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  1. Brando

    Aerodynamics of Model 3

    This video discusses the aerodynamics of the Tesla Model 3 by Tech Forum
  2. J

    Speed to set Air Suspension to "Low"

    With the Smart Air Suspension, at what speed do you set it to transition from "Standard" to "Low" height? 55, 60, 65, or higher MPH? I don't care so much about the aesthetics (lower looks nicer). I understand lower suspension makes the car more aerodynamic and efficient overall, at the...
  3. AssortedBread

    Aerowheel 2.0 Design (concept)

    Hello, So you may remember Tesla's ill-fated Aerowheels, as seen below, which added an additional 10 miles of aerodynamic range. (becoming increasingly beneficial the faster you go) I personally believe the biggest hindrance to aero wheel design is that it looks inherently fake. Its a...
  4. P85dream

    Tesla factory Aerodynamic Wheels (Aero Wheels) & Tires

    Tesla factory 19" Aerodynamic Wheels (Aero Wheels) with Michelin Primacy tires Excellent Condition. Came with recently purchased Tesla CPO car. About 700 miles on tires, mostly from drive down from Tesla factory to So. Ca. Hoping for local sale/pickup (Huntington Beach, CA). My tire shop...