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air filter

  1. R

    Changing airfilter, footwell cover different

    Tried to follow teslas diy guide for changing cabinefilter. But my footwell cover seems different, than the ones in the guide or any of the youtube guides ive found. Ive bought my tesla model y(2021 version) used, so might not be oem part. its held by one screw and 2 clips visible from the...
  2. R

    can't re-connect emergency speaker after filter change

    I just did the first A/C filter replacement on my June 2020 Model Y. I can't reconnect the emergency speaker. The connector doesn't fit. Doesn't even look the same. Picture on the top right is the speaker (seems to have blade connections), picture on bottom right is what I *THINK* is the...
  3. M

    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    I replaced my cabin air filters using the popular Youtube guides posted elsewhere on this forum. I bought the can of foam and did everything as instructed. Even went through the frunk and cleaned out the instake (completely clean/clear already) It smelt minty and fresh right after I did it, but...
  4. W

    Air Filter location for replacement? MODEL Y

    Hi. I open the side panel at passenger seat to replace the ac filter. But I couldn't find it. It doesn't look as same as model 3. There are many videos from YouTube for only model 3. Not Y. Do you know where it is located? hope anyone can explain what to do in the picture. It smells very bad... :(
  5. cucubits

    Facelift S - Cabin Air Filter with/without HEPA Filter

    For the life of me I can't find a clear answer on this and I'd like to know before I start digging through the car. I'm trying to figure out if an S that comes with the big filter (bioweapon defense mode) does also have a smaller cabin air filter? If it does, can I just order replacements from...
  6. IndyToronto

    Model S non-HEPA cabin air filter. How to order?

    For those who have replaced their own non-HEPA pre-facelift cabin air filter? How do you go about ordering one from Tesla. They're not sold online.
  7. 0

    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    In response to "Lanzer's" post on fixing your AC Smell, I want to show people how to fix their Tesla themselves from a video I made. It seems that some Service Centers cover it under warranty and some do not. I did not want to pay $200 dollars and asked the service center questions on how to do...
  8. I

    Where can I buy a Tesla Model 3 air filter?

    Hey Guys, Can anyone recommend where to buy the model 3 cabin air filter for me to replace it myself? Also, I haven't been able to find a replacement schedule. Do you know how often I should change it? Will the car give me an alert when to do it? Thanks, Igor.
  9. S

    Anyone traveling thru Calif this Summer/Fall check fire map

    If you are planning a road trip thru California this Summer or Fall, you’d be wise to check and keep checking the Calif fire map to locate wildfires in the area you might be passing thru or heading towards. Wildfires season is well underway already. If conditions are windy fires can quickly blow...