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air conditioning

  1. L

    Suggestions for any reliable/experienced non-Tesla AC repair alternatives for 2017 Model X in Arizona?

    Tesla quoted over $4K (1/3 parts and 2/3 labor) to repair AC unit with new parts (chiller, evaporator, condenser, compressor), clean old lines for metal shavings etc. Seems VERY HIGH! Any alternatives for consideration?
  2. J

    Can I turn off driver's side AC but keep passenger side on?

    My contact lenses get extremely dry when cold AC is blowing towards my eyes. I typically angle the driver's side vents away from my face, but I'm still catching enough air to dry my eyes out rapidly. Is there a way to turn off the driver side AC vents while leaving the passenger side on...
  3. MrThreeeee

    Model 3 Air Conditioning Not Working Only under 30 mph…?!?!

    2019 M3 RWD This issue happened at the end of last summer 2 or 3 times but has persisted this summer on days the temp is over 95 degrees. When car is parked or driving under about 30 mph the a/c will continuously turn on and off while blowing warm, humid air. As soon as I am able to get onto a...
  4. P

    AC issues with Tesla M3 in Dubai

    Hi fellow Tesla owners in the region. I have had my Tesla M3P since June this year and to be honest the AC is not working as I was expecting and definitely not as well as my previous ICE car. I set the temperature for 23 degrees and the air comes from below a bit but not from the centre. I try...
  5. 2

    Help! Incorrect Freon in AC Lines

    I inadvertently had R134-A with PAG oil added to my 2014 Model S AC system and now the AC is working intermittently. I know now this is the wrong type of Freon and can be damaging to the compressor. The question I have is: what options do I have now? (1) Can the Freon be vacuumed out and...
  6. B

    AC issue after filter changed, wondering if there is an at-home fix?

    Recently got my filter changed at a Tesla service station. Ever since the large dashboard vent doesn't emit air and I get a message about a system fault on the AC settings. I found a temporary fix by lowing the temperature to "LO" then back up to my default temp and air starts blowing again...
  7. DasHHat

    Late 2021 onwards MIC Model 3s Have poor/faulty air conditioning from factory

    After 4 Months of sending my Model 3 (December 2021, china factory) back to the service center for blowing on my knees and being told that "nothing was wrong" and everything being correct in the dash, it turns out that I was just the first of people noticing that the Model 3 with the new Heat...
  8. Tslgrl

    Windows Open When MY Parked

    Looking for some guidance. Apologies if someone else has written on this. Twice in the past week I’ve come out to our MY and the windows have been down 1 inch. First time it happened was parked at the airport for a week. The weather was between -10 and +10 when we were away. Fortunately the...
  9. P

    Pretty loud rattling from outside when it's hot / AC is on - front wheel well / frunk area

    Hello Community, I have quite a loud rattling sound coming from the front wheel well / frunk area that seems to be AC / heat pump related. It occurs mostly when it is hot outside and/or the AC is producing cool air. I also get the rattle one or two times quite often when I open the driver...
  10. B

    My Powerwall2 keeps turning off my Air conditioning every few hours

    My Solar installation with the Powerwall2 and Gateway2 has a feature to turn off the power to the Air conditioner when the grid is down. I have noticed that the AC input power turns off several times a day and comes back, while my app does not report any outage. When I power off the Powerwall...
  11. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  12. U

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    Thanks in advance for any help or insight. Our car can't handle heat - we get the message below: Nearly 3hours after being parked it's blowing hotter air than outside air!! We have a 2017 75D 6 passenger Model X that struggles with A/C when it's hot out. Fortunately we live in Vancouver where...
  13. E

    Feeling A/C compressor in the pedal

    It was hot today and all 5 us piled into our 7 seater 2017 Model X 100D - I turned the A/C to MAX for the front and the rear. The compressor kicked on BIG time and I could feel the vibration of the compressor in the accelerator and brake pedals - is this normal? I noticed afterward that after...
  14. J

    Newbie Tesla 2013 P85 Owner Here... Welcome all the advice from the Tesla Community.

    Hi everyone! In March 2021, I just bought a used 2013 Tesla S P85, with only 41kms on it. Very excited to be a Tesla owner! Huge fan/supporter of Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk. Glad to join this community, welcome all your input/feedback. I had the following issues right when I bought the...
  15. J

    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    As an imminent MY customer, I've been paying attention to the various threads about Heat pump problems. At the moment these are mostly stories of inoperative cabin heating/defrosting in extreme winter conditions. However, there are also older threads floating around about weak or occasionally...
  16. CertLive

    Should recirculate be renamed to range boost mode? (Winter Tip)

    For all pre heat pumpers out there coming into winter time. Press the recirculate (range boost) button for a % range boost on longer trips! I am not sure it gets simpler than that but it seemed to work looking at winter travel figures on SR+.
  17. W

    Air Filter location for replacement? MODEL Y

    Hi. I open the side panel at passenger seat to replace the ac filter. But I couldn't find it. It doesn't look as same as model 3. There are many videos from YouTube for only model 3. Not Y. Do you know where it is located? hope anyone can explain what to do in the picture. It smells very bad... :(
  18. antchobees

    AC Turns off when Driver Leaves while Back Passenger is in the back?

    I took delivery of my Model Y last week. While running errands with my wife and 3 month old baby in the back seat, I notice that it turns off the AC every time I leave the car. With COVID going on, my wife stays in the car with the baby while I go take care of things. I tried turning on the AC...
  19. A

    Air conditioner failure, anyone experience this and no drives until fixed

    Hi, took a moderate trip on my M3, 90 miles. My in-laws wanted to check my car out. Took it for a short drive and did couple of short accelerations 0 to 40/50 MPH. When he stopped, white mist came from the hood near the vents. Thought it might been moisture from A/C. On the way back, there was...
  20. A

    AC/Heater Blower removal

    Dear all, in my TMS'14 85 AC/Heat Blower started to make really irritating noises at low speeds. Bearings seem to wear off. I want to replace it myself, however, I don't know how complicated it can be. I know that blower is located behind the glove box in HVAC unit. First you need to remove the...
  21. P

    Air conditioning issues

    Hello everyone, I do have issues with the air conditioning, when I set it to automatic and a set point of 24 deg C (75), I’ll be fine for 20 – 30 minutes or more. Then I get hot air and the temperature in the car goes to 25 in the app. It’s really not comfy. I have to open the windows...
  22. H

    HVAC (or, at least A/C) settings depending on GPS data???

    A fellow Hungarian was tapping in to the computer the other day and found this: UI_solarData UI_solarElevationAngle: 56deg UI_solarAzimuthAngle: 126deg UI_solarAzimuthAngleCarRef: 48deg UI_isSunUp: YES He claims that the car uses this information and adjusts the vents accordingly (when using...
  23. R

    Model Y AC noise on fan setting 10

    We are close to taking delivery of a new model Y. Tesla is correcting some issues before that happens, but while I was inspecting the vehicle I noticed that the AC system is way louder than my model 3, particularly when the fan is on speed 10. At fan settings 8 (maybe even 9) and below, it seems...
  24. 3

    5 seat MX can't stay cool in 93 degree weather

    Have a 2020 Model X five seater. 93 degrees yesterday and I can't keep it cool. I was burning up in the sun with only myself(and driver vents) in the car. I'm using the sunshade that came with it. Does every model X (5 seater) owner in this southern region have this problem? Is anyone with a...
  25. K

    Two different climate control settings?

    After I enter my PIN to drive my climate settings change to different ones. The fan speed and sometime temperature will become different. Are there two different climate control settings? One for PARK and one for DRIVE?
  26. J

    Defog and A/C

    In the morning lately, my windows all fog up and I need to put on the defog. Usually I put it on hot for the quick blast and defog. When I turn it off, it gets a bit cold and I noticed that the a/c is turned on with both hot and cold defog. Is there a way to default back to heat when I turn...
  27. F

    Airconditioning valve noise

    With my Model S 2013 model, I have a noice (thud) every 20 sec or so and it sounds like someone is closing a car door near by. After some investigation it appeared originating from the ventilation system and stops when air conditioning is switched off. Anyone any ideas if this is a problem with...
  28. 0

    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    In response to "Lanzer's" post on fixing your AC Smell, I want to show people how to fix their Tesla themselves from a video I made. It seems that some Service Centers cover it under warranty and some do not. I did not want to pay $200 dollars and asked the service center questions on how to do...
  29. F

    Vibration/bump and clunk noise every 18 seconds with AC running?

    I was told by a service center technician that it is normal to feel a slight vibration (enough for me to look out my rear view mirror to see if a person bumped/nudged my car the first time I felt it) and a low clunk noise that goes with it every 18 seconds with the air conditioning setting on...
  30. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  31. M

    A/C and Mileage

    I had a nervous experience today so I'm looking for information on how to factor in use of the air conditioning. Today I started on a 60 mile round trip via highway and farm roads in the 90 degree heat. A/C was set on 9 at 68 degrees. Starting out I had a 90 mile charge. When I got home it was...
  32. L

    New loud buzzing sound while A/C turns off

    Have had my M3 since September, so know its sounds well. When got back from vacation July 5 noted a new noise after I get out of the car, mirrors fold, car beeps, a new whirring sound starts up, quite loudly (I've been told it is the A/C compressor), and as it slows down to a stop, it gradually...
  33. Gwgan

    Sensors, service alerts, and air conditioning

    Is there a sensor for the air conditioning refrigerant? It seems Tesla has more system sensors than other cars and now relies on those to schedule service without routine checks. After tire air pressure and washer fluid level the chiller capacity may be the next most frequent service, followed...
  34. D

    Less than 1,200 miles, A/C sounds like Lawnmower

    I just took delivery of my model 3 less than 2 weeks ago, and I just noticed the A/C compressor was making a loud fluttering sound as I was pulling into my garage yesterday. It quite literally sounds like either an industry air compressor kicking on or a lawnmower. To be clear, this isn't like...
  35. Lanzer

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    After a year of owning the Tesla Model 3, the car is starting to build the smell of mildew when the AC turns on. The smell goes away after a few minutes, and lucky for my fiancé, she can't smell it, but I can't get over dealing with the smell on a daily basis. The Tesla service center deemed...
  36. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  37. D

    turn off heater?

    so is there any way to turn of the heater? i can’t find one. if the temperature selected is just a little bit warmer than the cabin, i see the red tinted air graphic, which i assume means the heater is powered up. The ac can be switched off in manual mode, but i can find no such option to...
  38. bnsfengineer

    Air Conditioning

    I have a 9-17 build MS75 and just about every time I'm behind someone in an ICE car I smell exhaust or whatever is coming from it? Yes I have the recirculation button on with the AC on. I do not have the Bio weapon defense but really...I have had many cars and never had this before to the...
  39. zosoisnotaword

    Auto and Remote Climate Control Bug - Floor Vent Hurricane

    tl;dr: No matter the conditions, climate control starts at full speed on floor vents when started in auto mode or when started remotely from app. Excessive details: For the past two weeks (since July 18) I have had a consistent issue with my HVAC in auto mode and with remote pre-conditioning...
  40. jat255

    Buzzing/Vibration with climate system?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or if it's normal. The past couple of days, I've noticed a buzzing or vibrating feeling in the footwell and the steering wheel that is definitely related to the climate system (it goes away if I turn everything off). You can hear it audibly...
  41. D

    Driver vent direction not exactly working properly?

    Anyone else having this issue? When I have the driver side vents set to one output on the screen and aim them to the top center, I still get a blast of air on my right knee coming from behind the steering wheel. I don't remember having it before I dropped it off for a couple unrelated fixes a...
  42. jkennebeck

    Model S Camping mode, Plugged in, Hatch open, Tent filling with A/C!!!

    So you have your Model S and you bought a couple hundred dollar tent that attached nicely to the hatchback. You've pulled into your RV site at the campground, plugged the car in and set up the tent. Using any of the API apps out there (Induction, Dashboard etc) you set your car into camping...
  43. tescroft

    loud fan in "hot" weather

    My Model X makes a loud fan noise when it is exposed to direct sunlight in warm conditions (>25° C) when A/C is on. It is very loud from the outside, unusual for a car. During driving, it is not a problem for me inside the car, but the environment is exposed to a noise louder than that of a...
  44. PedanticOne

    Puddle on floor and then no more AC

    So yesterday I backed my car out of the garage and noticed a puddle of something where the front of the car would have been. It felt slippery, which made me think of coolant. But I don't think it was blue or green (hard to tell on my floor). Later, I got in the car and noticed the AC was no...
  45. T

    Is Tesla Model S Heating/Cooling Effective like ICE cars?

    Hi folks, I am about to take delivery of my Model S (feels like I have been saying that for a year now, hurry up Tesla!!). Recently I came across a few threads and a video where folks pointed out peculiar problems with the heating and cooling effectiveness of Teslas. A number of folks say that...
  46. jwwilsonmd

    DIY Tent Air Conditioning

    I just got back from Symbiosis Gathering, a music festival in the middle of hot California. We danced until late in the night and slept in until well after sunrise. If you've ever done this, you know how hot your tent can get once the sun comes up, even in shade. Well, problem solved with the...
  47. mvanch

    Ventilation Discrepancy Rear Climate Control

    Wondering if anybody else has this problem. Model X 90D. The air flow on the 2nd row, driver's side vent is markedly decreased compared to the 2nd row, passenger's side vent. When I first noticed the problem, there was actually no air flow in the 2nd row driver's side vent. I took it into...
  48. K

    Poor efficiency at high ambient temperatures

    I've collected a small amount of data using teslafi.com and noticed that efficiency tanks as the ambient temperature rises. TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S X Data Logger Temperature Efficiency Temperature Wh/Mile Efficiency % Miles Recorded 60 to 70 F 365.27 87.1 13.79 70 to 80 F...
  49. scotty2541

    Anyone know how to replace the Cabin Blower?

    My cabin blower just died. No air flowing. There are no warnings on the screen, and the fuse is fine. I turn on the AC and I can hear the compressor spin up, then shut down after 20-30 seconds because there is no air moving across the coils. So, unless this is a "marketing" tool, as it...
  50. D

    Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

    '13 S 60kw. 52k miles (2 weeks CPO). During the fathers day heat wave, we had a horrible experience. Sunday morning the A/C was working fine. We parked outdoors for about an hour and a half during the weekend heat wave. When we were back in the car, it would only blow hot air. Ext temp...