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air flow

  1. M1tch

    Air flow to my face

    How do I get air to blow in my face. Quite a warm day in the UK today and wanted the cool air blowing on my face but after playing for the nearly 2 hour drive, I couldn’t get it any higher thank my waist / knees. Not normally and issue but just felt warm today and would have liked the air. Think...
  2. 0

    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    In response to "Lanzer's" post on fixing your AC Smell, I want to show people how to fix their Tesla themselves from a video I made. It seems that some Service Centers cover it under warranty and some do not. I did not want to pay $200 dollars and asked the service center questions on how to do...
  3. mvanch

    Ventilation Discrepancy Rear Climate Control

    Wondering if anybody else has this problem. Model X 90D. The air flow on the 2nd row, driver's side vent is markedly decreased compared to the 2nd row, passenger's side vent. When I first noticed the problem, there was actually no air flow in the 2nd row driver's side vent. I took it into...
  4. K

    Help! Air Conditioning problems - Road Trip in Progress!

    Hi there fellow Tesla drivers! We are on an epic road trip from our home in San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC using our 2012 Tesla Model S P85. We are currently on the northbound leg at the Corning Supercharger. Between Vacaville and Corning, we noticed the vehicle seemed to be getting hot and the...
  5. Larry93428

    Rooster Tail ?

    Rain in California after a long dry period ! Looking in the rear view camera or mirror I do not see much of a rooster tail or spray following me. Is is possible that with our super-slick air flow we throw up less spray? Probably would have to follow a Tesla to tell. Anybody notice less mist...
  6. gavine

    Heater on/off Button?

    We need a heater on/off button, similar to the AC on/off. I picked-up my car in May so I haven't spent a winter in it yet. The other day, it was 70-degrees (F) but humid in the early evening. I turned the AC on to take the humidity edge off, but with the temp set at 70-degrees, I felt a little...