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  1. BelugaWhale

    Induction Wheel - Directional design

    I haven't found another thread about this, but please point me to it if there is one. I'm wondering why more people are not talking about the induction wheel design and the fact that they're directional. The driver/left side wheels are in the correct, aerodynamic direction. However the...
  2. Y

    Any aerodynamic mud guards?

    Hi All, I know there are a lot of mudflap/mudguard/ rear quarter panel protection threads. Of all of the options available, I can only find two basic styles, flat, or concave. What I'm wondering is, has anyone seen an option that is slightly flared or convex, such that it directs air and road...
  3. T

    Improving the Model 3 Aerodynamics (for range)?

    The Model 3 is already an incredibly aerodynamic car, but I wonder what improvements might be possible? Unplugged Performance claims a 21% reduction with their mods (front and rear spoilers, lowering), but I'm highly skeptical (eps since it has been available for a few years and I don't see any...
  4. Brando

    Racing stopped improving road cars how & when? F1 history

    Racing and Road Cars and Air Craft Many don't realize when auto racing rules stopped technology improvements. You'll find interesting. Quick history of how engineers are inspired to solve problems in these 3 slightly different applications of technologies.
  5. YYZ-IAD

    Kayak aerodynamics impact of Wh/mile

    Hi Off topic for most of you - but it does show to importance of aerodynamic drag - or lack thereof. I have official Tesla roof rack installed. Without ability to do controlled experiment for temp and route - I think loss of efficiency from rack alone is negligible. This weekend I had...
  6. Spudford

    Ice storm story

    This story is a few months old already, but after telling it at a party this afternoon, it occurred to me that it is worth sharing. I took delivery of my Model 3 AWD in early November, and the day after Thanksgiving, I took off on my first road trip from Pensacola. My first objective was to see...
  7. Brando

    Aerodynamics of Model 3

    This video discusses the aerodynamics of the Tesla Model 3 by Tech Forum
  8. R

    Wind Noise Increase Around 80 mph for Model S - What's the Source?

    I've noticed in my Model S (Dec. 2016, 75D) that around 80 mph the wind noise makes a big jump in volume and seems to change its sound characteristics as well. It's so pronounced that when I first got the car, I thought there must be a body panel that was loose somewhere, that was either...
  9. ElectricLove

    Aerodynamic wheel covers

    Wondering if anyone knows any product offerings for discs to go over our wheels to convert them into more aerodynamic wheels? I've been looking for the Tesla Model S Aero wheels and have had no luck at all, not sure how good they are but I have no doubt they'd perform better than my 21"...
  10. Krash

    Tesla Physics

    This thread, and particularly this continually updated post, is set up as both a Tesla Physics Index as well as a thread for new physics concepts. Although started in the Model S Driving Dynamics Sub Forum it is a general discussion across all vehicles. Files, when added, will be attached...
  11. C

    AeroDynamic Drag, why fight it? Use it

    The Energy recuperate rate from the regen is around 64% maxed, i have read. And then there is energy lost through friction and Aerodynamic drag. I am just wondering if people has tried not to reduce aerodynamic drag but to calculate where the aerodynamic drag is the greatest.... or where the...
  12. Bulletproof

    Vendor APR's Carbon Fiber Parts Relased for Model S!

    Bulletproof Automotive strives to offer all aftermarket options for Model S customization and we are first to introduce to you the new APR parts for the Tesla. APR has a background in modifying imported cars and price their parts at good value price points. This is their first attempt at the...
  13. Andrew

    Carbon fiber spoiler and dirt on the tailgate?

    I was just reading through a thread in which some owners were looking to add spoilers to their non-performance S's, and saw a comment about reduced range because of the increased drag. That got me thinking about the airflow and dirt: I've noticed on our Model S (sans spoiler) that a lot of...