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  1. S

    WTT I have 19s you have Aero

    I'm in Oregon with an end of March delivery of a M3 RWD with 19" wheels. I want to trade those for Aero wheels.
  2. S

    FS: TX-Dallas 2020 18” Aero wheels with Michelin MXM4 tires $900

    Selling a set of oem Aeros with tires. Tread is about 30%. Cash and local pickup preferred. Excellent condition. $900 for the set. No TPMS.
  3. R

    2022 Model 3 18" Wheels/Tires/TPMS/Aero Covers

    Full set of Model 3 wheels/tires/TPMS/aero covers taken from a 2022 AWD LR. Less than 250 miles before being removed .
  4. P

    Carbon Fiber Aero Spoiler for Model 3

    Lightly used Carbon Fiber Aero Spoiler for sale. Fits the Model 3 and only requires double sided tape for installation. Asking $200 picked up in SoCal. LA/OC area.
  5. S

    FS 2021 18” Aero Wheelset w/ Rimetrix Orbital Caps Bluetooth TPMS LIKE NEW Portland Oregon

    I have a set of 18 inch Aero wheels and tires that came off my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3. I took the wheels off with only 1000 miles on them. They are in pristine condition. No curb rash or scuffs at all. In the photos you can see the black Rimetrix Orbital wheel caps installed. These are a...
  6. H

    WTB: 2018-2020 M3 18” Aero wheels - NY/NJ/CT

    Looking for a full set of 18” aeros with the old TPMS sensors in the tri-state area. Don’t mind if they’re a bit roughed up as long as they aren’t bent or cracked. Don’t care about the tires as I’m looking to put snows on them.
  7. Ko$h

    Aero hubcap kit same color as wheel

    Can anyone recommend an Amazon link for one of the hubcap kits on there where the center cover actually matches the color of the wheels? Preferably one they have purchased and are happy with?
  8. Y

    For Sale: Complete set of 2021 Model 3 aero wheels with covers, 235/45/18 Michelin Primacy tires, and tpms sensors.

    Complete set of 2021 Model 3 aero wheels with covers(4), 235/45/18 Michelin Primacy tires(4), and tpms sensors. Brand new taken off right after delivery. $1300 OBO Shipping at buyers expense Located in San Diego
  9. L

    For Sale: *NEW* 2021 18” Aero Wheels/Tire Set

    Just ordered a 2021 Model 3 and am getting bigger tires/wheels. I will be taking off and selling my full set 18in. Aero wheels/tire as soon as my car is picked up! **Brand New!! the only time they will be driven is to the a car dealership to swap them out for my new ones set!! Asking $1400...
  10. B

    FS: (4) 2020 Model 3 Aero Wheels/Tires w/ <20 miles

    Complete set of 2020 Model 3 aero wheels with covers, 235/45/18 Michelin Primacy tires, and tpms sensors. Drove home from dealer and then next day straight to shop to replace with 19s. Been garaged since then. Basically brand new. One set-up pictured. Others are exactly the same. Asking...
  11. E

    WTB: Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Looking for a set of 18" Wheels for a 2018 Model 3. Open to just rims or rims + tires (if they are in good shape). My current tires were worn out and I put on winter tires, so looking to assemble a new set to run for summer. Possibly open to 19's, but like the efficiency, ride, and price of...
  12. H

    *New* 2021 TM3 Aero wheels/tires for sale with old tpms.

    Less then 200 miles on the tires, just drive from ‘dealership’. Wheels and tires in perfect condition. $1500 OBO for the set.
  13. M

    Model 3 2021 Aero Wheels, tires, TPMS

    Selling less than 50miles used 2021 model 3 aero wheels with new Tesla spec mxm4 tires, TPMS, hub caps. Message me with your offer, wheels are located near Denver, CO
  14. Ravire

    $1000 - Gloss Black Powdercoated 18" Aero Wheels

    I'm getting new rims so I'm selling my 18" aero rims powdercoated in gloss black. Combined with pilot sport 4s's they have the perfect combination of comfort, handling, and looks. None of them have curb rash and they have been maintained well. The Aero Caps are included and they have not been...
  15. M

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheels with Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero S2 Tires

    For Sale: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels with Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero S2 Tires Winter tires were used for 1 season. Less than 2k miles Wheels have some curb rash, but are good for winter driving. Hardware included. Prefer Denver Pickup. $1200 available in Denver
  16. M

    Aero wheel cap for model 3

    Used aero wheel cap kit for 18 inch aero wheels. asking $40 +shipping within US
  17. J

    Wheel Weight Vs Aero

    Hello all, I am curious as to if anybody has some input on which matters more. For example: 19 inch Apollo w/ Gemini Cap ~ 30lbs. VS 20 Inch martian MW03 ~20LBS. The question I have is, does the weight matter more than the aerodynamic cap?
  18. rokitnerd

    aero cover storage options?

    I intend to take the aero covers off of my Gemini wheels pretty much immediately and would love a safe way to store the aero covers for when I need them. What is the best storage option?
  19. F

    Model 3 Aero winter tires - Michelin X-Ice XI3 (Boston)

    Hi all, Selling the Michelin X-Ice XI3 winter tires I used for one season before having to sell my M3. I might have put 3000 miles on them - bought from Tire Rack in November or December 2019, I think I took them off in early March. I'd never had winter tires before (didn't grow up in the...
  20. JBare

    18" aeros - max tire width?

    I've searched and looked through a few pages so I think I know the answer but would feel better with confirmation from some of you more knowledgeable tire guys. I'm not a huge fan of the thin tire look although I understand they help with range. Will I have any issues replacing my stock aero...
  21. T

    For Sale: 2020 18" Aero Wheels with TPMS, Michelin Tires -only 800 miles

    Set of (4) 18" Aero wheels with Michelin tires and TPMS sensors included. Taken off of my June 2020 production Model 3. Tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4. TPMS sensors included. I am selling them because I purchased the 20" Wheels from the Tesla Shop. I purchased the 20" wheels the day I took...
  22. .FP.

    19” wheels and tires

    Selling a new set of Tempest wheels and Goodyear tires from my 2020 Model S Long Range Plus. They have about a 100 miles on them (drive home from the SC). Tires are Goodyear Eagle T1 245/45/19. Photos of wheels with and without aero covers on included. Located on Staten Island, NY.
  23. Bossmobile

    Feeler: 18" M3 Aero Wheels For Sale

    Wanted to get a feel of the interest level... I have a brand new set of 18" Model 3 Aero Wheels w/ Tires with less than 200 miles on them (off of my brand new 2020 Model 3). Local pick up only in SoCal (Orange County). $1500 or best offer
  24. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Model Y Unplugged Performance - Street, Race and Drift!

    What upgrades do you think would help you get even more out of your new Model Y? Unplugged Performance tuning parts are extensively tested on street and track before general release. This UP Model Y Performance development car features a number of prototype parts. We had a blast exploring the...
  25. P

    FS: 18'' Model 3 Aero Wheels/Kit/Tires/Caps/TPMS - Chicago

    Selling my 18" wheels I don't need anymore. Wheels have 18k miles on them with 2 having a little less tread. Aero covers were taken off and stored in garage right away. Never parallel parked so rims are like new. Can send pictures if requested. Looking for local sale. $600 OBO.
  26. AdamMacDon

    FS: Model 3 Aero Covers

    I'm selling my aero covers since I now have aftermarket rims. 50 USD plus shipping costs, or pick up from me in Victoria, BC. No scuffs or damage. Barely used, since I couldn't stand the look of em, haha. Kitchen knife not included in sale ;)
  27. K

    OEM 18" Aero Wheels + Covers + TPMS + Tires (Less than 1000 Miles)

    Was going to keep these for road trips, but decided it would just be a giant pain to swap. Under 1000 miles on the OEM Michelin's, comes with aero covers, and TPMS. Selling for $900. Will not ship unless you want to cover costs. Located in Gainesville, FL
  28. Stomsf

    Orbital Aero Wheel Covers (Aftermarket, Kickstarter)

    I saw this today pop up on my feed and the price is not too shabby for a different look and supposedly equal efficiency to the Tesla aero wheels. Not promoting this or urging anyone to buy, but I found it interesting. The initial offering ends in ~12 hours...
  29. F

    2020 Silver 19" Model 3 wheels and tires - Trade for Aero

    Took delivery 4 days ago in Salt Lake City, UT. Want to downgrade to the Aero tires. 100 miles on them. As you know, it's a $1500 upgrade. Will trade for aero wheels/tires and $1250. Farrell
  30. Rashomon

    Aero wheel testing in Car-and-Driver

    Some reasonably well-done aero-wheel-cover testing in Car&Driver. They're showing a 3 to 4 percent range improvement with the covers on: The Tesla Model 3's Aero Wheel Covers Improve Efficiency
  31. P

    [SELLING] Tesla Model 3 18" Aero Wheels (w/ Tires + Aero Covers + TPMS + Wheel Kit)

    Selling my 4x 2019 Tesla Model 3 18” Aero Wheels with Aero covers and Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires (with Tesla Acoustic Foam)! I am including the official Tesla Wheel Cap Kit which allows you to use the wheels without the covers and includes the lug nut covers and center Tesla cap for free...
  32. P

    [SELLING] Tesla Model 3 18" Aero Wheels (w/ Tires + Aero Covers + TPMS + Wheel Kit)

    Selling my 4x 2019 Tesla Model 3 18” Aero Wheels with Aero covers and Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires (with Tesla Acoustic Foam)! I am including the official Tesla Wheel Cap Kit which allows you to use the wheels without the covers and includes the lug nut covers and center Tesla cap for free...
  33. H

    TRADE my 19” Sport for your 18” Aero (Model 3, San Diego)

    I just took delivery of a New Model 3 with 19” Sport wheels and tires. These have <50 miles on them. Here is the trade... I provide: - 19” Sport Wheels with Tires You provide: - 18” Wheels with Tires - Aero Covers installed - cash We split the cost: - having a tire shop swap our tires...
  34. 4agemr2

    Recent photos of my Model 3 with Maier Racing kit and BBS wheels

    Just wanted to share a few photos I took last weekend after finally getting my wheels mounted 1 year and 4 months since I took delivery. It's kind of a unique look and not everyone might like it, but I'd like to share this and maybe someone can be inspired or get an idea of how they go about...
  35. D

    FS : Set of 18" Aero Wheels

    Set of 18" Aero wheels for sale. I sold my Model 3 back in June and had planned to use these in the upcoming winter as a second set. No tires or caps included. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  36. Glamisduner

    FS: San Diego Area 18" Model 3 aero wheels and tires with covers.

    $1000 No Curb Rash, very light scuff on one wheel but you can hardly see it, covers are like new (I pulled them off when I got home from delivery). 8,648 miles on them (were rotated on my awd at 5948). Lots of tread left. One plug from a nail. Selling because I went aftermarket. Brand new...
  37. H

    Has anyone Plasti dipped the 18" wheels under the aero covers?

    Looking to Plasti dip the stock 18" wheels black. Wondering if I put the aero covers on for a longer trip, would it ruin the plasti dip on the rims when I take the covers back off?
  38. P

    Model 3 18” Wheels, Tires, TPMS, Aero Hubs and Cap kit

    For sale, a set of used 18” Tesla Model 3 wheels and Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires. 3 of the tires have 6,610 miles use on them and 1 tire has 1,000 miles. Two wheels have slight curb rash. Comes with Tesla TPMS sensors, aero cap kit (Tesla cap and lug nut covers) and four aero hub caps. $600...
  39. JWardell

    FS: individual OEM 18" Model 3 tires Michelin Primacy MXM4 New England

    Original 18" tires from my aero wheels, happy to sell individually, $100 each with 1000mi of use (I replaced them with snow tires) Prefer meeting within an hour or two of Boston. Currently all 4 are available These are $235 new on TireRack...
  40. H

    18 inch aeros on P3D

    So I have spent hours trying to find an answer, but I have come up with no answer. I know that for example T-sportline 18 inch wheels will fit with a 3mm spacer which is needed because of the weird center hub on the performance brakes. But no-one has tried to put Aero wheels on a Performance...
  41. P

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit in stock

    I was able to get the Aero Cap kit at the service center in Houston for $50. The web site shows sold out. I was also able to also get my missing 18' Aero Hub Covers for $30. It is not easy taking out the cap and replace with covers since its very snug fit. I was talking with the service tech...
  42. srkerd

    Aero 18” wheels on Performance breaks

    I have read on the facebook group that it is possible to use the 18” Aero wheel on a performance M3 with the performance package ( big brakes) as long as you use the right spacer. I can’t seem to fin that post again so I figured I would ask here. Does anybody know how thick of a spacer I would...
  43. caskater47

    FS: 18" Aero Wheels and OEM tire set

    Selling my OEM wheels and tires from my Model 3. The set has only 3250 miles on them. Asking $1000 OBO (Los Angeles). Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Includes : 4x 18" Tesla OEM wheels 4x Michelin Primacy MXM4, 235/45-18, 98W tires in good condition 4x Tesla Aero hub caps Condition of the...
  44. Colgate2004

    Range / Mileage / Efficiency Loss with Aftermarket / 3rd Party Wheels?

    Hi all, New Model 3 (AWD, ext. battery) owner here (picking up the car in two weeks). I ordered the 18" Aero wheels (didn't want to spend the $1500 for the 19" wheels... or the money on 19" tires!), but I'm going to be in the market for a second set of wheels for summer/winter tire swapping...
  45. dusdev

    WTB - 18" Aero Wheels: Ontario, Canada or Buffalo, NY area

    Looking to buy a relatively new set of Tesla 18" aero wheels/rims. No tires required. Can arrange pick-up or meet-up throughout the SW Ontario 401/QeW corridor (Winsdor/Sarnia/GTA,etc), Niagara Region, or around Buffalo, NY. Msg on here or e-mail direct at OntarioG[email protected]
  46. Brando

    Aerodynamics of Model 3

    This video discusses the aerodynamics of the Tesla Model 3 by Tech Forum
  47. A

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel & Tires Complete Set + Bonus Center Caps! - $995

    I am selling my pristine condition Model 3 18 inch wheel set. This is the full package of 4 wheels and tires, complete with the TPMS and as a bonus I'm throwing in the Tesla logo center caps if you want to take the Aero covers off ($55 value). The only reason I'm selling these is that I...
  48. dshen54

    Paint Protection - Got my car Autoflex'ed with the concept silver during the reveal + Aero colorede

    Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed. Here's a video of my car getting autoflexed by PRODIPPER in NYC in a Satin/Matte carbon-sterling silver. Before and...
  49. A

    Model 3 OEM 18" Wheels w/ Tires, Aero Covers, and Wheel Cap Kit

    Selling my Model 3 OEM 18" Wheels. I'm in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. $1000 OBO for the set Comes with: Michelin Primacy MXM4, 235/45-18, 98W Tires Aero Covers for increased efficiency Wheel Cap Kit to cover the lug nuts and center when you aren't using the Aero covers...
  50. scrapps

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    Let us know what your average is, preferably since taking delivery. Also post what wheel tire setup you have. Here’s mine, although I think my later driving as been a lot more efficient (about 260) This is with 20inch 8.5 front 10 on the rear and pilot sport 4S

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