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  1. SomeJoe7777

    Automatic Emergency Braking for Large Object

    Had a nice demo of AEB today in response to a large object on the road. Westbound Westpark Tollway, Houston TX, just after US-59 to Westpark Tollway exit, there was a large object (plastic planter?) in the right lane. Although I was already moving to the left lane to dodge the object...
  2. M

    Crashed my 90D into a fence while parking...

    I lived in china and got my model s 90D for only 3 month, and i crashed the car into a fence while parking.:( Fortunately nobodys hurt. When i drive my car into the parking slot the car begin to accelerate for no reason then i panicked and press accelerator pedal even further. The car crashed...
  3. Keyed AEB Pedestrian

    Keyed AEB Pedestrian

    Keyed from a screenshot of Collision Avoidance
  4. MarkS22

    Autopilot Accelerator Suggestion and AEB "Save" (Dashcam Example)

    This is a bit of a PSA for people who use Autopilot often. See the dashcam video here (I kept it private until Tesla was able to review the logs and confirm what happened): From the description: IMPORTANT: This was user error and NOT an Autopilot malfunction and AEB did activate as intended...
  5. Carspotter Daily

    Doing some AEB/Collision Avoidance testing - Suggestions?

    I plan on doing some tests with AutoPilot on and off, and at different speeds/angles. (My ultrasonics aren't doing great because of a minor collision.) So far, i'm just going to use a cardboard box with aluminium foil covering the front of it as a "Dummy car". I've already tried to use a...