP with free supercharging vs a 2015 85D with first gen AP and a few additional features for the same price. I think both options are...
  26. A

    Is Model 3 a good first car?

    Do you think Model 3 is a good first car? Or do you think its lack of a traditional engine may be detrimental to a beginner (e.g. because of care, learning to shift gears, too much driver assistance)? Assume one can easily afford it.
  27. J

    Damaged Tesla

    Because i drive a lot, i was looking into tesla cars. My budget is 50.000 Euro. There is a super charger station at my work and near my house. The cheapest tesla here is 70.000 euro used with around 40.000 KM. I was wondering if you could grade these 2 vehicles. on points like : Damage to the...
  28. L

    Preparing for job at Tesla

    Hello, I am currently in my last year of Bachelor study for IT & Management and I am looking very closely when Tesla will enter market for Czech Republic (they build first Supercharger recently 09/2016). My question to anyone who is familiar with the issue is this (or anyone willing to join...
  29. B

    So It Begins...

    Hello everyone, Today I placed my deposit for my Model S. This has been almost a year in the making. I'm beyond estatic with my decision and look forward to the long process until it's in my garage. I'm looking for any tips and advice. I will also share my progress in hope to help others. Thank...
  30. krazineurons

    60D owners, why did you not choose 90D?

    Hi, I have ordered my model S and am inside the 1 week grace window to change the configuration. I am sure it gets asked a lot here but i am confused if I should stick to 60D and upgrade to 75D later or straight up get the 90D. Following the threads so far, the recommendation is to go for the...
  31. B

    Wheels advice please

    Hi all. I have ordered my Model S 90D. I have 5 more days to confirm my specification and i have the 21" wheels with air suspension.. I read somewhere that the 19" give a better range.... is this true? and if so how much.. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  32. benjiejr

    Road Trip Tips/Advice

    I searched the forums and have seen several posts related to specific road trips, which I enjoy reading, but I don't see one dedicated to tips and advice for planning road trips specifically in a Tesla. What are some of the most important things you think someone else should know before...
  33. Y

    Front Collision TESLA P85. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    Hi everyone. Im pretty new to this forum. I have red a few threats from here and that's about it. Recently I got TESLA P85 which was hit on the front. So the now we are working on the body repairs while doing some troubleshooting on the electric problems. Basically when i received the car, it...
  34. mnx

    Thoughts on these after market wheels / tires

    So I've been trying to decide what to do for a set of winter wheels. I came across these which appear to have the correct specs (except for centrebore which can be adapted using a centering ring). They're roughly the same price as the Tesla 19's but are 6.5lbs lighter and come in black. :)...

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